Praying In My Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about praying or actual praying aloud during sleep are deeply connected with your conscience and intuition.

Dreams related to praying usually have to do with your desires, aims, fantasies and plans, but also with the sense of guilt, a need for repentance and feelings of being helpless and weak in a way.

Prayer is something that has been important to people since the dawn of civilization.

Prayers make us feel connected with unreachable realms of forces that are beyond our imagination. The very concept of prayer exists in different cultural systems and systems of belief. Speaking about the act of praying, we usually first think of prayers in monotheistic terms (such as in Christianity, Islam and Judaism).

However, praying has been an important practice in worshiping pagan deities and other in other types of spiritual worship of entities beyond our reach. Prayer is what makes people feel guided and protected; prayers give us strength to move forward.

Many people would say prayers are what have helped them go through the most difficult times in their lives.

The power of faith is incredible. We have to believe in something in order to feel alive, in a way.

Without having faith, not necessarily the faith in God, but any form of spiritual or abstract belief, people feel like an empty shell. Faith is the food for our souls. The act of praying is a powerful channel of maintaining our faith.

Praying in dreams

Having in mind the act of praying plays an important role in our daily lives, you certainly imagine how interesting and rich the motif of praying could be if occurs in dreams. If you had a dream about praying, it means you have many things on your mind.

Those could be ideas related to your religious beliefs, in the first place. Maybe you are losing faith or you are disappointed by how religious ideas you believed in so far were displayed.

Perhaps you feel as if the higher concept you have been praying to in your waking life has not responded to your call; it could make you feel disappointed, angry or scared.

You are still trying to make it hear you, because you do not see other exit from an uncomfortable situation you have found yourself into. On the other hand, your faith may be strong, so strong that it affects your dreams.

If you have a deep and unfulfilled desire, it is common to dream about praying or that you actually pray aloud in sleep.

If you are afraid of something or you are facing troubles, problems and challenges you feel as if you will not be capable of overcoming, seeking help from the above is quite common. You wish to be given a direction and a sign either in reality or in your dreams.

Dreams about praying are fairly similar in meaning, but there are variations in interpretations, depending on particular dream you had.

For example, you could dream about praying at home, in church or someone has said you were saying prayers while you were sleeping. Dreams about a monk or a priest are closely related to interpretations of dreams about prayers and the act of praying.

Praying aloud while sleeping

If somebody tells you you have been praying aloud while you were asleep, the meaning is generally the same as if you had a dream in which you were praying.

The difficulty is that you do not remember what you were saying or to whom did you pray. If the other person has clearly heard your words, he or she could help you understand the meaning of your prayers.

In following paragraphs, we will help you interpret praying related dreams.

Dreams about praying to God

If you had a dream about praying to God, it means your wishes will come true. This dream reflects your faithfulness and positive thinking about ongoing things in your life.

You believe everything will turn out good and this dream gives you an additional encouragement. Keep the faith, the dream suggests.

It is possible that you have been working on something for long and finally the time has come to be rewarded.

Dreams about praying to God also reflect your unfulfilled desires and the acceptance of your fate.

This dream suggests deep down inside you believe things are exactly as they should be, even if, at times, you feel everything is developing too slowly and you feel as if you are standing in one place. Everything has its place and time, that is the moral of this type of dream.

Dreams about praying to Satan

Dreams about praying to Satan always have a negative connotation. This dream means you feel out of your resources, hopeless and disappointed, so you would do anything it takes to achieve what you want.

If you are praying to Satan in your dream, it reflects your feeling of being abandoned by those who have supported you. Try to remember if there is anything you have done to reject people who cared for you.

Praying to Satan in a dream symbolizes some sort of shady business. You have put your trust in people with suspicious personalities, possibly involved with something illegal or simply unjust.

This type of dream could be a warning sign to make you rethink your recent decisions and get back on track. Good things are rarely born overnight; even if it seems easier to skip obstacles, sometimes you need to face them.

Dreams about praying in church

Dreams about praying in church usually come to people who feel lost, sad and hopeless and those are positive dreams.

If you dream that you are praying in church, it means you will soon be able to see the bright side of life again. If you have experienced something bad, this dream symbolizes hope for the future.

Your heart and soul will heal, no matter how impossible it seems to you now. This dream is a reminder of good things in life.

Dreams about praying for someone

Dreams about praying for someone are fairly common in caring, protective and selfless people. This dream could be reflecting your need to protect someone and make sure that person is feeling well.

If you are concerned for someone’s dear to you well-being and you do not know what to do to help that person, this concern and worry reflect on your dreams.

Dreams in which you are praying for someone could also mean you are concerned about your own well-being, in any possible sense. Interestingly, but this type of dream could also mean you will have a humiliating experience.

If there is no situation in your waking life that you could associate with interpretations previously mentioned, this dream could imply you will most likely have to do something you consider below you and dishonorable.

Praying for your own conscience could resemble praying for somebody else in a dream.

Dreams about praying with other people

If you had a dream about praying with other people or with particular person are good ones, because they imply you are not alone in your life.

You have people around that share your dreams, passions and interests. You are surrounded by those who care about you and love you.

This dream is an especially positive omen for family life, harmonious home and stability. It means you have strong support and emphasis the importance of bonds and relations.

Dreams about a priest

Dreams about a priest are usually positive and fortunate ones. If you have met a priest in your dream, it means you are on a good way to achieve inner peace and balance.

You are learning to be calm and patient about things in life and to accept both yourself and the world around the way it is. That is the first step to make a positive change.

Dreams about a priest could also mean you will meet someone who will open your eyes and give you valuable advices. Dreams about a priest who is saying a prayer bring you good luck.

This dream means you are soon to make important decisions and those decisions will have positive outcomes.

If you are praying with the priest, try to remember what the subject of the prayer was. It could help you focus on aspects of your life that need improvement.

If you cannot remember, it does not matter that much, because this dream generally has a positive connotation. It also means someone is supporting your waking life goals.