Dream of Losing Handbag – Meaning and Symbolism

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For many of us, the bag is a constant companion.

A travel bag holds our most important possessions when we cover longer distances and visit completely different places on vacation.

A briefcase holds important business documents and folders; the handbag enables us to always have the essentials within reach and still have our hands free.

A belt pouch also fulfills this purpose. We also need bags to bring our purchases home.

Thus, a bag can be used purely for transportation or it can represent a piece of home that we always carry with us.

Dream of Losing Handbag – Meaning

It is not uncommon for an entire universe to appear to be hidden in a handbag.

The meaning of the bag is taken to extremes in the figure of Mary Poppins, who can really conjure everything up from the immeasurable depths of her bag.

However, what does our subconscious want to tell us if we carry a bag with us in a dream or put it in the trunk of a car?

In fact, a bag is often lost in a dream: many dreaming report about it after waking up. What this special dream means, you will find out in the following text. Then read everything about the general dream analysis of the symbol.

Anyone who is or was embarrassed about a matter from everyday life often dreams of a lost bag.

If it is a woman’s handbag that suddenly disappears in the dream event, the dreaming person may have broken the connection to their feminine side.

Incidentally, this interpretation also applies to male dreamers, because after all, every man has a bit of a female component – and vice versa.

The bag as a dream symbol is linked feminine. If you dream of a bag, you may come to grips with your feminine characteristics, especially if it is a handbag. You may not be able to make friends with being a woman or, as a man, embracing your emotional side.

Nevertheless, you know how to use your talents and master difficult situations.

In addition to feelings, the bag can also symbolize your previous experience or the knowledge you have gathered. What is carried in the bag can also embody intellectual property or ideas.

In some cases, a dream pocket is a warning against theft. This can also be meant in a figurative sense – you should not let the butter be taken from your bread.

The loss of a bag represents something that is or will be embarrassing to you; if it is the handbag, you have probably lost contact with your feminine side. Big and heavy bags indicate that you want to travel, maybe you long for a change of location.

The dream image “bag” can also stand for grief for better times. If in a dream you find a bag that you thought was lost, then this portends a joyfully surprising event in your life.

Stowing something in a bag or squeezing it into it, on the other hand, is an indication of loss, no matter how much you try to preserve something, possession is usually not permanent.

Rummaging or searching through someone else’s bag stands as a dream image for a secret that the dreamer would like to explore in the waking world. The zipper of a bag in a dream refers to the behavior of the sleeper in interpersonal relationships.

If you crochet a bag in your sleep, you should not be too curious when you are awake. A linen bag as a dream symbol can often soon bring wealth and amusement with it.

In order to be able to psychologically interpret your dream of the bag, you should take a close look at what type of bag it is and what you personally associate with it.

The content is also important. Individual items in the bag can represent properties or people that you would like to hide from others.

On the other hand, if the bag is see-through, you may feel uncomfortable looking through it.

It used to be common for men to carry a pocket watch in their pocket. This signals in dreams that the dreamer lacks important information in a matter. He is groping in the dark and probably does not even know it.

The dream symbol can also stand for secret sexual desires. They are always there, but not visible.

Especially when it is a handbag, it can symbolize intimacy. Even worse, when it is dumped – you probably feel in the awake life exposed or worried that a secret will be discovered.

In a spiritual sense, the bag stands for secret or occult knowledge. Perhaps you are already carrying it with you without realizing it, or you are wondering whether you should share your spiritual knowledge with other people.

Sometimes everyday items or accessories appear in your dreams with a special message.

Dreaming of losing your bag can turn into a nightmare, whether it happens to you in dreams or in real life, but you can always learn some things from its interpretation.

These dreams of losing your purse reveal a crucial moment of uncertainty and fear. You have nothing under control and you want to have it.

It is also not something you can achieve because you do not have magical powers. The only option left is your ability to adapt to circumstances.

This dream of losing your bag tells you that nothing is irreparable in this life and you will get rid of your nervousness.

Not that you were robbed or robbed on the street, but you do not know where you left it. We are talking about your bag, that dream in which you lose it, and that is why your day turned into a nightmare from which you do not know how to get out.

A message that talks about changing plans, learning to improvise and the ability to solve the unexpected without losing patience.

It means that changing plans is not a bad option to escape routine and stress, and that improvisation can get you out of more than one problem. Relativize your dream and when you wake up try to relativize your day as well.

When the bag you lost is old, it means a constant return to the past. This often limits your personal growth.

When the lost bag is full, it shows that you are tied to things, including useless ones. It is hard for you to discard them, give up, go away, and change.

The dream that you lose a purse predicts that some very dear people related to your childhood or a professor from your university will come to your house and get there. Having a purse means caring for, protecting and storing something that will be retired very soon.

Dream of Losing Handbag – Symbolism

There is hardly a woman in our culture who does not have a handbag. There is a suitable model for every occasion.

Handbags are made of leather or synthetic, canvas or silk and even truck tarps. They are available in all conceivable sizes and shapes, from tiny evening bags with just enough space for a powder compact to gigantic shoppers.

There are hardly any limits to the variety of colors, as well as to the decoration, such as the embroidery with sequins.

A handbag is a portable private chamber. Looking into someone else’s pocket or even reaching for it is socially outlawed.

Because it contains extremely personal things: keys, money and papers, but also letters, private notes and cosmetic and hygiene items. That is why many women have closed the zipper of their handbag.

If someone dreams of a handbag, they may intend to go out. Perhaps he remembers in the dream that there is something important in it or that he still has to put certain things into it.

For the dream interpretation, it is important whether the dreaming searches through the handbag, for example, carries or loses it.

A handbag is the dream symbol for the undiscovered, for secrets and the hidden personality. The handbag or briefcase can be an indication of the very absorbing character of the dreaming in the dream interpretation.

Just as all kinds of things can be stored in the bag out of sight, the dream symbol stands for what the dreaming would like to hide.

In addition, a handbag can even be used as a weapon in an emergency, in an acutely dangerous situation. If this happens in a woman’s dream, she may feel threatened in her femininity. The background of the dream can be another woman, a “competitor”, as well as a dominant man in the waking life.

The dream symbol “handbag” stands for privacy. If you dream of losing a handbag, you may be losing something very intimate.

If you find them again, then in the dream interpretation it is a sign of good news. Whoever carries a handbag in a dream emphasizes his femininity, possibly even too much.

If you are looking for something in your handbag and cannot find it, you have to expect unpleasant surprises.

If the dream symbol is a heavy handbag, a sign of better times can be seen in the dream interpretation.

If you put something in your handbag in a dream, you will lose something, but if you take something out, you will find something that you had mislaid again.

Often these are hidden in the subconscious and only come to the surface through a dream. In addition, sometimes the handbag is luggage from the past that you carry around with you as a burden.


Often the handbag is seen in the dream interpretation as a dream symbol for female and sensual needs of women. The contents of the handbag symbolize the supply of female Eros.

If the handbag is tipped out in a dream, the fear of losing intimacy is revealed in it.

As a container, the contents of which are invisible to others, the dream symbol “handbag” in the spiritual interpretation of dreams points out to those concerned about hidden occult knowledge.