Dreams About Divorce – Meaning and Interpretation

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Comparing to the shame it represented not so long time ago, the divorce is nowadays a common thing. The number of divorced couples comparing to the ones still married is almost equal and the number of divorces is still rising.

It seems that no one wants to compromise anymore and the easiest solution is to give up on a relationship if things don’t work out as someone had imagined.

Dreams about divorce are not very common. They are often dreamed about people who have undergone a divorce or think about divorcing their spouse.

These dreams could have different meanings, usually depending on the dreamer’s personal attitude and associations to divorce. When interpreting such dreams it is also important to take in consideration the fact if you are divorced or if your parents are divorced.

People who were never married also dream about divorce. These dreams often reveal their subconscious fear of marriage and commitment. They could also reveal their fears of their future marriage ending in divorce.

People who were divorced and dream about divorce, are most likely still going through the healing process after such a disturbing event and changes in their lives. If you had such a dream, you should ask yourself about the reasons why your subconscious remembered this event.

Sometimes dreams about divorce reveal anger and resentment towards your spouse. Maybe you have an inner feeling that your marriage won’t last much long although you don’t have much reasons for that.

In some cases, this dream represents a warning to confront the issues existing in your marriage and to try to prevent your relationship with your spouse falling apart. Maybe you tend to ignore marriage problems which then grow out of proportion.

These dreams are often a sign of your fear of being abandoned by your spouse or your romantic partner. They can be quite disturbing leaving you wandering about their true meaning for your life. You can’t help but wander after such dream, will it come true.

In some cases, this dream reveals your desire to have some space in the relationship with your spouse. The solution might be to separate some of your joined activities in the marriage.

A dream about divorce could reveal your subconscious fear of losing your spouse whom you love very much. You could be worrying that something will happen to ruin the bliss you two are living in.

Dreams about divorce are often a sign of your desire to divorce your spouse because you are unsatisfied with your marriage. If you are not married this dream could also indicate not being satisfied with your romantic partner. This dream often reveals your loneliness.

Divorce in a dream could symbolically represent the separation of some opposite aspects of your life. This dream could indicate that need to remove yourself from some people or situations in your life.

You might have realized that they don’t serve your highest purpose anymore and you decided to leave and allow new things and people to enter your life.

This dream could also be a sign of getting rid of some old habits and beliefs which have a destructive impact of your life. It could also indicate not being able to rely on someone anymore. It could also indicate the end of something important.

In some cases, the divorce in your dream could symbolize a person in your life that you want to get rid of. Maybe it reveals your desire to move away from someone or something because you know that it is the best thing for you.

We tend to dream dreams about divorce more likely when we are going through some major life changes, such as changing jobs, or homes, etc. In such cases the dream about divorce is revealing the stress and the anxiousness about these changes.

These dreams could also indicate making some significant changes in your life, often regarding your interests and beliefs. They could also indicate that you have already made some changes.

They could indicate losing your interest in someone or something. They could be a sign of your happiness because you are independent and free.

You might have gotten rid of some situation which was blocking your progress and making you feel trapped. These dreams often indicate the transformation you are currently undergoing.

Dreams About Divorce – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of a divorce in general – If you dreamed of getting a divorce yourself, that dream could be a reminder to prioritize your goals and desires better. You need to determine your most important goals as well as to organize your life. In some cases, this dream could indicate the need to better organize your life.

This dream often indicates anxiety for being alone. It could also indicate the need to remove yourself from some situation you are experiencing in your life, or getting away from some people.

This dream could also be a sign of dissatisfaction with your spouse or partner. Sometimes this dream indicates feelings of worry for not making the right decision.

It could also indicate trying to correct some past mistakes. This dream is also a sign of need to change or get rid of old habits and beliefs.

For single males, a dream of getting a divorce could indicate experiencing some emotional difficulties.

For single females such dream could indicate having issues in interactions with others, or some intellectual issues.

For married people, such dream could indicate their marriage problems or the negative feelings these people have regarding their marriage. They should consider dealing with their marriage issues if they don’t want to end their marriages.

For people who are currently divorcing their spouses, such a dream could be a reflection of the actual situation they are going through. It could also indicate the need to prioritize their goals.

In some cases, this dream could indicate the need to separate themselves from someone or something in their lives.

This dream in general, reveals fears of separation and the loneliness which comes after that.

Dreaming of parents divorcing – If you dreamed of your parents getting a divorce, or being divorced, although these facts are not true, such a dream could indicate the problems you have with your parents in real life. Maybe you are doing all you can to please them and their desires but you don’t succeed.

This dream could also indicate the lack of consistency in your actions and the need to change such attitude because it might be preventing you to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of getting a divorce from your current spouse – If you dreamed of divorcing a current spouse, that dream often reveals your desire to be more independent and have more personal freedom. In some cases, this dream reveals actual marriage problems which could possibly lead to your divorce.

Sometimes, this dream indicates your desire to divorce your spouse.