Dreams About Cockroaches – Meaning and Interpretation

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Insects are one of the most numerous classes of living organisms on earth. In fact, they represent a bit more than a half of the total population of the world we live in, if we exclude bacteria that are true masters of survival.

They are to be found all around the globe and they come in various strange forms. Insects dominate our planet and yet, these living creatures are still sort of an enigma to humans.

They are so different from us that even the latest, advanced scientific research cannot make us fully understand them.

Actually, it seems that the more we research into the life of insects, we become more distant from these incredible organisms. Having that in mind, our feelings towards almost all species of insects are ambivalent.

With exceptions such as number of benevolent, colorful species we find beautiful and fitted into our aesthetical standards, we generally find insects strange, repulsive, scary, even disgusting and terrifying.

Just a thought of a black, hairy tarantula or a nasty cockroach makes many people nauseous.

Insects’ symbolism is widely present throughout the world and the history of humankind and it is rich in various meanings. While certain species are considered lucky, fortune bringing and positive, others are believed to be omens of death, bad luck, misfortune, misery and illness.

It all depends on particular insect, cultural conceptions, religious and spiritual beliefs and the actual role of the insect in peoples’ life.

Cockroaches are rarely depicted positively. These nasty insects invade our homes and are seen in dirty, disgusting, neglected places.

We always associate cockroaches with unclean corners or streets, buildings and rooms; we see them creatures of darkness, dirtiness and diseases. However, roaches are actually fascinating creatures.

They neither look attractive nor we have any practical use of them, exactly the opposite, but these sneaky insects are true masters of survival.

Interesting facts about cockroaches

Let us look a bit deeper into what the science has learned about cockroaches so far.

Surely, it is unlikely these facts would make you love cockroaches, but it will help you better to understand symbolic meanings associated with this bug, especially if you had a dream about it.

One of the myths about cockroaches is that they are indeed invincible, but that, of course, is not the exact truth.

Roaches loathe cold climates, so they are commonly found in humid, warm environment.

Cockroaches are prehistoric creatures, originating from times before dinosaurs walked the earth. We have to admit, these insects are right to be considered almost unbeatable specie.

Cockroaches are extremely flexible survivors, capable of enduring terrible conditions, life threatening for most of living beings on our planet.

They could even stay alive after their head has been cut off; cockroaches live for another week and then they die from dehydration. Certain studies showed that, even if they are not fond of cool weather, cockroaches are capable of adaptation; they can survive temperatures below zero.

Not only they are capable of adaptation to this earth’s conditions, but they could also survive in space.

The experiment was done to test their reactions in space; the results showed these space-cockroaches returned to Earth stronger, heavier and livelier. These prehistoric organisms are older than dinosaurs for more than one hundred and twenty millions of years!

Cockroaches are on the top of the list of organisms that release the most of different gas from their bodies. They are resistant even to radiation, but they really do not like catnip, which especially good to know if we want to keep them out of our house.

Another interesting fact about these insects is that they are quite an intelligent specie, having in mind that they are such a primitive form of life.

They are social creatures and have sense of other cockroaches.

Cockroaches do not like solitude. A study showed they could literally fall sick from being alone.

They have good communication amongst themselves. If they realize there are too many of them at one place, they would form another group to search for a new shelter and settlement.

Cockroaches are intelligent in terms of ratio between their actual intelligence and their size.

Dreams about cockroaches

Now when we have learned something more about these insects, let us find out what interesting meanings are hidden behind dreams about roaches.

Not sure if these facts made you respect them a bit more, but they would definitely help you better understand what a cockroach in your dream symbolizes.

Dreams about insects in general are unpleasant to most of people, especially if you dream about lots of bugs, if you see them in your home, on your body or something like that.

Anyone who has ever had a dream about bugs must felt at least unpleasant on waking up from such an experience. Dreams about cockroaches are, fortunately, not as common as dreams about fluffy kittens and puppies.

However, when they occur, a dreamer remembers them for days and weeks, but it could happen for them to stay in mind for even years. If the experience was that bad, a person might even become afraid of falling asleep.

While that could develop in people who suffer from sever phobia of bugs, especially nasty cockroaches, most of people do not have such problems.

However, if you had a dream about cockroaches, we guess you remember it. However, dreams about these strange, unlikable insects are not always negative.

In fact, such dreams are often positive in meaning, while the experience is unpleasant. Now we will find out what specific dreams about cockroaches mean.

Dreams about seeing a cockroach

If you dream about seeing a single cockroach, the dream could mean different things. If you are surprised seeing the bug, but, surprisingly, not disgusted, the cockroach represents your survival instinct.

Since, most probably, you are not in a life threatening situation, this dream symbolizes adaptation, overcoming obstacles, successfully facing challenges in life. Think about your current doubts and concerns.

Perhaps you are insecure about your decisions and you do not know how you would deal with certain changes. The cockroach represents strength, adaptation and flexibility. It means you are capable of what you think pg doing, even if you do not see that.

A single cockroach could also represent a minor obstacle on your path.

It could be a reflection of the one you are aware, but it could also represent something you still cannot see.

Dreams about many cockroaches

Dreams about many cockroaches could be positive and negative, as well. On their positive side, dreams about many cockroaches at one place are a good omen for your future job collaboration and projects.

This dream means you will have no difficulties adapting to new working environment. The dream suggests you will maintain good business relations and create new, even stronger ones.

Most commonly, this dream means you will get an opportunity to engage with a new, big and promising project that involves many participants. However, dreams about seeing many roaches could also be negative.

Negative ones are commonly associated with negative emotions of a dreamer.

You are surrounded by many people, but no one listens to what you have to say. You find yourself lost in the mass and you feel extremely frustrated about it.

Dreams about a cockroach on your body

If you dream about a single cockroach on your body, it is similar to dreams about a single cockroach in general.

Think about how you felt when you spotted the bug on your body. If it did not scare you, it is a good sign. It means you are currently in a phase of evaluating your own capabilities.

You are unsure of how much strength, resources and skills you have for certain task or plan.

The cockroach is there to remind you you have enough of them all and that you should not waste time in doubting yourself that much.

On the opposite side, if you were scared and disgusted, it means you have a problem that bothers you so much that your whole current life is painted in that feeling of frustration.

The real problem you have, no matter how insignificant it is in general, affects your whole life, including all areas.

You do not know how to get rid neither of the problem nor of that debilitating feeling. If you got rid of the cockroach in a dream, it is more likely you will soon find a solution to your waking life problem.

Dreams about cockroaches coming out of your body

This dream is particularly disturbing and, fortunately, especially rare. The experience is extremely unpleasant and usually dreamers remember such a dream for long. However, this is not a negative dream.

It is a healing, repairing, cleansing dream. Just as certain medications are bitter, but they cure, this type of dream is helpful.

This dream means you are getting rid of all the negativity you piled up within. You are about to let go all of the pain, worries and concerns that have been bothering you for long.

Dreams about cockroaches, insects associated with darkness and dirtiness, coming out of your body, mean you are or you will be experiencing some form of internal, mental, emotional, physical or/and spiritual cleaning.

You will finally see the light in the darkness, realize what your true values and flaws are and embrace yourself the way you are.

This dream also implies that new opportunities are coming your way. You will start a new chapter, refreshed, renewed and revitalized.

Dreams about eating cockroaches

You have probably heard that some people eat cockroaches and even consider them a delicacy.

Okay, while eating a cockroach coated in chocolate could be quite an exciting challenge; rare are those who would willingly eat one. If you had a dream about eating cockroaches, you surely remember it. It is usually a nasty experience, but let us find out what the dream means.

Dreams about eating roaches are associated with confrontation.

If you dream about eating cockroaches, it means you are about to have an encounter you have been trying to avoid.

You cannot delay it anymore and you are finally ready to face. You are unwilling, but you are neither surprised nor confused. You just do not feel comfortable about it, but, luckily, it will soon be over, even if unpleasant.

This dream could also be a symbolic illustration of your acceptance of someone’s betrayal.

The dream could also reflect the acceptance of bad consequences of what you have done.

You were not likely to take the blame and all the time you have been trying to somehow sneak out of the situation. However, you do realize it is impossible.

The feeling is bitter, because you have to explain yourself to others and/or to yourself, as well. The frustration and realization are both reflected in the dream activity of eating cockroaches.

Dreams about killing cockroaches

Dreams about killing cockroaches are positive and they all mean you will successfully go through a very tough period.

You feel exhausted and drained, but, actually, you have strength to overcome difficulties coming your way. You should be very pleased with yourself.

You should believe in yourself, in the first place. Even if you do not, the final outcome will prove you have all reasons to respect and love yourself.

Cockroaches in this type of dreams always represent bothersome people, negative emotions and all other sorts of problems in your waking life.