Dream of Losing Luggage – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you plan to take a trip, you may have had nightmares such as being late to catch a train, plane, bus, etc.

At other times, you realize that you have misplaced your luggage. This is a very common dream. Especially in planning people who take special care of every detail.

Maybe you can also have this dream if the airport has lost your suitcases or hand luggage. This setback can cause your subconscious to give you dreams of losing your bags.

Dream of Losing Luggage – Meaning

In general, in dreams, luggage and suitcases refer to the value you place on your goods and possessions.

Although some authors also admit that suitcases and luggage can suggest aspects of your personality.

Depending on how the dream develops, it can have different interpretations.

For example, dreaming of having a messy suitcase can make you reflect on the style of your life.

Dreaming of losing a suitcase if you are going to travel can suggest anguish and discomfort because you anticipate certain events that have not yet happened and do not have to happen.

Try to remember the details no matter how insignificant they are. Was the suitcase the kind with a key lock?

Read more about dreaming about keys. They are dreams of your inner ego. Let us see some examples about dreams with suitcases.

Dreaming that your suitcases or luggage is searched: You feel vulnerable due to some special circumstance that has recently occurred in your life. You feel naked and without security.

At other times, it may suggest your fear of showing yourself as you are.

Certain people who intend to hide certain substances, products, etc. when they are going to travel from one country to another often have this type of nightmares.

Maybe on some occasion you have been able to dream of being naked.

Dreaming that your suitcase is stolen. Fear of losing those material objects that you value. You may have recently lost something of great sentimental value.

In other circumstances, it may suggest anguish over losing certain values ​​that define your character or personality.

You are a proud person and yet you apologized the night before to your partner for your lousy behavior.

Dreaming of not finding your suitcase. Depending on the feeling that this dream aroused in you, it can have different interpretations.

For example, if finding the suitcase during sleep brings you relief, it may indicate that you are shedding those burdens that bother you.

Perhaps you are in a period in which you are solving those problems that plagued you. Have you broken a friendship or relationship that was a burden?

Losing a suitcase in the middle of a trip can be a nightmare, but the truth is that everything has a solution.

Dreaming that you lose your suitcase is one of those dreams in which your subconscious wants to put you to the test. How do you react to adversity? Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that you lose your suitcase.

You are at the airport waiting to pick up your suitcase, but your suitcase does not go through the belt.

All the other passengers already have their luggage and are leaving so happy to start that trip that they have been waiting so long.

However, you cannot start it because you do not have a suitcase. What are you doing? First, do not lose the illusion because that is the message of your dreams.

In the meaning of this dream in which you lose your suitcase, we do not find any sign of an unfortunate premonition.

It is true that losing your suitcase is an inconvenience and a problem. You are going to start a trip and you do not have your clothes, nor the things you thought you would need. In addition, what happens? No problem.

The important thing is that at that moment in your dream you are not overwhelmed by sadness and frustration, that you are not carried away by them and do not lose the illusion you had when you got on that plane. You can get the suitcase back, you always do. So calm down, because you can also recover the illusion.

This dream in which you lose your suitcase is a kind of test to see how you react to adversity. Extend the message to all areas of your life to see how you deal with frustration, if you tend to break down or if you are able to react and find solutions. That will give you the key to check your ability to be happy in these moments of your life.

Dream of Losing Luggage – Symbolism

Do you often dream of packing a suitcase? Do you have wanderlust and finally want to travel again? That could explain the bag packing in your dreams.

Perhaps you have already booked a trip that you are really looking forward to.

However, you worry that you might forget something important that you need for the trip.

However, your luggage preparation does not necessarily have to have something to do with a trip. Your luggage can stand for life energy or for loads that you are currently carrying around with you.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, suitcases in particular may indicate a change in your life. It does not have to be in progress yet, but it could help you on your way.

The importance of your dream about packing your suitcase depends on many individual factors. Try to remember the details as best you can: Where did you pack your suitcase? Were you excited or stressed out? Were you afraid of forgetting something or being late?

In general, packing a travel suitcase means you can travel quickly and comfortably. Did the suitcase have wheels in your dream? You can see that as a good sign. Because with such a suitcase you have easily transported your luggage to your destination.

You will probably be able to realize your dreams just as easily. When packing, you usually choose specifically what you need for the next few days or weeks.

Therefore, the dream gives you information about what is important to you right now.

From the point of view of traditional dream interpretation, looking at a suitcase often indicates unpleasant news. Is the suitcase open and things have only been stuffed in? Then a bad argument could soon arise. Probably at work or in a love affair.

A suitcase packed in a very chaotic manner may also be an indication of trouble with the apartment or your own house. Perhaps in your dream there is another empty suitcase next to your suitcase?

Dream research also interprets this as a sign of disappointment or standstill in your love life.

If you are married, your fear of cheating or cheating could be behind it. If the suitcase is red, you are probably the person who, with all your passion, runs the risk of endangering the relationship. The color red probably represents the warning to you that acting in high spirits could destroy trust in you.

Did the suitcase have a zipper in the dream? From the point of view of the traditional analysis of dreams, this indicates your social streak.

Could it be that you might be longing for more conversations and excursions with like-minded people? At the same time, the dream would like to make you understand that you are valued for your reliability and empathy.

If you have found something nice in your suitcase, then you are at peace with yourself. Dream analysts see this as a symbol of your self-love. It can also be that you discover completely new sides of yourself.

Do you still remember the find? Was it a diamond, a piece of gold, or shoes? With a suitcase full of coins, you are likely to have a big business hit soon. The two symbols are related to a valuable network that will help you professionally.

In the dream, you packed your suitcase hectically and almost missed your flight? The dream event wants to show you that there are many challenges ahead of you.

It may take a lot of courage and effort to accept these changes in your life. This could be a signal from the subconscious that you should prepare well.

Have you dreamed of just throwing your utensils and laundry into your suitcase because of the time pressure? Then your actual trip may not take place. Alternatively, you may have to end it prematurely.

In a dream, you have stuffed your suitcase so full that it cannot be closed at all. From a spiritual point of view, it is about secrets that you carry around with you.


Perhaps the dream would like to call you to set off for new shores. It could also be your long-cherished desire for new experiences. Ask yourself if you have thought of everything for a new beginning. Is now the right time to change direction in your life?

Often, dreams in which a suitcase is packed occur more often in a short period. This is probably because you know you want to change something in your life.

However, how you can implement the whole thing, you still struggle. Maybe you are just not moving fast enough.