Dreaming of Snails – Meaning and Symbolism

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Snails are shelled gastropods. The term snail is used not only for land snails, but also species of snails living in the sea or freshwater. Gastropods without shell are called slugs.

Slugs are used as food and their shells can sometimes be used as a decorative item.

They are also considered pests which cause damage to plants. They live in different kind of environments and are spread all around the world.

Many of them are herbivores, but some species are omnivores and even predatory carnivores.

The largest land snail is a species of giant African snail, which can weigh up to 1kg and reach 38cm in length. The largest sea snail can weigh up to 18kg and reach 90cm in length.

Because they are widely spread anyone of us has had an encounter with a snail at least once.

They often appear after rain and it a common thing to step on a snail which unfortunately was in our way.

Dreams about snails are common. Snails are known to be very slow while moving, and the usually meaning of that dream could be steady progress and movement towards your goals.

You are probably taking your time without rushing into things and doing one step at a time.

For you it is important to reach your goal, and the timing is of secondary importance to you. It doesn’t matter that others might get on the finish line before you do. What matters is that you get there as well.

This dream usually indicates that you don’t allow others pressure you in any way. You have patience and you don’t let anything get to you. You have a good self-control and overcome difficulties with perseverance and without complaining.

A dream about snails could reveal your desire to be more energetic and lively, but you are aware that it is not your true nature.

Sometimes this dream reveals your desire to lead a calmer and peaceful life. Sometimes this dream indicates having a calm and patient nature which some people perceive as boring.

In some cases, a dream about snails could reveal your vulnerability and sensitive nature. It is possible that you are feeling overly sensitive at this moment.

A dream about snails often symbolizes self-control and patience in dealing with obstacles and challenges in life.

Snails move slowly and silently. A dream about snails or a snail could be a message from your subconscious to take slow and thoughtful actions in some situation and keeping quiet about your plans.

This is necessary to ensure the success of your actions and prevent people with bad intentions from intervening and possibly blocking your progress.

This dream could also reveal your desire to remain calm and patient in some situation where you could easily lose your temper and do something thoughtless.

Sometimes snails in a dream could be a sign of loneliness and isolation. Possibly the dreamer has a secluded personality and doesn’t like to spend much time around people.

On the other hand, the person who had this dream could be a person who loves company but has problem with human interactions and approaching people.

This dream could sometimes be a reminder to be focused on the things going on around you. Sometimes these dreams indicate the tension or difficulties you are currently experiencing in your life.

Possibly you are avoiding or refusing dealing with these situations and the subconscious is sending you a warning to start taking some actions before you make things worse.

These dreams could sometimes have opposite interpretations which is why it is important to try to figure out the meaning it has in your life situation considering your current circumstances.

Snails in dreams could reveal your secretive and isolated nature. It is possible that you feel that people view you differently because of that, hence the dream about snails.

If you had a dream about snails during times when you were considering making some important changes in life, the dream could be an indication of the need to take your time before taking some actions.

The dream is asking you to take all the details of your situation in consideration to be sure you are making the right situation. In this case, the dream probably has a message not to rush. 

Dreaming of Snails – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of crushing a snail intentionally – If you dreamed of crushing a snail intentionally, that dream is not a good sign. Dreams about crushing snails often symbolize impatience.

This dream could indicate that you are losing your patience in some situation, although you are aware that you shouldn’t be doing that. You might jeopardize all you have done with some reckless moves.

Sometimes this dream indicates someone in your surroundings you find annoying and want to remove from your life.

This dream could indicate that something in your life is testing your patience and provoking you to act impulsively and recklessly. This dream is a warning to fight against that impulse because you can jeopardize something you have worked hard to build.

Dreaming of unintentionally stepping on a snail – If you dreamed of unintentionally stepping on a snail, that dream is not a good sign. Possibly you have unintentionally hurt someone in your life and you feel sorry.

The dream is not a good sign because you cannot amend the damage and the guilt is eating you from inside.

In some cases, this dream could indicate an unwanted collaboration with someone that you will find very unpleasant, but won’t be able to avoid it.

Dreaming of eating snails – If you dreamed of eating snails, that dream is often a warning sign. This dream is often related to issues regarding your family. It probably warns you to control your reactions so you won’t jeopardize your relationship with some of your family members.

If you let yourself act impatiently, you might do something you will immediately regret, but it will be late to amend things.

This dream could indicate that you might unintentionally hurt some of your family members and fell sorry later.

Dreaming of a snail crawling – If you dreamed of observing a snail crawling along the road, that dream is usually a message from your subconscious, telling you to be patient in some situation.

This dream reminds you of the importance to control your actions and reactions because you might jeopardize something important with your hastiness.

This dream could be a sign that the only thing you can do in some situation you are currently in, is to patiently wait for it to pass.

This dream warns you about irrational and impatient actions, because they can only cause you damage, particularly when in the situation where you currently are nothing depends on your actions.

Sometimes this dream could be a reminder of your subconscious to stop procrastinating in some situation.

Maybe this dream indicates that you have been postponing dealing with some situation for some time and now is time to finally start taking action.

The snail crawling in your dream symbolically represents your reluctance to begin dealing with your issues.

Dreaming of swallowing a snail – If you dreamed of somehow swallowing a snail, that dream could indicate someone doubting your abilities and is openly demonstrating their suspicions towards you which seriously annoys you.

Most likely you are doing all you can to ignore that individual and keep your distance but you are not managing to completely exclude them from your life.

A dream where you swallow a snail could be a sign of doing something hastily without giving it much thought and jeopardizing yourself with your behavior.

In such cases, this dream could be a warning to be more patient and thoughtful when taking some actions. Trying to rush things won’t lead you anywhere.

Dreaming of a snail in water – If you dreamed of seeing a snail swimming in water, that is usually a good sign. It could be a sign of overcoming some obstacles with success. These obstacles might be put before you by some people who don’t like you and don’t have your best interests in mind.

This dream could be a sign of finally managing to get rid of some rival you have who was constantly trying to undermine your reputation and obstruct your work.

Possibly someone at work was always trying to put you down and diminish the significance of your effort or your ideas, and now by a miraculous set of circumstances that person is no longer present in your life and your worries are over.

This dream could be an announcement of a similar scenario happening in your near future.

Dreaming of snails covered with mucus – If you dreamed of snails covered in slimy mucus, that dream is not a good sign. Possibly someone might offer you an illegal business deal or some kind of cooperation with a promising gain.

Your subconscious warns you about it and it is up to you to decide whether you will take that dangerous opportunity and jeopardize your safety for a bit of cash.

If you decide to take the risk, there is a great chance of being discovered and being faced with justice.

The mucus on the snails is a strong indication of that potentially happening.

Dreaming of a snail hiding in the shell – If you dreamed of a snail hiding itself in its shell, that dream is usually a reflection of your current reality. You probably feel isolated and you feel that you don’t belong anywhere.

Your behavior is badly accepted by the people from your surroundings and they probably consider you strange and a loner which in a way you are.

This dream could be warning you to work on your self-confidence and interaction skills, or you will feel even more isolated and hurt by your own actions or in this case inactivity.

Dreaming of a giant snail – If you dreamed of seeing a giant snail, that dream could be a sign that someone in your life has a great impact and control over you and your actions.

That person could be someone close, like a parent, or partner or it can be someone at work, or a person from your social circle.

It is up to you to discover who this person is and decide whether you are fine with the influence that person has over you.

Dreaming of a snail crawling over you – If you dreamed of a snail crawling over your body, that dream could indicate experiencing some unusual but unforgettable experience that could broaden your views on some things.