Dream of Helicopter – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming about a helicopter usually signifies some plans and projects that you are starting soon.

It also indicates having the freedom and will to adapt to certain situations. It also indicates being free to live your life as you like.

In a negative sense, this dream could indicate being afraid of being controlled or your freedom being somehow repressed.

Helicopters in dreams are often a sign of some usual experiences that the person might experience soon.

These dreams can be related to different areas of our lives, possibly indicating the accomplishment of some unrealistic goals, or getting some extra money unexpectedly, or buying something we didn’t expect, receiving an unexpected expensive present, etc.

Dreams about helicopters could have different meanings and that all depends on the circumstances and details of the dream, as well as the current life circumstances of the person who has had this dream.

Dreams about helicopters often indicate some unrealistic expectations, which are impossible in your current life situation.

This dream is possibly a sign from your subconscious to reconsider your goals and desires and give up on them if you realize that they’re not attainable at this moment.

If you neglect the message this dream is bringing to your life, you might experience disappointments and unnecessary waste of time.

Dreams about helicopters often have a crashing theme. Dreaming of a helicopter crashing usually reveals some negative feelings about the failure of some of your plans or projects.

It could also indicatee some new experiences that might prove to be a failure.

A dream about a helicopter flying, indicates some kind of success the person who has had this dream might experience. The success is likely to be a result of hard work and efforts put in by this person.

This dream usually indicates that the person who reach great heights in their career or job.

Dreams about flying and flying in a helicopter as well, are usually good signs, which portend success of our goals and desires. If the flight was uninterrupted such dream usually indicates being successful in all your current endeavors and projects.

It also indicates your confidence and faith in our abilities to achieve success.

If the flight was interrupted by malfunction of the helicopter, bad weather, or some other difficulties, the dream could indicate obstacles arising on the path of your success you will need to overcome to achieve what you desire.

Helicopters in a dream could also indicate the person’s tendency to avoid problems and ignoring them, instead of confronting them.

They could also reveal the tendency of a person to pass their problems to someone else.

A helicopter in a dream could be a sign of a person who relies on luck to achieve their success or doesn’t believe that hard work is needed to achieve success.

Dream of Helicopter – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of being in a helicopter. If you had a dream about being in a helicopter, this dream usually reveals your sense of freedom and independence. It could also indicate your desire to get rid of the problems you currently have.

Dreaming of being in a helicopter flying high in the sky. A dream in which you were in a helicopter, flying high, is usually a good sign and indicates your pursuit of your goals and your readiness to achieve them, regardless of any obstacles that you might face.

It also indicates that you should be prepared to make any compromises along that path.

Dreaming of seeing a helicopter crash. If you dreamed of seeing a helicopter crash that dream is usually not a good sign. It usually indicates having some unrealistic goals and desires, which are destined to be a failure.

This dream could also indicate that you don’t feel confident enough in your abilities to achieve success and accomplish your desires.

Dreaming of being a helicopter pilot and flying a helicopter. If you dreamed of being a helicopter pilot and flying a helicopter that dream is usually an excellent sign. It could indicate being rewarded for work your work efforts with a promotion and career advancement.

This dream is usually an indicator of your confidence to accomplish the goals you have, and it is a proof of the success of your actions you will soon experience.

If you were piloting the helicopter alone, this dream could indicate that you are somehow trying to escape the issues you have by ignoring them or pretending that they don’t exist.

The dream could be a warning for you to confront the issues you have because you might experience some difficulties and damage if you refuse to do so.

Dreaming of a helicopter falling down. If you dreamed that a helicopter fell down in front of your eyes that could be a warning to be careful when you’re operating some vehicles, usually your car, because in the upcoming days you might be prone to experiencing some accidents and you should be careful.

Dreaming of seeing a helicopter in the sky. Dreaming of seeing a helicopter in the sky is usually not a good sign and such dream could indicate being able to see your success but not being able to reach it.

This dream could also indicate some challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome before reaching your goals.

Dreaming of a helicopter waiting for you. If you dreamed of a helicopter waiting for you to come on board this dream is an excellent sign if you are currently expecting the results of some of your actions.

It is a sign of success and you might expect exactly that in all your current endeavors.

This dream is usually a sign of confidence and your desire and determination to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of running after a helicopter. If you had a dream about trying to catch a helicopter that dream usually indicates that you’re running after your goals. A dream of running after a helicopter is actually a good sign because it indicates the efforts you put into achieving your goals and your determination which will eventually lead you to success.

Dreaming of flying in a helicopter. If you had a dream about flying in a helicopter that could indicate that you need to make clear goals in your life that you desire to achieve. It could indicate having a lot of good ideas, but not deciding on any of them.

This dream is a reminder of your subconscious to focus and make decisions, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to achieve success and make some progress. You need to make a choice and prioritize.

Decide on your most important goals and take actions to achieve them. This dream indicates the need to focus on your desires to be able to put them into reality.

Dreaming of seeing a helicopter flying in the distance. If your dreamed of seeing a helicopter flying in the distance that dream could symbolize some project that you’re planning on doing, which could be very important for your career expansion.

It’s important to consider the distance of the helicopter from you.

If it was close to you, then it could happen sooner and if it was at the great distance from you, you can expect it to be delayed or to happen later in the future.

If the helicopter was moving uncontrollably, that could indicate some obstacles that you will be forced to face. If the helicopter was high in the clouds that could be a sign of great success that you’re about to achieve.

Dreaming of cruising as a passenger in a helicopter. If you dreamed of being a passenger on a helicopter and cruising above the landscapes that is usually a good sign. This dream could indicate that you are very organized and systematic in your work and that you will be rewarded for that by your desires being fulfilled as you want them to.

It could be a sign of a pay rise or some promotion that you could experience soon.

Dreaming of a helicopter crash. A dream of a helicopter crash is not a good sign in general. It could indicate not being able to focus well and not paying attention to details. Your attitude could cause you problems in real life.

This dream could be a warning about your absent-mindedness and reminds you to become more self-aware and take better care of yourself.

A dream of a helicopter crash could also be a sign of failure of your current projects in endeavors.

It could indicate lack of confidence and lack of trust in your abilities. You could also indicate challenges and obstacles to the way to your success which will prevent you from getting your desired results.

Dreaming of being in a victim of a helicopter crash. If you dreamed of being in a helicopter crash and being a victim of a helicopter crash, this is actually not a bad sign. It could indicate some new opportunity you might come across, and it could be a sign of resolving your problems.

Dreaming of not being seen by a rescue helicopter. If you dreamed of being in some accident or being stranded somewhere and waiting for a rescue helicopter to spot you, and the helicopter ignored you or didn’t notice you, this dream is usually not a good sign.

It could indicate that you are in desperate need for help and the people you’re asking help from are ignoring you.

It could also indicate being worried about your situation, or it could indicate that you are a kind of person who is always expecting the worst to happen.

You might be a person that could always see the negative in situation although the reality is not the way you perceive it to be. You might be prone to overthinking and anxiety. You might expect the worst to happen even if there is not an indication that that could possibly happen.

Usually, your expectations are unfounded, and they rarely ever happen.

If you recognize yourself in the description, than this dream is a warning from your subconscious to change the way you perceive things and begin looking at the positive side of life because tha will improve your life immensely.

Dreaming of a military or war helicopter. If you dreamed of a military or war helicopter that is usually not a good sign. You might possibly experience some danger in your real life.

It could indicate facing some challenges that you need to overcome.

In some cases, such dream could indicate ignoring your problems and running away from them instead of solving them.

Maybe you are a person who tends to avoid getting things done but postponing them and procrastinating and this dream is a reminder that you need to change.