Dream of Being Late – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about being late are a category of extremely common dreams.

Living in this hasty modern world in which time means money is a perfect setting for all sorts of being late dreams to occur, even in people who do not stress much about it in reality or have no actual need to hurry anywhere.

It is the world that hurries; the world as we made it.

Dreams about being late occur in almost all people, regardless or life circumstances.

Such dreams often illustrate unresolved problems. Dreams of being late do not necessarily have to do with going somewhere in reality and being anxious about it.

Such dreams could have more symbolical and deeper meaning.

On the other hand, they could simply reflect someone’s general nervousness, impatient personality, impulsiveness or so.

How many times it happened that you dreamed about being late to work or school?

The complexity of such dream varies greatly. Some dreams are particularly distressing. You dream about trying to get somewhere important.

It could indeed be your work, but also a wedding ceremony, a celebration or something else of the same importance.

Let us go through the general interpretations on dreams of being late, before we focus on more specific dreams.

Dreams about being late meanings

Dreams about being late in general represent missed opportunities or loss.

They could reflect your sense of lacking control over your life, disorganization and chaos.

People who have taken up too many responsibilities often dream about being late, because their sub conscious mind wants to tell them it is impossible to handle everything at the time.

Time to slow down

Dreams about being late suggest inner tension, inability to process things, incapability to accomplish all tasks. You should not take it is a sign of you being incapable in a negative way.

Maybe you should consider your priorities. Have you taken up too many things to do? Set to many goals to accomplish in a short period?

Maybe it is time to slow down. Dreams about being late often occur to remind us how impatience and rushing can ruin our life.

If you have not yet made a mistake in reality, such a dream is a good reminder to slow down, consider circumstances given, prioritize your goals and proceed with a cool mind.

Dreams about being late suggest you are actually losing it.

Insecurity and disappointment

Dreams about being late anywhere reflect deep inner insecurity. We often try to mask our insecurities and worries by taking up too much work or so.

If you have to hurry all the time, there is no time left to think about problems.

This leads to logical conclusion that dreams about being late reflect avoiding actual problems. It is a chaotic behavior. Think about what you are trying to avoid.

Maybe you are afraid of disappointment; self-disappointment in the first place. You are being late, because it is impossible to do everything.

You are afraid of missing out good opportunities, but it is exactly what would happen if you do not get yourself organized.

Being late in a dream definitely reflects lack of organization in real life.

Lack of control and motivation

Dreams about being late reflect lack of control. Something holds you back from achieving your goals.

Maybe there is a person that controls your life or, even worse, someone who tries to sabotage you.

Think about your working environment; is there anyone ambitious who would like to take advantage of you?

This is only an example; it could reflect on any area of life.

However, maybe the source of losing control is inside you. Maybe you have become indifferent towards life goals and you are just missing it out.

Dreams about being late, in this regard, could reflect loss of motivation in life.

You are being symbolically late in your dreams, because life keeps moving forward, while you are stuck in one place, due to loss of interest and motivation.

Being late to work or school

Let us discuss one of the most common dreams about being late. Being late to school or work is a dream that everyone dreams at times.

This dream possibly reflects lack of organization and discipline, even if does not appear so in reality.

This dream suggests you are losing focus to what is important and you distract yourself with other things.

Of course, neither your job nor your school should be everything in your life, but those are responsibilities you chose.

This dream means you lack responsibility and discipline. Maybe you have started hating your job or the school.

Think about it, because nothing is written in the stone. Maybe the time is to change it.

Maybe you should try something new. Of course, it is something you should think through.

If you constantly dream about being late to school or to work, but you are never late in reality, it could be a reflection of your suppressed dissatisfaction with the place you are going to every day.

On the other hand, it could simply mean you are trying to avoid your responsibilities, for whatever reason. You want everything to go smoothly and you are not ready to work hard.

Maybe you lack motivation or you are simply lazy. Think about which might be the reason.

It is not bad to warm up your seat for a while, because you could definitely achieve great things.

Being late to a wedding

Being late to any significant event in your life or that of people close to you reflects great inner doubts.

If you dream about being late for your own wedding, it could mean several different things.

On one side, it could mean you are becoming aware of a major change a marriage brings into your life, so you need time to process it.

However, it does not mean you question your decision. It is a very common dream for future brides and grooms.

This dream also reflects your fear of disappointing your lover. Maybe you are insecure deep down inside and you think about whether you are capable of fulfilling his or hers expectations in the marriage.

It could also mean that you are afraid if your chosen one will show up or not; you are afraid of being betrayed in that way, hurt and abandoned.

On the other hand, this dream could reflect your actual insecurity about the decision itself. It is a normal thing to happen before wedding, but sometimes it means you do not actually think it was a good decision.

Sometimes people, unfortunately, realize they did not even want to get married too late, in terms of wedding and organizing everything.

However, it is something you really have to think through carefully.

If you dream about being late to someone else’s wedding, it could also have different meanings. It means you are betraying someone dear, because you are not beside them in this very important moment.

Think about people in your life. Is there anyone you have neglected lately?

Call your friend, your relative or whomever else you think misses your company and your support.

Being late for a train, a bus, a plane

If you dream you have just missed your flight or a bus, because of being late, the dream suggest you are about to miss out a very good opportunity in your life.

Open your eyes and try not to occupy your mind with unimportant things, this is what the dream suggests.

On the other hand, it could reflect an already missed out opportunity or a decision you deeply regret.

This dream is not a punishment, but a way for you to process the bitter feeling.

You should not waste time crying over the spilt milk. You have to move forward. Your train has already gone.

However, it does not mean the next one will not show up. Maybe the time is to change direction. Maybe you should take it easy and go with the flow.

This dream often occurs when we force ourselves to do things, but somehow everything always turns bad.

Being late to a date or a meeting

Being late to a date, whether it is a romantic date or a meeting with a friend, is another of distressing dreams.

This dream means you are not paying enough attention to someone, being too focused on yourself.

Maybe your partner lacks your care and gentleness. Maybe your friend needs someone to talk to, but he or she cannot reach you.

Dreams about being late suggest that you reach out for someone first; maybe they are too shy or insecure to ask.

This dream could also mean you are missing out something important, more precisely, someone important.

It applies to dreams in which you are about to meet a person you do not know in reality; a potential lover or some important person from a professional world or else.

Pay more attention to signals people around send you.