Dreaming of Poltergeist – Meaning and Symbolism

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Did you watch a movie or many of them called Poltergeist?

Yes, those of us who remember it know that it was very scary.

It was a movie about a ghost that haunted a family.

Also, we will remind you that the word Poltergeist has a German origin, and it is translated to loud or noisy ghost or spirit.

There are some reports of their existence from old times.

This ghost or paranormal sensation so not reveal its presence, but it moves things around the house, etc.

Dreams of this kind are very common, and you will find out what they mean and how you can decode them.

And no, it does not mean that you have a ghost in your home.

Meaning and Symbolism

If you dreamed that a poltergeist was chasing you through the house, it could mean that you are afraid of someone in the atmosphere.

It is probably someone unpredictable and, at some point, indirectly threatened you. You are scared that he will do something at some point. You’ve been thinking for a while about whether you should take the first step and you’re in a plow, but not the way you think you should be. It would be best to consult an expert who could solve your problem.

In a version of a dream where you are lying in your bed and knowing that the Poltergeist is under it and you are helpless and too scared to do anything, it means that you will be in danger in the air, which you will avoid only if you are completely calm.

Some street or property owner may threaten to attack you, and only with your controlled reaction will he lose interest in you.

To dream that you have seen a poltergeist in the mirror instead of yourself may mean that you are not ashamed to admit to yourself who you are. You are constantly in a struggle with yourself.

It has started to tire you out because you do not want to acknowledge that you have bad qualities and sinful thoughts that you try very hard to put into action because you come from a patriarchal family. You probably had strict parents with house rules that must not be violated.

Otherwise, punishment follows. Shortly, you will free yourself from the shackles of the past, as you will meet a person who has had a life very similar to you but has been torn apart by circumstances.

If you dreamed of seeing a poltergeist and trying to shout for help and you were left without a voice, it could mean that you shouldn’t expect the help you asked for at all.

And if your voice suddenly popped out of your throat while you were trying to call for help, it means that the help you asked for will arrive as soon as possible.

Decoding the Dream about Poltergeist 

There are numerous other versions of this dream. All of them should be understood based on your own life and the experiences you endure in life.

For example, a dream that depicts you chasing a poltergeist and that he is running away from you can mean that you have succeeded or that you will succeed in overcoming some of your fears.

It can be fear related to height, and water has a phobia that you have been pulling since early childhood.

To dream that a poltergeist has entered inside of you, in a sense that you are now possessed, such a dream can suggest that you are a person who is good and calm and does not wish harm to anyone.

But when you find yourself in a situation where you or someone you love is in danger, you turn into a beast and are ready for all the horrors.

If you dreamed that a poltergeist got into someone else, in the sense that someone else is now possessed, it could mean you have a secret enemy. It’s probably someone you even know and it’s only a matter of days before he or she shows you her real face.

Now, if you had a dream that you are trying and succeeding in killing a poltergeist, it could mean that you are finally ready to tackle the problems. You have been avoiding or leaving something that is very important to solve for a long time, and now you are ready to shut up and finish everything once and for all.

If you dreamed of having a poltergeist sole in your attic, it could mean that you are a person who believes in the supernatural. You have probably almost moved or intend to move to another house, just because you feel some strange energy in your current home.

Don’t burden yourself too much because anything moderate is good, which is not your case.

Sometimes these dreams are just present in your life to make you wonder and question your decisions, and this is not a bad thing; it is good sometimes to reevaluate the energy that surrounds you and also people.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Some people also have dreams that do not have such common scenarios, for example, a version of a dream where a poltergeist has taken your hand and will not let may mean that someone is very eager for your attention. You may not notice a colleague’s courtship at work, and that person thinks you are not interested in him or her. Open your eyes, and maybe something nice will happen soon.

Once again, advice is to reevaluate the relations that are in your life and make a change, maybe something good is there, but you do not see it.

To dream that you have called a priest to a home because of a poltergeist may mean that someone has died a violent death in the house where you live.

Research old newspapers and articles on the internet to see if it is possible.

In an alternate version, this is the dream that suggests that someone in your life is spreading very negative energy and that it affects.

To dream that a poltergeist is drowning you in your sleep may mean that someone is trying to tell you to wake up from the imagination in which you live. You are probably a person who trusts people a lot and is ready to help everyone unconditionally and in every situation.

But when you need help, rarely will anyone give it to you. You have also suffered a lot of injustice because of this trait, and one of your friends is now trying to tell you that you need to learn to say no.

If you dreamed you were locked up with a poltergeist in the basement, it could mean you are a person who may be suffering from claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia can be mild and very pronounced, and most of them require a trigger, which is a cramped space.

The problem with you is that you probably have a closed or cramped space. It doesn’t always bother you, but only when you are tired or under a lot of stress.

No matter what platoon it may be, any fear can only leave you if you consciously go to it.

It is not the brave one who is not afraid, but the one who is aware of what he is getting into and yet steps on.

If you dreamed that a poltergeist bit you, it could mean that you will cut yourself on some sharp object in the next period.

The problem will occur when your wound becomes infected and festers.

If you happen to visit, pay attention to whether the bull’s blade is rusty and dirty and, if necessary, visit a doctor.

In an alternate version, beware of sharp and harsh words from some “sweet” people close to you.