Dream of Being Pulled Up in the Air – Meaning and Symbolism

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As not everything in our nights will be nightmares, sometimes the subconscious gives us magical moments full of well-being.

This is the case of dreaming of floating in the air, a dream that speaks of illusions, happiness and your feeling of freedom.

Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming that you are floating in the air.

Dream of Being Pulled Up in the Air – Meaning

Have you ever imagined being as light as a feather that you could float in the air that you could fly?

These dreams speak of an imaginative and creative character, of a feeling of well-being, of being at peace with yourself and, above all, of a person who continues to maintain the illusion and who continues to fight for her dreams.

That is why the interpretation of this dream in which you float in the air is taken as something positive. You just have to check the feeling of happiness you feel when you wake up when you have dreamed of floating in the air, free of worries, doing something that you thought impossible to achieve.

The power of your illusion is much stronger than reality.

As in that dream of levitation, dreaming of floating in the air speaks of a person who has eliminated the burdens of the past.

It is common to have this dream when you have changed your life, when you have started again or when you have gotten to know yourself to the point of having discovered a new person.

However, you should also be careful if this dream about floating in the air becomes a recurring thing, because it can also mean that you need to escape from reality too often.

Remember that there is only one-step from avoiding facing problems to living in a dream world and that step should not be taken at any time.

“The other night I dreamed that I went over towards the sky, towards the clouds, I walked on them and I felt very light while I flew out. What does it mean when I dream of getting up in the air and going up in the sky?

Why can I dream to see someone who goes to the sky that is serene or with clouds full of rain and storms? Last night I saw my father with my mother who came down from the sky, they smiled at me, they spoke to me and then they came back.

The night Last day, I dreamed of hearing a voice that told me to follow Jesus, the Virgin, and the Holy Spirit towards the blue sky while it was day. I remember that a very radiant Sun shone in the sky. Tonight I dreamed of being called in a dream of God or of an Angel.

For what motive and reason can I dream of following at night a stranger who goes up to heaven? Why do I dream of falling down from heaven or of going to heaven with a dear deceased friend of mine, already dead of several years?” What does it mean to dream of going up into the sky above the clouds and walking on them feeling good and experiencing beautiful sensations?

What does it mean to be thrown down on the ground while flying in the sky, together with our father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and relative, aunt who are deceased, dead for a long time or a short time?

What does it mean, what does it mean to dream of seeing someone go up in heaven? What is the meaning and interpretation of these dreams? Let us try to understand.

When making dreams of this type it is very important to remember the sensations that have been experienced. Emotions in dreams can tell us many more things than places, objects and people that we find in our dream world.

Dreaming of going up to heaven should not scare us because it does not mean that we will soon die and if we see someone else upload to our site it does not mean that he will die.

The sky often has to do with our inner self and when it is serene, with a sun that shines and beautiful and candid clouds, you can expect to be in a beautiful period in which we are developing, maturing and we feel happy and full of energy.

If we are not living yet then this period is very near. Going up in heaven is a confirmation of all this and makes us understand how our life is clearly improving.

Probably when you dream of going towards a blue sky, you have tasted fantastic sensations, a meaning of well-being, lightness and truly unique carefreeness.

Often but it can happen to go up towards the sky but to fall immediately after on the ground although we wake up before falling.

The fall can be the symptom of a type of insecurity that the dreamer possesses and that can concern his character, his state of mind but also a sentimental situation or tied to work and profession.

Walking on the clouds is a positive factor because it indicates that in our life, we ​​feel very confident of what we are doing and we have no fear of making mistakes and moving forward.

Obviously, this security comes less if we fall from the clouds or if we find ourselves in a storm with lightning, thunder, rain. Many people dream of seeing their mother, father, grandfather, a dear friend or a work colleague fly in the sky.

If these people are then alive in everyday life it means that they are about to live a beautiful moment full of joy that we will be an active part while if these people have died for a long time then we have to be very careful with possible words that communicate to us.

If we go up to heaven accompanied by one of these deceased people, we have to think that someone can help us, support us with an eventual problem that we are experiencing.

Often we can also dream of being called by Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God, and the Virgin, an Angel who asks us to fly and come to heaven. These dreams may mean that we are very religious people or that we feel the need to find help and support in faith.

When we make these types of dreams, we always have to wait for a positive period that allows us to the best of getting out of a period that has been negative for us.

Therefore, these dreams are very favorable to the dreamer.

Dream of Being Pulled Up in the Air – Symbolism

Air is also needed to make music, and not just for wind instruments. For the group of so-called aero phones, the air is something very fundamental, because the tongues of the respective instrument are only set into vibrations and thus sounds are generated by a flow of air.

This can also be done with the help of a bellows. Examples of this group of instruments are the accordion and the harmonium.

How can you even dream of air? Maybe you think you feel a breath of wind on your skin.

Alternatively, you can see in a dream how a curtain or the leaves of the trees move through drafts. Air is mainly perceived through the sense of touch through the skin or optically when it sets something in motion, like a weather vane.

The perception of air is strongest when we lack it. To dream of being unable to breathe is sure to cause some panic. So one should pay close attention to the dream interpretation what happens in the dream and how one reacts to it as a dreaming.

Not getting any air in a dream expresses the desire for change and for more self-development in the waking life.

In reality, overwhelming duties often prevent the sleeper from doing so.

Thus, the shortness of breath also reflects a longing for greater self-determination.

In addition, the dreaming is released from this unpleasant situation on awakening. This fact can be interpreted as a release from obstructive influences in everyday life.

The vital element air is in the dream interpretation the dream symbol for the breath, but also the symbol of the spirit and the wakefulness.

In a dream in which air plays a role as a buoyant force, clear insight and ideas, imagination and creative thinking of the dreaming are reflected.

The dreaming should ask the question, which plans and ideas he would like to realize now.

The lightness, which the dream symbol “air” embodies, can also be a warning against carelessness and irresponsibility.

If the dreaming has the feeling of not being able to get any air and not being able to breathe, this indicates an extremely negative life situation in the dream interpretation.

The dreaming probably feels constricted and oppressed.

If the air in the dream is a pleasant breeze, fresh morning or spring air, the dream symbol indicates satisfaction and relaxation.

Clear air shows that the dreaming has the perspective and will be successful.

The sight of pollen in the air can point to new projects and ideas.


If the air as wind sets something in motion, for example a windmill, this is a signal in the dream interpretation that a change is pending.

If the air can hardly be penetrated by fog or smoke, the dream symbol warns that important decisions should only be made after careful consideration.

Perhaps a gust will drive away the cloudy air and provide the necessary clarity.

A fan that is used for waving air signals in dreams one’s own feminine side and a certain degree of vanity.

This also applies if the sleeping person is in reality male – because every person contains parts of the opposite sex in himself.