Dream of Getting a Haircut – Meaning and Symbolism

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Hair, without a shred of doubt, has always been a symbol of status, class affiliation, subcultural orientation, most notably a religious symbol, and so much more.

When we take a look at any civilization, any old story, legend, The Bible, new trend, or old tradition, we come to the same conclusion – that the hair truly matters, and if you ask anyone male or female, hair is the thing.

It is a symbol of our growth, progress, the place where we belong, our status, and in some way, it shows what we want to say to the world without using words.

It is the first thing, besides for example the wardrobe that others see on us; and the first notable change.

For many, it is the symbol of their power and strength, and in some cases, weakness (for example, for those who see it as an integral part of them, and for some reason, they lose it).

When we get a new hairstyle we are saying something to our surroundings. We say who we are in the current moment and who we will be in the next stage of our lives.

It is a known fact that women who broke up with their lovers drastically change their hair, most likely cut it.

You can only imagine that the dream about getting a haircut has an equally (if not bigger) symbolic meaning, and therefore it is one very important dream motive.

If you ask is it common, we can tell you that hair is not so common, but it is not a rare symbol, although a very important one. If you had a dream about the hair, in any of its versions – pay attention.

And if you concretely have a dream about getting a haircut, then this is the piece for you.

Read here what it means when you dream that you are getting a haircut.

Meaning and Symbolism

You need to know two things when we are talking about the aspect of hair and, therefore, a haircut in a dream.

First is that hair is the symbol of strength and the possibility of loss; second is the fact that in a lot of cases, the dream about the hair carries a negative symbolical value, having in mind that it is associated with loss (death, end, illness, etc.).

So, in a version of a dream where you are getting a new haircut and your hair is still big, voluminous, and shiny, such a dream represents strength and beauty.

If you are cutting gray hair in a dream, like a new haircut, it implies that you are currently outgrowing old ideas and are willing to learn new things.

If you are getting a new haircut, and this means that you have blond hair, such a dream shows that you are an individual who is a true friend because such a dream symbolizes loyalty.

If you are dying your hair to red, then you can expect changes in life since red are the color that usually symbolizes changes in life.

In a version of a dream where you are getting a new haircut by making your hair straight, such a dream suggests that you are trying to change something in your life. It can also mean that you have strong feelings for someone.

If the new haircut in a dream means that you are getting bald, such a dream is the symbol of the need to take care of yourself and not depend on others. You should take a different approach to certain things in real-life situations or relationships.

If your new haircut implies that now you have curly hair, such a dream symbolizes anxiety due to certain aspects of your personality. You are not sure of the old feelings you were trying to forget.

A version of a dream where you are cutting hair and braiding the rest of your hair suggests that you are confused in your thoughts and desires. You should understand yourself. Some interesting events await you.

If you cut bangs in a dream (even though you don’t actually wear them) – soon, you are doing an act that is completely contrary to your principles.

New hair color can symbolize your desire for some life changes that you can’t decide on.

Decoding the Dream about the Getting a Haircut

The dream about getting a haircut, like all other dreams can have some additional elements to them. They are drastically changing the meaning of such a dream.

For example, if you are giving someone a haircut, such a dream suggests that others are trying to make contact with you in some way.

If that person does not like his or her new haircut, such a dream symbolizes a false impression. You try to convey other people’s ideas as your own. You need to be true to your beliefs and think about yourself. If someone else is giving you a haircut, it is the dream that shows how in reality, your freedom is too limited.

Strangers are trying to enter your life and set rules for you. If strangers have combed you in a dream, then he doesn’t like you very much.

In a version of a dream that you are desperate because of your haircut, maybe you are bald a dream. It is the one dream that implies that you are too worried about your own appearance.

Instead, focus on family and work relationships – it will show you where the real focus should always be.

Getting a haircut, but if in a dream, for some reason, your hair is bigger and longer, smooth, beautiful, and beautifully groomed (then it was before you started getting a haircut), then you can expect success in business. What the business is for you, and in what stage of development it is, determines your further actions.

Not be able to get a haircut, even if you are looking for it, and your hair is in a mess, dirty, and you cannot stand of it, and you are feeling desperate, such a dream is a symbol of misfortune, especially if the hair is dark. Such dreams leave an unpleasant imprint on the soul.

In a version of a dream where others are admiring your haircut, such a dream shows that the person who has such a dream is suffering from loneliness and dreaming of a romantic rendezvous.

Drastically changing the hair, like cutting meters of hair, and being miserable about it, is a dream that says how it really is worth being careful with new friends.

If you are in a dream, you as a hairdresser is giving others haircuts are a powerful sign that represents the realization of your plans.

You have everything under control, and more importantly, this is the dream that inspires you to develop further an undeniable creative nature.

The message behind this Dream and advice

As you could have seen, hair can come as a representation of all that matters to us, and it is the sign of our life, strength, and losing it, or changing in a way that we are not happy with it. It means a loss of vitality. You need rest and pleasant company.

In some cases, the dream about the haircut can be interpreted as a symbol of quick temptation, flirting, and frivolity. The interpretation of dreams will depend on other characteristics.

So, for example, it could mean then you should wait for a love that will bring joy and seduction. Such a dream may indicate that someone interesting will try to seduce you.

In an alternate version of a meaning, such dreams suggest that you will be the victim of some love affair against your will.

Sometimes this dream can be a sign of inconsistency, so dreams in which your chosen one has such hair indicate your insecurity in his feelings.

Such dreams usually leave a lot of negative emotions and an unpleasant imprint on the soul.

In real life, a new hairstyle is associated with life changes or mood swings.

Maybe we should expect something like this when we observe the transformation of our hair in night vision. What is the dream of a new haircut?

Hair changes are a symbol of updating the circle of acquaintances, or in simple words, you are expanding the social circle. It is possible that this may be due to a romantic relationship.

Keep in mind that this dream can be a symbol of the fact that you will soon have to attend a festive event or that your career would go uphill.

Think of your life; what can it be out of these two? Maybe it is the perfect moment to consider moving to a new level of relationship. What has been stopping you from doing so?

A dramatic change in the image, like getting a new haircut, promises drastic life changes. It is safe to expect them. A similar analogy could be connected to the dream that you are having with the same event.