Skull – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams are important for the deeper understanding of human nature, this is the case since dreams are considered to reflect a person’s mental and physical condition, so when we see something frightening in a dream, we are having problems in reality.

Of course, have in mind that dreams do not reflect exactly what will happen to you, but they show a certain problem, the difficulty, etc. – this is the birthplace of a possible nightmare.

Some people in their lives are worried because they firmly believe they will soon have health problems and perhaps unfavorable life circumstances if they had a dream about something scary.

The aspect scary is wide – depending on how you dream of a certain motive and your personal relation to that object.

For example, the skull – this is the dream motive that we will discuss here.

Let’s try to understand what it means to dream of a skull.

Meaning and Symbolism

There are numerous versions of how you can have a dream about the skull, for the majority of people, a frightening symbol.

So, if you had a dream that you are looking at the skull in your home, such a symbol in a dream shows that you are haunted by the past, some decisions you have made are still haunting you, and you are looking for new ways to deal with it, but unsuccessfully.

If you had a dream that you are digging up the skull from the ground, such a dream carries an interesting symbolical value.

This is the dream that may show that some of your close people, and some of them are may not be alive today are trying to speak to you and assist you in your journey to happiness.

In a version of a dream where you have seen a skull instead of your true face, such a dream show start the favorable time is over and that you have so many reasons to worry.

Start dealing with issues that are problematic on a daily basis, and then move on.

Also, an alternate version of this dream shows that you are incredibly tired and that your life has run out of ideas and movement in some specific direction. We could also add that this dream shows that maybe you are so tired and a waste of life energy that it seems to you that you are dead.

Or, an alternate meaning of this dream is that you are afraid of getting old, so this fear is manifesting in your dream as a skull.

If the skull in your dream has a certain color, some people say that they have a dream about the golden skull; it says that it is at the same time a fascinating and frightening image.

But, the meaning of this dream is not seen as good – it shows that all kinds of diseases, both physical and mental, could appear in your life and that you need to be ready for it.

If the skull was red, or even bloody, as it appears in some cases, such a dream is a representation of special danger. Such a dream speaks of you – it symbolizes that you are often connected in some incomprehensible sexual relationships.

If in a dream you are performing some kind of ritual with the skull, such a dream also has a negative meaning.

It says that you may experience problems of an intimate nature due to certain mental deviations. Do not be scared because of it, be prepared and deal with this issue in the best way possible.

For you, it may be the doctor that will help you deal with the problems of your soul that are clearly tormented.

Such a dream may signal that you have a fear of physical intimacy or a propensity for all sorts of perversions.

Or that you have fear from harassment, or such a dream may be an expression of fear of losing a loved one.

In a version of a dream where the skull belongs to an animal, this is the dream that reveals fear of suffering of any kind or losing strength.

Decoding the Dream about the Skull

As you could have seen, in the majority of cases that we have spoken of in the previous section, their meaning is seen as negative.

But, there is more to this dream where the central theme is the skull.

For example, in a version of a dream where there is more than one skull, and they are in a dream a part of your home, incorporated into the furniture, it is seen as a protection of your home.

It is the dream that shows how well you are equipped for the protection of your home, in the sense that you are a true guardian of your family and all values which you see as important.

And if someone is trying to take the skull out of your home, such a dream may be an indication of a robbery.

Understandably, we do not speak of an actual robbery, but more of the idea that someone is trying to tackle into your past, that you do not feel comfortable.

A buried skull in a dream is seen as the symbol of an entrance to the house (something you see as dear or extremely important.

What this dream shows is that someone will come to you for advice that you are not sure you will be able to give him or her.

You are not sure will it be suitable and “valuable advice.”

In an alternate version, a skull in a dream can be the harbinger of major family scandals and quarrels.

This is true in the case when you see the skull that you know belongs to some of your friends. Especially the one that is alive at the moment when you have such a dream, someone who is alive and full of power.

According to this meaning, this is a very bad sign that indicates a quarrel. The reason for this is that you have, In fact, had this dream is because you have somehow bypassed a friend from a dream. You have been neglecting him.

Maybe they were competitors in the business or some other issue that you have put your focus on the other side, but the problem is there, alive.

Both of you are looking for the favor from another, and no one wants to step down.

In any case, this person has reason to be angry and will not limit himself in torturing you, and there are a lot of chances that soon you will regret your actions.

Also, we must add one more version of a dream where the skull is the main motive – the one version where you are breaking someone’s skull.

Such a dream should be taken very seriously into consideration since this dream is very important for the process of decoding. This version suggests that you must take care of how you act in reality.

There are apparently characters in your surroundings that you do like at all, but for one reason or the other, you are obligated to put up with that person. You’d willingly show them what you really think of those people, but you’ll require acquiring command over yourself since you will make some improper response that you have severe outcomes.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

There is no doubt that the dream about the skull is not pleasant and that it carries a somewhat alarming meaning.

But, all of this suggests that the key lies in the past, even if it means that

You are founding a radical means to prevent fate from turning into a negative direction.

The dream about the skull in this way is being deciphered and directed in the right direction.

It turns out that if you do in this manner, accepting the warning that comes from this dream, all problems will immediately precede, and life will begin to flow like a full river. It is highly recommended that you do not miss this opportunity.

And in the end, we must say that the dream about the skull is a call to deal with the past, to speak to someone you saw as dear, or deal with the problematic issue from the past, because it is the only way you are dealing with the present, and moving into the future.