Hippo – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The answer to the question, why do you dream something in a dream, for example, an animal of some kind, lies in the detail of your dream.

The more details you can remember, then the better.

The meaning of the dream about the Hippo in a dream depends on many things in a dream itself, for example, the mood of the hippopotamus you dreamed of.

Was he friendly, calmly grazing on the grass, floating on a river, or settling in a swamp; aggressive and belligerent?

Maybe the dream about the Hippo was centered on its baby? Or you had a dream about maybe a toy hippo?

Each of the options has its interpretation, its meaning, especially when you relate their meaning to your own life.

Read here about the meaning of a dream about the Hippo – in reality, very sociable animals that live most of the days in the water, and surprisingly they are not meat-eaters. They eat mostly plants.

Of course, there are millions of versions of this dream that vary a lot.

Meaning and Symbolism

Now, the question is, what does it mean when Hippo appears as a dream motive?

In most cases, seeing a hippo that is calmly sitting near the water is seen as a good sign. People who have this dream are in a good place in their lives since the Hippo symbolizes here peace of mind and complete harmony.

A version of a dream where the Hippo swims peacefully or rests on the grass near the water is one more great dream for the one who has it.

This dream may be seen as a promise of pleasant and long-awaited changes or new important acquaintances that will eventually lead you to necessary changes that will make your life better.

But, as you expect, the dream where you see a dead Hippo does not carry a good symbolism. It is a promise of a major failure or a series of minor injuries, not just in a physical sense but in the emotional sense.

If you see an angry hippo in a dream, it could mean that you will meet someone who will change your life, but the accent is on that person – it is someone who is an authoritative person and who insists on strict rules.

Sleeping hippo is a sign of success, and if there are many hippos that sleep – success wait for you, the more sleeping hippos, the greater success.

In a version of a dream where the Hippo wants to kill you, chases you, in reality, this dream means that you need to be aware of hypocrites in your environment; machinations are being built behind your back.

So open your eyes; enemies may be closer than you think.

In the dream book, a hippopotamus means soon meeting a superior person.

If the Hippo in your dream is very fat, looking healthy, and swims in wonderfully clear water, this dream is the best.

It is the symbol of victory, and this dream shows you to prepare for victory, a gift, or an increase in earnings, or the combination of the three.

Especially if the Hippo looked friendly, you might be promoted at work, which will eventually lead you toward success, gift, or increase in earnings.

One version of this dream should worry you – if the Hippo from your dream swam in dirty water, then expect financial difficulties.

Be prepared to overcome failures, and have in mind that the financial problems will just be the tip of the iceberg or the beginning of it. A lot of problems await you.

And, in a version of a dream where you go into the water to see the Hippo, in that case, you can expect a new pleasant acquaintance who will lead you to some important things.

Seeing a hippo that roars on you is a sure symbol of internal personal problems.

Listen to yourself, and maybe something is not right for you at work or in your family. The subconscious mind clearly shows that it is time to change your life.

If the Hippo from your dream is swimming toward you, it is a sure sign that, in reality, you will overcome numerous obstacles. This is a sure sign of overcoming sudden restrictions of any kind.

If there is a storm and a hippo is seen in the muddy and restless sea, such a dream is a symbol of meeting an unwanted person. And if the animal is caught – watch out. Maybe someone will try to hurt you.

Decoding the Dream about Hippo

There is no doubt that the Hippo is the symbol, in any symbolical system, of immense power, influence, and power.

Some say that seeing the Hippo in a dream is a sign of an important meeting, in this case, of someone who will change your life or someone who is similar to you.

In the previous section, we have mentioned some of the versions, most common, when the motive Hippo is in question.

Here, we want to add some additional versions of this dream – for example, a hippo seen with its family, resting quietly in the pond – with the addition of the family.

This dream has a good meaning. It speaks of your internal happiness, regardless of how you reached it.

In a dream where you are feeding the Hippo is also a good sign. It shows that your career will expand. It will grow immensely.

Feeding a hippo is a sign that you can expect to grow a career, especially if he behaved calmly.

If you are specifically given the hippo fruit, such a dream shows that you can expect new pleasant acquaintances.

In a version of a dream where you dream of a hippo, but discovering that it is not a hippo at all, shows that around you, there is a lot of hypocrisy – but someone in other skin is hypocritical. It can be your colleagues or superiors.

If you are trying to communicate to Hippo, but it is not reacting to you, such a dream shows that now is the perfect time to alter your reality, to change your social circle or partner. You may not be appreciated, and you seem to be indifferent to your destiny. Change it, or you will not live a good life.

If the Hippo is aggressive and is trying to attack you in a dream, it shows that now is the time to deal with life’s difficulties, but you have to spend a lot of energy on that.

If the Hippo is peaceful, you have a protector close to you. If it is aggressive – take a good look around you, and find out who may be your enemy.

Here, we must add one more layer – seeing a hippo in a dream, according to some, is the revaluation of your sexual partner.

Probably your partner is lazy, passive in bed, does not satisfy your desires, and it is better to change him so as not to succumb to his influence.

Some say that this is the dream that the fantasies will not come true.

Attacking hippos shows that the collision with enemies is getting closer, and when it is quietly floating, now is the time to solve problems.

An entire herd of hippos in a dream may come as a warning sign. You need to be extra careful with the authorities or powerful people. Unintentional words or actions can lead to public condemnation.

Hippo babies, seen the cutest possible in a dream, are a hint at the arrival of relatives. Or it is the birth of new ideas.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Seeing a calm hippo is a good sign, according to everything that we have seen so far.

It is a sign of composure and complete harmony in almost every aspect of your life.

The most common dream where the Hippo is the main player in a dream is the one where it swims peacefully or rests on the grass or in clear water.

It is a promise pleasant and welcome changes or new important acquaintances.

I had a dream in which a hippo lays contentedly in healing mud or swamps, which is also a good dream that means they are waiting for big pleasant changes.

Promotion at work desired changes in personal life, etc., or everything combined and rolled into one major victory.

A dream with the Hippo in slippery mud is the dream that shows difficulties to come, perhaps even illness or injury.

Be careful in the next period. It can be a sign of a loss of your own honor and dignity.

Be careful in your decisions and actions because all of them have their own consequences.

An awkward and at the same time hard toy means that someone is trying to manipulate you. Be careful with your surroundings.

Slow or dirty water around the Hippo in a dream is a reflection of your laziness. Your unconscious suggests that it is time to change your attitude towards life, and then the problems will be solved.

Little Hippo is also a similar sign. Even if it is not seen in the dirty water, it is a sign of excessive infantilism and laziness.

Perhaps you should reconsider your views on work or study and become a little more serious about achieving positive changes in your career or study.

But, at the same time, a small hippo reflects your desire for protection and infantilism, and it can be seen as fear related to financial difficulties that will soon have to be resolved.