Dream of Losing a Child – Meaning and Symbolism

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The miscarriage usually symbolizes a serious loss in reality, which the dreaming cannot avoid.

This can be the loss of a job or the end of a relationship with a loved one. Women who have really had a miscarriage often have this type of dream. Usually when the women cannot get over the loss of their baby.

A miscarriage in a dream can also be an expression of great uncertainty in real life. If a woman dreams of a miscarriage, then there may be certain wishes in her life and in love that are not fulfilled for her or are always postponed. She is very unhappy with this fact and the dream helps her realize these things and possibly change something.

Dream of Losing a Child – Meaning

Often the dream of a miscarriage announces itself when a good friend, companion or a family member has left the dreaming or let in the lurch.

The miscarriage often symbolizes coping with grief, which you can hardly tolerate in real life.

The dream of a miscarriage can also be interpreted as a warning about the possible loss of a loved one.

For finances and professional life, the dream of a miscarriage predicts that the dreaming should approach certain things with more care.

Otherwise, a major loss or financial ruin could also be threatened here.

The miscarriage can also be understood as a health warning and a reminder to be careful.

Usually, however, the focus is not on your own health, but on that of a person from your immediate environment, who also appears in the dream.

This could be the partner, a friend, or a member of the family. The dream can be used as an opportunity to ask this person about their state of health.

Losing a child is the greatest terror a parent can suffer. It does not matter if it is lost for a minute, it will be the longest minute of the life of that father or that mother that she is suffering because she cannot find him.

When a child is lost, the parent who has lost the child can push his or her anxiety to the extreme and go into a panic attack.

Have you ever dreamed of this? You will have experienced the anguished sensation …

The difference is that when it is a nightmare of this type, when you wake up you can breathe calmly because you discover that your child is safe in his bedroom.

Actually, this type of dream is quite common in fathers and mothers all over the world.

Therefore, if you have ever dreamed of it or in case you dream it, you may be interested in knowing what this type of dreams means, or rather, nightmares … because it is not a very pleasant dream!

This type of dream is usually had by parents who frequently overprotect their children, although usually unconsciously.

These parents may be afraid that their children will do things for themselves and are often restless, afraid that something will happen to them if they are not there to protect them. This anxiety is revealed in the dream turning into an agonizing nightmare.

You can also dream these types of dreams when a child has been lost at some time, even if it is for a short time but a lot of fear has been spent in those moments.

The dream is a way to relive these fears and thus, in real life, parents take sufficient measures so that it does not happen again. It is a trauma that the subconscious wants you to be aware of so that it does not happen again in the future.

If you are going through a complicated pregnancy, have gone through several abortions before being pregnant again or were about to lose your child in childbirth, it is common to dream that you are holding the baby in your arms and that suddenly it disappears and you cannot find it.

New mothers can suffer a very agonizing nightmare. Parents, although they do not go through this situation of pregnancy and childbirth can have these types of dreams because the suffering for the loss of a baby is also real and very deep.

There are external factors that also greatly influence people’s subconscious. For example, if someone tells you or you see a news story that a person has lost their child and cannot find it, or if you see, a movie about a child getting lost and her parents cannot find him, etc. It could also influence your subconscious and dream about this.

On many occasions, the children are found in dreams, but in the vast majority the nightmare continues without the child being found and the awakening is very distressing, full of anxiety.

When this happens, it is possible that there is a certain problem in the relationship with the children that must be reflected on and above all, find the solution as soon as possible.

It is also possible that you are afraid of the dangers that exist in the world and do not channel it well, fearing that your child will “be lost” forever.

Perhaps you have another fear, in which your son does not follow your example and you think that if he does not, “he will be lost” on his life path.

If this is the case, you should assess well how to accept your child’s own path and respect his decisions.

Dream of Losing a Child – Symbolism

Therefore, it is said that this type of dream is one of the most real, or of those that feel very real, and that no one is desired, but it turns out that it is a very common dream all over the world, in parents overprotective, in most cases, you want to know why? Just stay with you and us will find out.

To dream that a child is lost is a very common dream in overprotective parents, because they are always afraid that it may happen with their child, or what things they can do alone.

and they are always looking for their protection, to the point that this It can become very toxic and negative for the growth and development of the child in all areas of their reality, since they become dependent on the parents and making them do something by themselves is much more complicated than expected.

However, it does not mean that your child will be lost or that something negative will happen with your child’s life, but that you will have to be attentive to many situations, because in this case it is a dream that talks about responsibility, where you have taken much more responsibilities in your life that you can bear or carry, and this turns out to be negative for you.

While we can also say that the dreams where you see a child lose speak a lot about your personal confidence, and what you think you are capable of doing, as it is a dream that in this case speaks of your self-esteem and your personal development.

In life, in any aspect, that is why the dreams with which a child is lost can be very varied, and each one of them has a different meaning.

So remember, better understand the message that our mind is sending us regarding this type of dream, it will depend a lot on the details and the context of each of them, so remember the details of this nightmare, and continue with us to understand the meaning of them.

Each of the dreams of losing a child can have a different meaning, most of them associated with responsibility and self-confidence, which is why it is said that they are not negative dreams, but rather alert to changes that you must make.

In your life, to have a better development as a person and a better personal growth in all areas of your reality.

It should be noted that this type of dream is not at all premonitory, and that you should not worry because you will never lose your child, only that it is a drastic and unusual method that our mind has to tell us that it should be more responsible, or that we must accept so many responsibilities in our life.

This is why the details and the general context of each dream are key to understanding the hidden message behind each one of them, for example the place where your child was lost, the emotions that this generates in you.

If you manage to get to your son in the dream, are some of the details that allow you to understand the meaning of them, without more than adding, let us now develop concrete dreams of losing a child and its meaning.

When you dream that your son is lost, and you wake up with anguish to know if he is okay, to the point that you run to his room to see how he is, it means that there is some kind of problem with your son in reality, which is not.

You have managed to identify or solve in a satisfactory way, so it will be very important to pay close attention to the things that happen in your life and with the relationship, you have with your child, in order to achieve better emotional stability with your little one.

You will not be able to make a relationship stable in your life, while if you are a person who is confident of yourself, and you have your own master, you will be able to have emotional stability much better in your life with anyone.

Seeing that your young child is lost in dreams, which may be a very young child or a baby, means that you feel that you have neglected your responsibilities as a mother or father of this baby, where you feel that you have left him with someone that I don’t pay enough attention to the little one, and now you want to go back in time.

You should not worry, because there is always time to be responsible with your child, offer all the love possible, and be an excellent mother or father with your child, do not feel bad about what happened, and just continue to act responsibly with your child.

for example previous abortions, problems during the birth of the child, which generates doubt and fear of losing it, so it is common in this type of people, that you do not feel complete security of their lives.

That is why we have more of these dreams for you, and their correct interpretation, so we continue to develop each of them and their true meaning in the dream world.

This type of dream reflects the fear that you may feel in your life in terms of having new responsibilities, because if you have a child, you are afraid that the education you give him is not the best, and that your child is not an educated and good person.

It is not a bad dream, although it may seem like it is only the reflection of the great love you feel for your child, and the desire to always have him with you.


There are a diversity of dreams, and with them a diversity of feelings and meanings of course, where there may be very common and pleasant dreams, such as dreaming of being on the beach for example and enjoying a wonderful day, or such unpleasant dreams and even they can turn into a horrible nightmare, as can be the dream of losing a child.

Where in reality you may have once stopped seeing your son for a moment and you no longer get it, but you notice that it was that he moved from place, that little second where you do not see your son and seven that he has been lost it is terrible, and in the same way it happens in dreams.

It can turn into a horrible nightmare in a matter of seconds, and feel the anguish and despair of not knowing where your child is in the dream, but in reality.