Dream of Being Attacked by a Shadow – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming is a very common act in your reality, where it is the way that a subconscious has to communicate with us to explain ourselves or give us a message from some area of ​​our reality in the case of dreams with shadows, they can be associated with problems, misunderstandings or fears that we may have in our life.

For this reason, understanding dreams with shadows can be very important, because that way we will know what to face in our life, how we can do it, or what changes to make in order to be better people or resolve internal conflicts in our reality.

We cannot say that they are very negative dreams, but neither are they positive, since they are mostly alert dreams about people, situations or actions in our reality.

Dream of Being Attacked by a Shadow – Meaning

Last night I saw a shadow in a dream that followed me and wanted to kill me. What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed of a shadow that came threateningly from me and I seemed to be stagnant, I could not move.

Why? Tonight I dreamed of a shadow that attacked me, touched me, got on top of me and did not make me breathe.

What does it mean to dream of a black shadow that attacks you that you stick?

“Perhaps how scared you have been if you have made a similar dream.

However, what does it mean to see shadows and black men in dreams? What do they want from us? Why can they fill a lot of fear? Sometimes these dreams turn into real nightmares. We try to understand their meaning and give a fair interpretation.

Shadows such as black men, characters who have an unknown face, dark in dreams, I am to redirect from our intimate fears, to our weaknesses, to problems that in real life we ​​cannot face.

All these fears therefore appear in dreams in the form of shadows that come to us with threatening making and often in dreams in which we see each other at night in bed. Then the dreams really many seem real and scare us to death.

When you make a dream of the genre when you wake up, you try to understand what you fear in your life, something you do not want to face, something fleeing.

Shadows and black men moving in the darkness of dreams also tell us about our sides of the character that we are afraid of.

For example, we could be very aggressive people and be afraid of this form of aggressiveness that we possess and therefore in a dream we are attacked by a shadow that represents our fear.

Many dream of dark men and shadows that approach and try to touch them in some part of the body.

Even some shadows are placed on the dreamer, making him wake up with a heart that beats strong and with incredible fear.

Diffuse is also the dream, in which the shadow comes from us, touches us and makes us short of breath.

At that point, shortness of breath and strong fear make us wake up. All these dreams are that we always redirect our fears, to situations that we live and that we do not face, as we should.

Finally, the dream in which these shadows or black men attack us and stop us is very widespread among the population. Indeed, we cannot move, we be immobilized, paralyzed. This type of dream accentuates the difficulties we experience in real life in certain sectors.

In short, the period we are living in is certainly not good, rather perhaps we are also in depression, we are sad.

Shadows can be seen in a dark way, so darkness is one of the greatest fears of humanity, where in dreams darkness, the color black has a very similar meaning in dreams, where its meaning is associated with fear, fear, anguish, problems or misunderstandings in your reality.

In this way, dreaming of shadows is one of the dreams to which you should pay close attention, as they can explain a much hidden fear in you.

Each of the dreams with shadows has various interpretations, depending on the context of each of them and the details thereof, so we invite you to continue with us where we have an extensive detailed list where we explain each of the true meanings.

Of this type of dream, and what our mind is trying to tell us about an area of ​​our life, so we invite you to continue with us to learn more about them.

Seeing a dark shadow in your dream is an indication that someone is in your life destined to hurt you, because their only goal in your life is to hurt you in some way, it is only up to you to be able to solve these types of problems, get away from them. People who are negative and who seek to harm you in your reality.

A white shadow in your dreams is an indication that there is someone in your life who is protecting you, who is always looking for a way to help you, supports you and is always willing to do everything to see you happy, in a way it is not a bad dream.

You just have to be alert to the people around you, and be grateful for the support that this person has always given you, because there is nothing wrong with dreaming of seeing shades of white.

Seeing a person in your dreams, or just the shadow of it, can have a diversity of meanings, depending on each person that appears in your dreams.

In general terms seeing someone else’s shadows, can symbolize envy and problems in your life, for what you have to assess those around you and if they want to hurt you to get away from them before it is too late.

While another meaning can be wealth, that is to say that you have the support of someone important in your reality and this turns out to be of great benefit to you, not only in the economic sphere with changes in your finances and economic benefits, but also spiritual wealth and sentimental, which also happens to be very good for you.

Seeing your own shadow in your dreams can be a symbol of fear, worries and fear, because there are situations that do not make you feel completely safe in your life and this generates some kind of problems in your reality.

what you should do is treat to work on strengthening your self-esteem and your own confidence, to be able to solve everything that worries you so much and generates anxiety for not knowing if it is correct or not.

Having a dream where you sit in the shade to avoid the sun indicates that you will have to make new sacrifices in your life, which will have positive benefits for your reality, in all possible areas, as it is a dream that is associated with your life. Personal or work, this being a good dream, which you do not have to worry about.

Dream of Being Attacked by a Shadow – Symbolism

We often dream that someone is trying to break into our house – maybe trying on the windows or pounding on the door.

Very often, the dream figure (someone we hate or fear) is our shadow – an important figure in our dreams.

People are reluctant to admit their own mistakes. We may be more likely to admit venial sins such as swindles or outbursts of temperament, but our worst character defects are so deeply buried in the unconscious that we almost automatically deny them.

Jung took the view that they would still be shown to us in dreams, namely by our ‘shadow’, which represents everything we hate about ourselves. In the waking life, sometimes one can identify the shadow of others simply by asking them what kind of person they really hate.

Because our prejudices and vices are so thoroughly buried, we recognize our shadow only reluctantly, even if he (or she, but the shadow usually takes on male form) meets us in a dream. We often shirk responsibility by blaming other people about traits that we find abhorrent.

In the dream analysis, Jung encouraged the dreamers to find out more about their shadow, to come to terms with him or even to befriend him – it could be an acquaintance or a well-known personality (with celebrities we often recognize traits that we detest, but ourselves and do to know).

In any case, we can learn a lot about ourselves from the very character who seems to embody all of our worst character flaws. This is a painful process and it is best done in the context of psychoanalysis.

The shadow is a very ambiguous dream image. That which does not emerge brightly and clearly, the uncertainty that frightens us.

Above all, it can point to a disturbed self-esteem of the dreaming when this in the dream in the truest sense of the word appears to be overshadowed.

Shadow generally stands for unconscious processes and content that one has to illuminate, that is, make conscious and process.

These can be repressed experiences, shame, feelings of guilt or fears, sometimes-even events that are imperceptibly prepared and cast their shadows in advance.

For the interpretation of dreams, the overall context must be taken into account, and especially the objects or people that cast their shadows.

Further interpretations are possible according to the following circumstances:


If we see a shadow in the dream, even if it is only our own, we imagine in the waking life that we are not getting along, we lack courage, we are afraid of everything and everyone – a fear that sometimes borders on paranoia. Seeing one’s own shadow announces worries and difficulties.

However, if we sit in the shade while the sun is shining, a matter will soon be settled to the greatest satisfaction.

Standing in the shadow can show that one is protected or strongly influenced by others; – sometimes disappointment or bitterness is expressed in it, because one lives on the shadow side.