Dream of Being Held at Gunpoint – Meaning and Symbolism

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Pistols are firearms that generally represent aggressiveness and violence, dreaming of firearms or pistols, its meaning will depend on what the person who dreams is doing with the pistol.

Sometimes these firearms can also be used for personal defense, but regardless of the occasion for which it is used it is always considered a violent act.

When dreaming about firearms, it highlights or alerts the person who dreams that things can get difficult, it may be that there is the possibility of a betrayal or loss of an important employment relationship, even the death of a person close friend. However, as previously stated, the meaning will depend on what the dreamer is doing with the gun.

Dream of Being Held at Gunpoint – Meaning

There are many events in which people can be shot: war, armed robbery, assassinations, and accidents while handling firearms or targeted murder.

If you dream of being shot, this dream symbol does not usually warn of the danger of being shot in your waking life.

Nevertheless, the dream of being shot is traditionally considered a bad omen.

If you were shot in a dream with a revolver, a pistol, a rifle or an arrow, there is a threat of failure in the guard world.

To be shot in a dream can symbolize the loss of honor, but also warn that your plans will not work out as hoped.

The good thing about it: Warned by your dream, you can rethink and adjust your project so that it can still succeed. To be shot in a dream possibly also indicates that certain people are ill disposed towards you and are plotting against you.

Fortunately, there is also a positive interpretation for being shot: This dream symbol can also indicate that you are in love with exultation! Incidentally, it is assumed that this interpretation is based on the legend of Cupid’s arrow – hit, dear Cupid!

If you are shot in your dream, the psychological interpretation connects it to the “killing” of feelings, relationships or one’s own talents. Often the content is about freeing yourself from inhibitions.

The adjustment to social norms, reason or the attempt to meet expectations placed on you can mean that you prefer to leave upcoming difficulties untouched.

The dream symbol “to be shot” asks you to throw these concerns overboard and to overcome your problems – even when other people try to control your feelings and thoughts.

The dream of being shot can also indicate that another person’s decision made you difficult because you were not asked beforehand, did not agree with the result or were presented with a fait accompli.

Because of the violent component of being shot, psychoanalysts interpret this dream symbol under certain circumstances as a pointer to impending self-destruction.

If there are actually harmful addictions or autoaggressions, research is carried out into the deeper causes.

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, dreams in which you are shot are symbolic for rebirth, i.e. for a cleansing new beginning.

Dream of Being Held at Gunpoint – Symbolism

Dreaming of guns has several meanings but it will always have a connotation about action that events are not very favorable for the dreamer, within these dream meanings, dreaming of guns or weapons being fire in the hands of the dreamer means irrevocable decision making before a necessary situation but necessary to take.

When dreaming about guns, the dreamer’s subconscious goes into a state of alarm since this object is of care, only the fact of having it generates expectation, care and even some anxiety, because it is known that it can cause damage.

When the dreamer shoots or activates the firearm aimed at a target, it means that the dreamer has projects that will go as expected, but he must be careful with the surroundings and the people around them.

Firearms instill fear, for some people respect and for others it is just curiosity, it is even part of children’s games, playing with small firearms, cowboy games or war soldiers.

Dreaming of guns represents the insecurity or fears that a person may have, situations of fights or discussions that provoke in the dreamer anguish that causes restlessness, feelings of revenge and that they generate in bad mood and anxiety.

Dreaming of guns in hands means that the person has a strong character, a person who is capable of making decisions that will positively influence the life of the dreamer.

Another definition that dreaming of guns in one hand or in both hands may have is that the person is to act with confidence and decision but that could be at some point of anger the trigger for an adverse reaction to the one described above.

Dreaming of old and worn pistols are problems of the past that are made or will be present, situations with distant relatives that can harm the dreamer; these old, old or worn pistols are dangerous as real weapons since due to lack of maintenance they are not recommended to be used.

Likewise happens in dreams, the use of these weapons in dreams reflects problems that will not be easy to solve, that will affect healthy family life and close friends.

Dreaming of pistols and shooting them means that you have a problem that you have been trying to solve for a long time and have not been able to do it, they are situations that are coming that will have no solution and that at a certain moment you will have to face and learn to live with it.

They can also be related to health situations that are pending to be resolved but that generate anguish, fear of the results, you think they may be unfavorable for you.

Dreaming of guns that hit the target are close solutions to problems that are present in the life of the dreamer, these solutions are firm and concrete, giving the person who dreams a feeling of tranquility.

Dreams with guns that hit the target can also be related to long-awaited news, economic solutions that are presented by actions taken previously that lead the dreamer to the solution that he longs for that will give peace of mind.

Dreaming of toy guns is a search for solutions to problems that are present in the daily life of the person who dreams, but that in reality he has not been able to solve and that the solutions that he tries or believes to achieve are not lasting or effective in life of the dreamer.

It can also mean sentimental situations that the dreamer hopes to come true, illusions about feelings or relationships that he believes can come true, since he longs for a stable relationship but has not been able to specify it because the people who approach you do not seek the same thing as you, so pending with what you expect from people.

Dream about pistol as has other meanings, it should not always be bad or part of bad fortune, but if it can be a warning from your subconscious that alerts you to situations that worry, you and which you should be aware of, they are situations that can later bring problems to your life.

The important thing is to learn to interpret your dreams, to understand that many times the cosmos is on your side and that through dreams it gives you important alerts so that you can activate situations in your life to avoid problems that can affect both sentimentally and economically.

Learn to read between the lines or to interpret your own inner self that many times there is the solution to the problem that does not let you sleep, that distresses you and that subtracts vital energy that you can invest in yourself and yours.

Wounds usually cause anguish in people who possess them, it can be thought that they are more life-threatening if the injury is caused by a firearm or a pistol, but dreaming of being injured by a pistol means health problems that by letting it pass for later are getting worse and can put your life at risk.

Another meaning of dreaming of being wounded by a gun and seeing blood means a sentimental situation that is not very conducive to you, not forceps what it may be, if you dream of a firearm and there is blood involved.

It is the feelings that are not reciprocated, relationships that are not reciprocated, and then do not risk being a bad dear (a) hear your inner self.

Dreaming of automatic pistols are problems that come and go as they arrived, just wait, be calm and do not despair, everything happens and these problems will happen the same, today they are tomorrow, no longer just trust your instinct, automatic pistols are very fast at the time of hitting the bullets, likewise are the problems that lie ahead.

However, you must bear in mind that they will go away as you allow it, but always keep in mind that all situations leave a lesson, to them is that you must pay attention, everything will affect you or it will benefit you as you allow it. Pending with that and with what you want.

When you dream of pointing a weapon you must take into account where you are pointing it, if you point it at yourself they are sentimental problems, depressive situations that you cannot control or do not want to control because you do not focus on seeing beyond what is really important only.

You see what you have in front of you and you do not realize that it affects your psyche and your emotional state, it robs you of peace.

If you dream that you are pointing a gun at someone that means that you feel that a relative of yours or someone close to you is or is in trouble and needs your help, there your instinct for help and protection is awakened.

However, be careful you must be very careful with what happens, remember that you should not interfere beyond what you should, problems are resolved between two, and a third can be more than help interference…


Dreaming about seeing a gun but you don’t know or don’t know the person who carries it is a warning about things that you have pending to do, be careful not to neglect your work matters, you should be foresighted.

You should not lose details of your dream, perhaps this there the signal that you wait to be able to arise or take advantage of a situation that you may believe unfavorable but in reality it is the signal that you are waiting to invest or make an investment that will leave you many benefits.