Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

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Eggs are not a common Bible motif, but they play a huge symbolical role in both pre-Christian and Christian world, as well as in other belief and cultural systems. Their rich symbolism make eggs an important subject of our dreams; the symbolic meaning of eggs in dream could be interpreted in Biblical terms, as well as in all others.

Eggs are probably one of the most popular well-known symbols of Easter holidays around the world. During Easter holidays, eggs are painted in various colors, although red color is preferred, also for symbolical reasons.

This Christian practice dates ages ago, so before we talk about Biblical interpretations of eggs symbolism in dreams, we will talk more about the significance of eggs symbolism in general.

Eggs symbolism and cultural significance

Eggs are universal symbol of the very existence. Eggs symbolize roots and beginnings; in symbolical sense, an egg is an embryo of all life. You know the old, never answered question about what is older: the hen or the eggs; perhaps we will never know.

This question makes eggs symbolism even stronger, meaning it is something that represents the ultimate unfathomable nature of our own existence.

The egg of Universe is a symbol of life’s principles, its potential, force, incredibleness, universality, indivisibility and growth. Eggs are a symbol of primal world of chaos, of the vast shell of cosmos we are all a part of. In eggs, all secrets and mysteries of all living creatures are hidden.

An egg is a womb, primal energy, the place of origin and the place of unifying all opposites into wholeness, the only and the perfect. In Christian tradition, eggs are resurrection, hope and life.

Eggs are present in various traditions around the world. Since ancient times, eggs have been playing an important symbolical role.

The idea of an egg as the source of all life is common in many societies. Ancient Celts, Greeks, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Canaanites, Tibetans, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Siberian peoples and those of Indonesia, all share the same idea of the symbolic, life-giving eggs.

As we can see, eggs had a significant place in historical societies, as well as they have it in traditions that still live on.

All life begins in an egg, but the very process of further development varies depending on particular tradition. Thus, in Celtic folklore, we have a serpent’s egg, in Egyptian mythology, an egg was spitted out by a powerful deity Kneph, while in Chinese tradition we have dragon eggs and so on.

In some systems of belief, the first human being was born from an egg. This motif is widely present in Chinese beliefs, for example. Certain Chinese mythological heroes were born from eggs fertilized by the Sun.

Even more important mythological egg related motif is the Cosmic egg, the one from which the Universe was born. In some traditions, it is believed that the earth and the sky have been created after this magical and mysterious cosmic egg has been divided into halves.

This polarization motif is present all around the globe and it represents halves that cannot exist without one another. Good symbolic examples are two Dioscuri from Greek mythology, Chinese Jin and Yang and other indivisible dualities.

Eggs symbolism in Christianity

The symbolism of Easter eggs is complex and particularly important for Christians and our Biblical dream interpretations. As we have seen, the most common association with eggs are birth, beginnings and origins.

However, Easter eggs symbolize rather transformation, revival, resurrection, regeneration and renewal than beginnings. These ideas are two major groups of concepts associated with eggs in general. Eggs symbolize Easter holidays all around the world.

Ok, but why eggs? Before eggs turned into powerful Christian symbol, they were an important part of pagan spring rituals, those related to celebration of new life and the awakening of nature after deep winter sleep.

Symbolism of eggs is particularly strong and incredibly positive, in terms of those ancient beliefs. In pagan times, eggs represented the awakening of nature after long and cold winter. An egg is a beginning of new life; thus, eggs were ascribed magical properties.

With the arrival of Christianity, into lands where such beliefs were strong, eggs gained other, additional meanings. From being a symbol of renewal and birth of nature, eggs also became a symbol of rebirth of human beings.

The tradition of egg decorating and coloring originates from medieval England. Historical data from times of Edward I claim that one particular household had about four thousand and five hundred eggs painted for Easter celebration gifts!

Now something about red painted Easter eggs; there are several versions of Christian stories about why Easter eggs are painted red.

According to one of legends, citizens of Jerusalem were laughing at Christians, saying it is impossible that Christ could be alive again. Next year, the same day of Christ’s resurrection, all hens in Jerusalem laid red eggs.

Red color of Easter eggs symbolizes joy and rebirth, happiness and life energy. The first painted red Easter egg is usually kept until the next Easter. In Slavic Orthodox Easter tradition, this egg is considered spiritually powerful and it is believed it provides protection and good health to your home and family.

Easter eggs remind Christian of Christ’s sacrifice, but also of his resurrection. In modern times, Easter eggs come in various versions, even in chocolate and marzipan form.

Biblical meaning of eggs in dreams

Now when we have learned more about eggs’ symbolism, let us move on to interpretations of eggs in dreams. Dreaming about eggs is not a common phenomenon, but, when it happens, such a dream carries many meanings.

The meaning and symbolism of particular egg related dream varies depending on many factors, including, of course, your religious beliefs and culture, but also the very nature of the dream. It is important to remember all the details about eggs in your dream.

You could have a dream about raw eggs or broken ones. Eggs in dreams could be painted as Easter eggs, put in a basket, lying in birds’ nests, cooked in particular manner or something else.

When we speak about eggs symbolism, we usually think of fowl eggs. Biblical interpretations of eggs in dreams greatly rely on the complexity of eggs’ symbolism in general.

Eggs are not as present as a motif in Bible, but they have always been an important part of people’s nutrition. Therefore, its symbolism as a life-giving force is strong in Christians.

Dreams about eggs are related to the very deepest roots of our existence.  Eggs in dreams are associated with abundance, well-being, prosperity, fertility, life, universality, rebirth, renewal, strength, vitality and many more. It all depends on how do eggs appear in your dreams.

Were the raw or cooked, fresh or rotten? Have you found them inside a bird’s nest or you have stolen them? Have you eaten eggs and how did they taste like?

In following paragraphs, we will give possible interpretations of dreams related to some of these questions. The world of dream symbolism is amazing!

Try to remember details from your eggs related dream and find the most suitable meaning, which would help you better understand your own thoughts and the world you live in.

Dreams about seeing eggs

If you have only seen eggs in your dream, the interpretation depends on whether the eggs were whole or broken. If the egg is whole, no matter what animal has laid it (remember, not only birds lay eggs!), this is a positive omen.

The dream about a whole egg means you will hear good news, possibly something related to your family life. It could be a sign you are about to became a parent or a dream reflection of your desire to become one.

If the egg in your dream was broken, it is a bad omen. Dreams about broken eggs symbolize loss, illness, misfortune.

If you are the one who has broken an egg deliberately, it means you will experience (bad) consequences of something you have said or done in reality. If you found a broken egg, it means misfortune is unavoidable, even if you are not the one responsible for it.

Dreams about eating raw eggs

Dreams about eating eggs come in numerous forms and their interpretations vary. If you dream about eating raw eggs, it could mean two different things.

It could symbolize unfinished business, your impatience to wait for things to get done, rushing, risk or else.

This dream is a warning sign for you to slow down. This dream reflects your thoughtlessness, childish behavior and general inability to sit still and act as an adult would act.

On a positive side, dreams about eating raw eggs are related to strength. Raw eggs are sometimes eaten for their nutritive properties and an effect they have on our throat.

Although this is not the tastiest way to enjoy eggs’ nutrition, eating raw eggs is associated with getting strong, vital and full of energy. This is an encouraging dream; you will have strength to accomplish your goals or to overcome challenges you are facing.

Dreams about eating cooked eggs

Dreams about eating prepared eggs also vary. If you dream about eating fried eggs, it symbolizes opening of your eyes, awakening, new opportunities and experiences. Since a fried egg looks like an eye, the symbolism is clear.

This dream also symbolizes awareness and it mean that you are or you soon will become aware of who your real friends are and who are those who have bad intentions and want to bring down your dreams.

Dreams about scrambled eggs or omelet could mean both positive and negative things. If you enjoy eating, it means you will accomplish your goals and that you will finally have time to relax and surrender to pleasures.

On the other side, this dream could reflect a complicated situation in your waking life, especially if someone else has made the meal. It means others ‘scramble’ your life and stick their noses into your privacy.

If you had a dream about boiled eggs, it reflects your toughness, energy and strength. You are ‘hard to break’ and you always stand your ground. If you are eating boiled eggs, it means you will definitely have enough self-confidence and strength to endure hard times or to persist in your intentions and plans.

This dream could also mean you are protected from any trouble, but someone you care for could need your help. Since you have strength enough yourself, you should definitely help them.

Dreams about throwing eggs

If you dream about throwing eggs at someone, it means you are frustrated and unsatisfied with your life.

You have a lot of suppressed anger and fears, so you try to get rid of these nasty feelings by aggressive behavior. You find it hard to express your negative emotions in reality, because you do not want others see you weak or frightened.

It could also mean you do not care what others think and you do everything your own way, in spite of everyone’s opinions.

If somebody else is throwing eggs at you, it reflects your feelings of being pressed by some outer factor. You cannot express your opinion, because somebody else always makes sure your voice stays silent. Someone wants to control you and does not let you act on your own.

This dream could also indicate betrayal, damage, offense and attack (usually in verbal form).