Dream of Being Followed – Meaning and Symbolism

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“Help, I’m being persecuted!” It is an integral part of many books or films: the persecution scene.

A lover sneaks after his beloved, a murderer is on the heels of his victim, and the police are chasing a perpetrator.

Or from the other perspective: a woman feels threatened by a stalker, a man is running for his life, a bank robber is on a spectacular escape.

Every chase has two sides: that of the pursuer and that of the pursued.

The underlying principle is always the same: someone wants to have something, to approach it, to get hold of it – for whatever reason.

The other side wants exactly the opposite: to escape, to get rid of something or someone for good.

Dream of Being Followed – Meaning

Countless people experience persecution in dreams. In general, this dream symbol stands for striving to escape a feeling, a responsibility or a situation. Chase scenes show up in various facets. Who is following me? Or am I chasing someone?

If you flee in a dream, you may want to escape a danger in the awake life or run away from a duty. Fortune tellers and clairvoyants from vivarium will tell you.

In the dream interpretation of escape, this symbol is generally associated with fears. People who have a nightmare often run away from their pursuers in a panic. An escape dream can take place in connection with various scenarios, such as the escape from water, fire, people, animals or monsters.

In other cases the dreaming freezes with fear without apparent trigger and cannot move from the place. The dream of fleeing also symbolizes the longing for freedom or the need to suppress certain emotions.

But helping other people flee can also indicate that you are often being exploited in real life. In the psychological dream interpretation escape, the flight reflects certain parts of the personality with reference to emotional or mental problems.

Depending on the dream context, the dream image persecution can be interpreted in different ways. If you are followed in a dream, this is often an indication that you unconsciously want to escape a life situation or a certain feeling.

In psychology, persecution in the dream stands for unconscious or conscious fears, which the dreaming cannot get rid of. In the dream interpretation pursuit, it is important how the dream symbol presents itself.

Does your pursuer catch up with you even though you are running like the devil? Do you see an escape route? Is it free or cut off? Who or what is after you?

Scenes of persecution can symbolize falling back into discarded behavior patterns, trauma that has not been dealt with or fears emerging again. If you are chasing a person in your dream, this can indicate a real person in waking life, in whose presence you feel uncomfortable.

If you know your dream pursuer, you should consider whether you feel cornered by the person in any way or whether you do not like them. If your life partner is chasing you, the dream interpretation often regards this as a symbol of problems in a relationship. Do you feel unsafe or pressured?

If you are followed by a shadow, this can be an indication of negative experiences that have not been overcome or of deciphered threats on the emotional level. Being chased by an animal or monster in a dream can mean that you cannot cope with aggression or frightening situations.

If you manage to escape in a dream, the dream image shows that you trust your abilities and find yourself. A successful escape can also be interpreted as a solution to a known problem in the real world.

On the other hand, the dream symbol can also make it clear that there will be no problem solution in the near future, especially if the dreaming is rather undecided in the waking life and has a low self-esteem.

The unsuccessful escape as a dream symbol, on the other hand, shows that you are mentally looking for a way out of danger or that unpleasant news is coming your way. Flee from wild predators, the dream sign warns you of evil deeds and malice.

Dream of Being Followed – Symbolism

The pursuit of someone in the dream indicates that the dreaming person in the waking world may have become aware of a serious error. It is usually a matter that affects another person.

The bad conscience “haunts” the dreamer right into his dreams. It is certainly advisable to relieve this conscience in the long term.

Most people have experienced a fearful dream in which persecution played a crucial role. Anyone who is harassed, hunted, attacked and pursued in their dream experience often wakes up drenched in sweat, because the fear felt is very real. A rape or beating attack is often experienced if you are caught in a dream by your persecutor.

If you are on the run from someone and dream of the symbol “I am being followed”, you may also try to escape an unpleasant feeling or a situation in the waking world. Possibly the dreamer symbolically pursues his guilty conscience – one should then actively face the feelings of guilt!

Those who can escape in the pursuit of dreams will probably manage to finally face this avoided situation or their stressful feelings. After that the dreaming will feel liberated, even if the confrontation should have negative consequences.

Everything that appears monstrous and dreadful in a dream and haunts the sleeper, as a rule, reflects the worries and fears of the person.

Financial bottlenecks or crises in the partnership, which supposedly herald the end of the relationship, come into consideration.

After dreaming about the persecution by a dream monster, the dreamer should become aware that such worries can be entirely unfounded – after all, there are no monsters either.

The pursuit by a wolf in a dream often heralds danger. The dream image warns the sleeper of his environment and impending difficulties that an acquaintance or friend could cause.

The fight with the dreamed wolf stands, according to traditional dream interpretation, for a competitor in matters of love: is another woman interested in a charming man?

Or the other way around. One should keep one’s eyes open and try to hold on to one’s ideals and not indulge one’s will to jealousy.

If you were followed in a dream by a tiger, then people from your family or friends could bring negative feelings towards you.

Did you quarrel with someone? Aggression, anger and feelings of revenge are literally in the air. In such situations, it is always advisable to talk to each other.

Anyone who can appease a tiger in a dream after the chase will also be able to eliminate the conflict in the awake life.

In the general interpretation of dreams, the persecution by Leo signals a loss. This is mostly expressed in financial areas.

Therefore the dreaming should understand the lion hunt as a reminder not to spend money too carelessly.

Contracts should also – if possible – not be signed immediately, but read critically right down to the small print.

Many sleepers dream that an aggressive dog is chasing and chasing them. This dream situation symbolizes the personal fears of the dreaming person.

Problems are likely to be pushed aside rather than dealt with at the moment. The bad feelings that arise from this are symbolized by the dog chasing you.

If the kitty takes up the chase in the dream, the dreaming quickly takes the legs in hand. With their long claws, a cat can scratch well, and even in a dream you would not want to experience this on your own body.

The chasing cat symbolizes as a dream the escape from feelings that are unpleasant. The dreamer feels downright pursued by these emotions – would it be good to deal with them?

A strange but common dream is that of a cow being chased. The cattle that pursues the dreamer in his sleep and chases them across the pasture refers as a dream symbol to a person who is not well disposed towards the hunted.

It doesn’t always have to be a real enemy in the guard world; but the harm such people do can be considerable. Take good care!

If you wake up from sleep and still think “Help, a snake is following me!”, then you can often feel the fear from the dream.

The dangerous snake can indicate suppressed urges – but also sexual desires that have so far remained hidden in the subconscious. It is advisable to consciously deal with this in the waking world.

The police persecution is exciting, even while sleeping. Basically, the dream image “police” shows us how we deal with the concept of freedom.

So if the police chase us in dreams and arrest us, then we may feel deprived of our freedom in the waking world. Perhaps a person is too restrictive in our actions. Who is not caught in the dream, can break away from this person.

What a dream! As soon as one experiences a persecution by the Mafia, the excitement after waking up to the threat is sure to be high. If weapons are also involved in the dreamed pursuit, one has probably felt fear of death in the dream.

Such dream events indicate manipulation from outside: The person concerned may be blackmailed or put under pressure, but at the same time is afraid to ask for help. You should confide in someone.

The child stands in the dream interpretation for new chances and possibilities that arise in the life of the dreaming. As a result, a new phase of life can become possible.

If the child now takes up the chase in the dream, it means that a certain way of life offers itself particularly well. The dreamer almost cannot avoid this favorable opportunity. Still, he should consider all the consequences.

If you wake up with the thought “A little girl is following me!”, then this dream signals your own not yet fully developed sexuality or a past love that does not let go of the dreamer.

The persecution by a girl in a dream can also indicate a slight susceptibility to influence, which is said to be the case with the dreamer.


Persecution dreams are also about these two sides. First of all, what is relevant for the interpretation is which side you are on: Are you being persecuted or are you persecuting someone or something? Who or what is your counterpart in the dream and on your trail? Are all against me?

Persecution is a very popular, often experienced dream symbol. Let us first look at those dream situations that are particularly often associated with persecution. These are specific animals and people.

In the Islamic interpretation of dreams, persecution also has a special meaning, which we explain in more detail in our article on persecution from an Islamic point of view.