Dream of Being Electrocuted – Meaning and Symbolism

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After a few dreams, electricity in a dream always turns on our inner strength, energy. And when we encounter this phenomenon at night, it is a sign that there is nothing with internal energy flows.

A very powerful punch – the energy is beating through the edge, it’s too much, and you don’t know how to send it.

The weak discharge speaks of your inner exhaustion. It is better not to take on too many cases, but try to get yourself to the feeling. You feel mixed about dreams in which someone met, or you have chosen to emboss your hands. The finances of the interpretation depend on which part of the body fell.

If someone threw you into a dream, it can mean excessive frivolity and freedom.

At that moment, your simple attitude towards life will not bring anything bad, but it is better, however, to gradually adjust your views and behavior.

In reality, someone thought of you, unkindly – another option, what dreams of a blow. It can be a competitor in work or a rival in a personal life.

But this man is too scared of you because all his plans still stay in his head. He can’t decide on a real blow.

Dream of Being Electrocuted – Meaning

The term “electricity” can be seen from two perspectives. On the one hand, a large river can be hidden behind it.

As a phrase, “swimming against the current” means taking a position against a general attitude or opinion.

On the other hand, this term is used to describe flowing electricity.

Therefore, consider what kind of electricity you saw in your dream. Because depending on this, different interpretations can be found here, you can find out more about this in the text below.

But as with every dream symbol, the accompanying circumstances of the dream symbol should also be used for an interpretation.

So also ask yourself what other details you have seen in connection with the dream symbol. Your feelings can also matter.

The “correct” and comprehensive interpretation of a dream can only be found by considering as many details as possible – you can find out how exactly you carry out a dream analysis yourself at the top of this page under “Questions & Answers”.

Within the general dream interpretation, the electric current in the dream indicates a danger that the dreaming could lose the connection to a certain person in the waking world. Or else the dreaming is just about to deviate from his life path.

If the dreaming sees sparks spraying in connection with the dream symbol “electricity” in his dream, he may have just embarked on a love adventure that will be over very quickly. This can also mean ideas that are only briefly fascinating.

If the dreaming gets an electric shock in his dream, he may have to adjust to a dangerous situation in the awake life.

Electricity in the sense of electric light that was switched on by a light switch is generally regarded in the dream as a warning dream of a fatal danger, if the dreaming is not careful in the future.

An extinguished light bulb symbolically shows that the sleeper cannot penetrate and understand a problem – this frustrates him.

If the dreaming works in a power plant in his dream, he can look forward to work with great responsibility in the awake life.

A power pole with swallows on it often signals as a dream that a meeting with a stimulating, interesting person is about to take place.

The dream symbol “stream” as a river wants to illustrate to the dreaming according to the general dream interpretation that he has to adjust to changes in his life and that he will find new reserves of strength.

If the dreaming swims or drifts with the flow in the dream, he has to adjust to grief and worries in the waking world.

However, if he fights or swims against the current in his dream, he may face difficult life struggles. A raging stream as a dream usually symbolizes bad developments in business matters.

If electric current is seen as a dream symbol in the dream, this is an indication of the energy balance of the dreaming according to the psychological dream interpretation. He should use this sensibly and not waste life energy. The colloquial expression “juice” for electricity also makes this connection to energy clear.

No electricity, that is to say no energy, means in the psychological dream interpretation that the forces are strained: Stress becomes noticeable and the dreaming urgently needs relaxation.

The same applies to the empty battery in the dream, i.e. the discharged power storage.

Sometimes the dream symbol “electricity” can also refer to the fact that the dreaming in the waking world is too “charged”. He should calm down and allow his nerves a rest, because only then will he feel able to cope with his life again.

The stream as a river in the dream is mostly a symbol for the passage of time or life. The dreaming is therefore asked to a meaningful handling of his lifetime.

In some cases the dream symbol “current” also refers in this context to the emotional world of the dreaming. This psychologically oriented interpretation only reveals itself here through the inclusion of further clues in the dream. Think about what other dream symbols you experienced in your sleep.

On the spiritual level the dream symbol “electricity” in the sense of electricity is seen as a symbol for a higher spiritual power.

Dream of Being Electrocuted – Symbolism

Today we can no longer imagine a life without electricity. Light, communication and locomotion are just a few areas that were made possible or greatly expanded by electricity.

However, we often only notice what an important role electricity plays for us in life when there is a power failure and suddenly nothing works, all technical devices are “dead” and lamps no longer provide light.

However, electricity is not only indispensable in reality, but it can also have a high meaning in dreams. But how is it interpreted as a dream symbol?

The symbol “electricity” often occurs in the dream in connection with an electric shock that the person concerned gets here.

According to the general opinion, such a dream warns of a great danger which the dreaming may not be able to recognize in time. It is important that he takes better care of himself and protects himself in the future.

Anyone who sees electric sparks spraying in a dream will experience an erotic adventure in the near future.

However, he should be prepared for the fact that after the sexual experience his satisfaction will give way to disenchantment and, against this background, the feeling of disappointment could finally arise.

Dreams in which electricity from the power plant is fed into a lamp and the light goes on can also warn of danger or disappointment, depending on the sensations in the specific dream situation, but sometimes also indicate self-knowledge.

The person concerned will then get a clearer view of a certain situation in real life and will be able to benefit from it.

A power failure can also mean forgetting an extremely important thing. The dreaming threatens to be somewhere else with his thoughts just in a particularly decisive moment.

In the psychological dream interpretation, electricity always relates to one’s own inner forces and (spiritual) energies.

If the person concerned uses electricity in the dream or he sees a power plant, this shows that his subconscious leads him to certain knowledge, but also to new powers, with which he can finally overcome certain difficulties in waking life.

Wires and cables, through which electricity flows, symbolize the ability to always communicate appropriately, to be able to adapt quickly and optimally to the situation and the conversation partner.

According to psychoanalysts, whoever controls the power supply in a dream with the help of switches, for example light switches, is characterized by a high level of self-control and a well-developed self-perception.

According to this interpretation, the symbol only warns of a problem if the electricity in the dream cannot be regulated, it may even scare the person affected.

In this case, he is asked to be more careful with his energies and to allow himself more frequent moments of rest and relaxation.

According to the spiritual view, electricity always symbolizes a higher, divine power in the dream.


An important moment for those who are migrating from migraines or frequent headaches. Sometimes a blow to the head can symbolize your alarms and complaints about laundry.

Perhaps the body is giving a signal by itself that it is time to pay a little with affairs and take care of treatment.

An unexpected and sharp blow to the signal that now was an opportune time for the most courageous and desperate actions.

Admit yourself, travel to the wild and do not fit to change your unloved job. Fate itself pushes you in the back towards happiness.

What dream of a blow back because you fell? Usually such a dream is considered a harbinger of a quick interesting discovery that you are about to do.

This can be an essential idea in your field that will eventually bring you noticeable success and universal respect.