Dreams About Floating – Meaning and Interpretation

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In dreams, we are capable of doing amazing things; we could make our bodies perform incredible actions, defying laws of nature and gravity, conceptions, rules and limitations we have in our conscience and our waking, real life.

In dreams, we could fly, dive deep into oceans without any equipment, float in space in our pajamas, climb over arctic glaciers, as it is pleasantly warm middle of spring, roam over desert wastelands, jungles and jump over mountains without any proper physical effort.

One should always make the best of such dreams, because, in a specific way, dreams suggest everything is possible.

Yes, it might be imagination, but, in fact, our imagination, paradoxically, is real. We have it, we experience it, right?

Okay, maybe you cannot walk over fire and ice, or fly and float into space the way you can do these things in dreams, but you could use imagination.

Moreover, such specific, imaginary actions are often amazing, useful and helpful metaphors to help you realize many things about yourself and your material, physical, real life.

Dreams about unusual actions and special capabilities are often connected with our deepest inner voices, our sub-conscience, our desires, needs, et cetera.

One would say to fantasize about floating in space is ridiculous and foolish, but it is not, actually. It means a person has huge imagination and drive to make the best of their waking life.

Just do not let fantasies make everything in your life; it is a thin line between real actions, foolish actions and being lost in an imaginary world.

Nevertheless, dreams are powerful channel for our fantasies come true and are often metaphorical. Their main goal is to help us better do in reality. Okay, today we are talking about dreams about floating.

Floating is something that could appear perfectly realistic and totally fantastic, depending on particular details of a dream.

You could dream about floating on water or in water, about floating in the air, in space and many more. You could also see objects floating or other people or living beings floating.

Young woman enjoying water and sun in outdoor swimming pool

Dreams about floating

What do dreams about floating mean? What they tell about who we are and what we want? A lot.

Dreams about floating suggest we have rich imagination and that we let our heart guides us, more than we are prone to completely fall under the command of our brain.

If pleasant, dreams about floating bring relief, inspiration and amazing motivation. If negative, they suggest we feel lost, out of control of our decisions and deeds.

If we see people, animals or objects floating, it generally reflects our desires and our plans in reality. It also reflects our attitude towards life in general and towards other people, as well as our attitude towards certain aspect of our own reality.

Think about details of your floating dreams. Particularly, pay attention to emotions the dream has induced. Now we will analyze several most common floating dream versions.

Dreams about floating in the air

Dreams about floating in the air suggest various things, so it is important to recall the details. The most important is to think how you feel about the dream.

If you feel good and you float over some pleasant landscape or so, it means you are ready to let go of all restrictions you have tied up yourself with.

You have raised above things that were pressing you too hard, making you feel as if you are unable to progress. The dream is positive and symbolizes personal relief, development and progress.

If you were floating above devastated areas, it means you are capable of raising above problems, in order to look at them from a new and different perspective.

However, if you feel upset about this dream and it does not bring any feeling of relief and freedom, it reflects your sense of being lost and helpless in life.

You have lost hope and clear aim in life and you feel as if everything else has control over you. You literally go with the flow, but not in a good way.

Dreams about floating in/on water

Dreams about floating in water could be both amazing and disturbing. If you were deep into sea and there were other living things around you, it means you are entering a phase of life in which you are about to discover deeply hidden parts of your personality, no matter of their nature.

Sometimes we try to run from ourselves and traits we have but are afraid of. Now it is time to face your real self.

The dream does not carry negative energy, but it could appear disturbing. If you are floating on water, it means you have let go of all restrictions, worries and anger.

You have realized that much fewer things in life that deserve that sort of attention. You know your priorities and you will make the best you can.

This means you go with the flow in a positive way; you realize there are things you cannot affect and then that there are those you could manage and, above all, those you can freely enjoy.

Dreams about floating in space

Dreams about floating in space are amazing and could have strong meanings. If the dream feels positive, it reflects your great, endless and vast imagination. It reflects your creative personality and free spirit.

This dream means there are no limits for you; you are someone who is ready to go beyond conventional ideas and concepts, who have great desire to explore both this world and abstract realms and make great, amazing things to be seen.

This is the dream of freedom and achievements.

On its negative side, this dream could suggest the same as the one of floating in the air; it could reflect great sadness, helplessness, loneliness and hopelessness, only on even a bigger scale.

This dream should not discourage you, but to wake you up and make you act. You could be in control of things once again; the dream is a good warning sign.

Dreams about other people floating

If you see other people floating in your dreams (usually, in the air or in water) it could reflects various of your real life emotions, thoughts and sub-conscious ideas.

This dream could reflect your position, the one you have made yourself, in relation to other people in your life.

If you feel worried about this dream, it means you have distanced yourself from others in reality and that is, perhaps, time to reconsider your relations with people and maybe re-create certain bonds etc.

If you feel good about seeing others floating in your dream, it means you have great role models in your waking life. You have great support and people you look up to; sometimes, such dreams could even help you find your true support in another person.

You could start thinking differently positive about someone in your life, after this dream. In general, dreams about others floating represent your connections with people from your waking life or, even more generally, your social position.

Dreams about objects floating

Dreams about various objects floating are fantastic dream guidebooks. Such dreams are closely related to your desires, especially those you are unaware of or are afraid to admit to have.

Objects that float in your dreams always represent things that are important to you, no matter if sometimes there are objects you would never think of in reality (for example, a floating wedding ring and you have never thought about getting married or so).

Dreams about floating objects could help you decide your priorities in life and to see more clearly your next step.

Think about what objects have appeared in your dream and what they represent in general.

For example, dreams about books floating mean you would like to educate yourself more, dreams about money floating reflect your desire for material things etc.

These are only the simplest examples that could serve as an interpretation guideline; the true interpretation is always up to a dreamer.