Dream of Losing Wallet – Meaning and Symbolism

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Experiencing the loss of something as valuable as a wallet in real life can be a very disturbing experience, especially if the wallet was full of money and other valuable items, such as: credit cards, receipts, etc.

Besides the feeling of despair and surprise when we discover that our wallet is missing, there is also the feeling of guilt and remorse for not being more careful watching over such an important item.

When such thing happens, people usually immediately go to places they have previously been, they try to remember when and where they last used their wallet, they cancel their credit cards, etc.

Wallet as a dream symbol in general, represents our identity, confidence, and feeling of self-worth. The look of the wallet in your dream can often reveal how you perceive yourself and how much you believe in your value.

It might also reveal the level of your responsibility, that is, whether you are responsible or not.

A wallet in your dream could also indicate how much you respect and appreciate yourself. A dream about a wallet often reveals your confidence in your abilities to achieve the goals you have.

It could also reveal your feelings about your ability to earn money and establish a financial security for yourself and your family. It often reveals your fears and concerns about your financial wellbeing and whether you will be able to provide it.

A dream about losing things is also an important dream. It often indicates that we are overwhelmed in our real life and have many things on our shoulders.

Possibly we have tons of things to finish and our energy is scattered all over.

These dreams often reveal lack of focus and the distress we are currently experiencing. This dream could be a warning from your subconscious to find a way to delegate your duties as well as find time to relax and recuperate your energy.

You could be on the verge of a breakdown and if you don’t change something immediately, you might begin experiencing problems in different areas of your life.

In some cases, a dream about losing items could indicate the loss of our identity and focus on irrelevant things, rather than the ones which are truly important for our lives.

Dreams about losing a wallet are significant warnings from our subconscious mind. When the losing of the wallet happens in our dreams, that dream is one of those dreams that should not be neglected by any means.

It carries a powerful message and we need to carefully examine all its details and try to figure out the meaning it has for our current life circumstances.

Nothing happens by chance, and our subconscious didn’t bring this subject without a reason, we should keep that in mind.

A dream about losing a wallet could symbolize and mean many different things and can be triggered by different circumstances in our life.

We shouldn’t forget that the wallet could symbolically represent some issue or area of our life that isn’t necessary related with money and other valuable items which are usually carried in the wallet.

They often have a symbolical meaning which we need to decipher based on our life and the things that are currently unfolding.

The meaning of the dream about losing a wallet could also vary, depending on the content of the wallet you lost in a dream.

For example, the meaning will be different if the wallet was empty, or if it contained money or some other valuable items of yours. You should try to discover the meaning this dream has for your life.

We give you some of the meanings a dream of losing a wallet can have:

Losing an item in reality

The simplest reason for having a dream of losing a wallet could be actually losing a wallet or some other item of great importance in reality.

The shock of the event you have experienced is probably still strong and your subconscious transferred it into your dreams as well.

If you recently lost a wallet or something similar, this dream probably doesn’t have much significance for you.

It could, though, point out that you have been absentminded lately and you need to pull yourself together so you don’t cause some damage to your life.

Losing something of great value, such as experiencing a personal or material loss

Because wallets in our dreams often represent our sense of identity and self-worth, this dream could also be related to experiencing some event in reality, which has to do with losing something valuable in life that could either be a personal or material loss.

We often feel unworthy when we loss someone from our lives, and also losing something of material value could be a reason for feeling a lack of worth and question our abilities to achieve success.

Being overwhelmed with too much duties

We might be prone to having dreams about losing a wallet during periods of great stress and having a lot of duties we need to perform.

These circumstances cause us to be distressed and not being able to focus on important matters.

We might become forgetful and neglecting our wellbeing. If this is the case, consider the dream a warning to take time to relax.

Organize yourself better and delegate some of your duties before the stress you are under begins causing you damage.

Feeling insecure, threatened, or helpless

Because our wallet symbolically might represent our sense of confidence and identity, losing it in a dream might reveal our current state regarding these areas.

You maybe feel threatened by something or someone, or you feel insecure about something, or you might be feeling helpless in some situation and you don’t know what to do.

After this dream, you should ask yourself whether something makes you feel helpless or insecure, or there is something in your life you feel threatened by and try to deal with it and confront it.

Loss of self-value

In some cases, we might have a dream about losing our wallet when we don’t feel good about ourselves and we have lost the feeling of self-value for some reason.

Maybe you have experienced something which caused you to feel worthless or not good enough, and if you have these dreams recurring, you should try to confront that situation and figure out a way to gain your faith in your personal value back.

Loss of identity

A dream about losing a wallet could be caused by our sense of losing our identity form some reason.

Different situations in our lives can cause us to feel as if we don’t have an identity anymore.

For example, you might be living in circumstances where you are not allowed to speak your mind or you have to obey someone’s rules, and you feel bad about it and very restricted.

Also, we might fear that someone or some situation might cause us to give up on our identity, and that could be the possible reason for having such a dream.

In some cases, you might have this dream because for some reason you feel that you are losing your identity.

An example of such situation could be moving abroad and needing to adjust to the new surroundings and people, which requires you to change a lot and give up on some important parts which make your identity.

Being embarrassed because you don’t have enough money

Although it might seem weird and impossible to many, a dream about losing a wallet could actually reflect your embarrassment for not being rich enough or not having money at all.

Your subconscious represents the fact that you don’t have money through symbolically losing a wallet in your dream.

Feeling stressed about your expenses

In some cases, a dream about losing a wallet could reflect your actual fears and worries about your current financial situation and financing your life expenses.

Maybe you feel stressed out because of struggling to earn enough money to support your needs and the needs of your family.

Maybe you feel that you have been spending a lot of money lately and your dream symbolically represents money leaving you through the loss of your wallet.

Financial problems are often the reason behind dreams of losing a wallet.

Dreams about losing a wallet might not seem that important when you first have them.

The most important thing about these dreams is not to ignore them and give them our full attention.

They might reveal us some very important issues we need to deal with soon; otherwise they might jeopardize our wellbeing and different areas of our lives.