Dreams About Driving – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about driving are quite interesting and occasionally occur in almost all dreamers, regardless of a dreamer is a real life driver or not.

Dreams about driving are, of course, common in those who do drive, those who are currently learning to drive, going to driving classes and are about to get a driver’s license.

However, this type of dream also occurs in people who have never driven a car or another motor vehicle.

Dreams about driving are associated with your life path and these dreams often illustrate your current life situation, possible obstacles you are facing, your way of dealing with difficulties on the road and your approach to life in general.

This type of dreams is also closely related to a dreamer’s emotions, thoughts and attitudes.

Interpreting dreams about driving is challenging and inspiring, at the same time. Most of people are unaware of a problem they actually have or a possible solution, until they have had a dream about driving.

These dreams are often very specific, with many important details, you should always have in mind when trying to understand them. Every detail is important.

Did you dream about driving a car or a motorbike? Did you dream about driving without any difficulty with the vehicle or was there a problem? Were you the driver at all? Were you able to see the road ahead? Did you have an accident?

Every single detail matters. Dreams about driving could be helpful and extremely useful life guidelines.

Dreams about driving

If you had a dream about driving any vehicle, it is a dream about your life and your current circumstances. If you drive, but you cannot see the road, it means you are very confused about your goals and desires in real life.

It means you have no idea what to do with your life.

You are going somewhere, but have no idea where the road will take you.

This dream could be both positive and negative, depending on your feelings related to the dream. A dream in which you are a driver in a vehicle and you cannot see the road ahead could be a reflection of your adventurous and curious spirit.

You are eager to learn new things and reach some unexplored horizons; maybe you have no concrete goal, but, for you, life is a journey, not a destination.

Destinations are many, but you have to drive down or up the road in order to reach them. On the other hand, this dream could be a reflection of your insecurity, low self-esteem, fear of life.

The life goes on, you know, but you feel as if you have no control over your own destiny. It takes you somewhere, but you do not know where and you are afraid of the outcome.

This disturbing dream is very common in people who have suffered a major personal loss, be it emotional or material, or both.

For example, a person who has lost their job feels lost and pointless in life, so they dream about an aimless journey.

Dreams about driving a car

Dreams about driving a car are positive ones. They reflect your determination optimism and ambition. You are a person with both dreams and goals and you believe everything is possible if you try really hard.

Even if you do not think that way, this dream is to remind you you are the master of your own destiny.

Dream in which you are the driver and you are alone in your car represents independence, self-confidence, self-reliance and courage.

Dreams in which you drive others reflect a level more of these traits; you are capable not only of taking care of yourself, but you willingly care about others and you do not find it burdening.

Dream about driving in a car

If you dream about being in the car while someone else drives it, means you play a passive role in your waking life. Somehow, you always let others take the charge.

On one side, it could be positive, meaning you feel protected in your waking life. You have someone you could rely on and whom you can fully trust.

However, if this dream makes you feel nervous or anxious, it means other person actually controls your real life, without letting you speak your mind or make any decision.

If you are on the back seat of the car, then the meaning is clear; you let other manipulate you and you have no influence in important decisions about your own life. You lack self-confidence and you do not value yourself as you should.

This dream is your inner voice telling you to take the control over the steering wheel and stand up for your dreams, causes and desires. If you are sitting in front, with the driver, it means you are fully confident in someone important in your life.

Perhaps you have a caring and reliable partner or a very good friend; the dream proves you are right to trust that person.

You are blessed to have someone you can trust your own life with.

This dream is particularly a good omen for those who have entered a marriage or started a relationship; the dream gives your love wind into sails or, to be more in its style, speed to your wheels.

Dreams about driving a bus

Dreams in which you drive a bus are not that common as dreams about driving a car are, but are quite interesting.

Such a dream means you are a very responsible person, someone who is to be trusted.

You have amazing leading skills and charms to inspire others. Maybe you have not been aware of these traits so far, but soon you are about to realize it. Perhaps you will be given charge over a big project that involves many people.

You might feel insecure in the beginning, but everything is likely to turn out fine.

Dreams about driving on a bus

If you dream that you are on a bus full of people, it means you have many common goals and interests with people in your life.

You are sociable and you love to share your opinions with others.

This dream reflects your need to be around people; you are afraid of being alone.

You do not even need to be surrounded by close people, but you like crowd. You feel more secure, content and calm when you are in places full of people, compared to being alone.

Dreams about being on a bus driven by your enemy

If you dream that someone you do not like drives the bus you are on, it means you feel endangered by that person in your waking life.

This type of dream is usually related to certain problems with colleagues at a dreamer’s workplace, arguments with people from a dreamer’s social circles or certain troubles related to love life.

In all of these cases, dream about being on a bus driven by an enemy is a reflection of a dreamer’s fears and negative emotions.

You should be careful around that person in your waking life.

Dreams about driving on a wrong line

If you dream about being on a wrong line, it means you you are afraid of making bad decisions and wrong steps.

This dream commonly occurs in people who are thinking about making some major changes in life, such as moving to another country, leaving their job, investing money, starting a relationship, getting married and so on.

You fear that what you decide could actually lead you to a wrong direction. This dream also occurs in people who have already done something they now regret.

For example, you have decided to change job, but it turns out to bring you more spending that savings, so you feel as it was a very bad decisions.

Think about recent decisions and thoughts you had. Maybe it is not late to leave the machine you are on and start over.

You will have to walk several stations back, but you always have the possibility to change things for better.

Dreams about driving a motorbike

Dreams about driving a motorbike means you are an extremely courageous and adventurous person. You have all that it takes to lead an active, interesting and exciting life.

If you feel confident about driving a motorbike in your dream, this is a very good sign. It means you have control over your life and you feel like that in reality.

The dream is a reflection and a proof. You feel good on your own and you do not need anyone to instruct you what to do.

However, the dream also suggests you are prone to rush and risk, so be careful. Maybe you should slow down. Think about the road in this motorbike-driving dream.

Is it straight and smooth or hilly, unfavorable for your vehicle?

Maybe there are obstacles on the road that could bring you an unpleasant, even fatal surprise. Be more cautious and just a bit more thoughtful.

Dream about having an accident

Dreams about having an accident always symbolize an end, but the nature of that end depends on details from your life and deeper interpretation.

This dream could symbolize a great failure and loss, in material, emotional, even physical sense. The dream could imply a disaster in financial matters, a difficult breakup, even a terrible illness and death.

On the other side, it could symbolize a dramatic, even shocking end of a troublesome period, after which the sun comes out again.