Dreams About Fish – Interpretation and Meaning

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Fish is one of the oldest symbols in the world. It is present all over the planet, in almost all human societies, religious and spiritual systems, traditions, art and so on. Fish has been associated with a number of deities in different cultures and it is one of the most widely known symbols in Christianity.

Astrological sign of Pisces has its special and interesting characteristics, as well. Fish motifs are featured in all types of art, from prehistoric paintings and stone carvings to modern day cartoons and animated movies.

Fish, in symbolical sense, represents various things. In Christianity, fish is associated with the idea of all humankind being like fishes in the sea; fish is also associated with wealth and prosperity. In African cultures, fish motif is found in legends of creation. African peoples associate fish with abundance, fertility, life, creation and vitality. In various pagan cultures, fish has been identified with femininity and fertility as well.

Being a creature that lives in the water and water being the ultimate life giving energy source, this connection appears quite obvious.

In many Asian cultures, fish is considered a lucky symbol. Buddhists believe fish motif brings fortune and inspires openness of mind.

They associate fish with art and freedom. In Hindu tradition, fish is considered a symbol of creation and transformation, being directly connected with one of the most powerful Hindu deities, the god Vishnu.

Japanese Koi fish, one of the most popular tattoo motifs, is also associated with positive concepts, such as strength, courage, perseverance, fortune and luck. In Chinese Feng Shui, fish is believed to be a kind of a lucky charm. It is good to have fish figurines in the house. Similarly to Feng Shui ideas about fortune bringing three-legged frog, fish figurines also bring prosperity and abundance.

Moreover, Chinese believe fish motif preserves harmony and peace and balances energies in our lives.

Fish is a very common motif in dreams, but there are numerous variations of scenarios. If you have had a dream about fish, you should try to remember all the details from the dream. Interpretations could greatly vary depending on particular detail.

Interestingly, most of people think dreams about fish are not as lucky and positive as dreams about other living creatures. Actually, fish has been associated with worries and troubles, if the animal appears in a dream. However, there are many different opinions on fish symbolism in dreams.

Dreams about fish could also have positive meaning and hide positive messages that could be helpful and encouraging to a dreamer. Some fish related dreams are fortune bringing; those dreams mean you will be lucky in the following period, especially in material sense.

In many cases, dreams about fish are connected to matters of money, wealth and finances. Fish symbolism is strong and abundant; it appears in various belief systems all over the world. In each tradition, fish has special meaning.

If you dreamed something related to fish, you should now try to remember all the details and try to connect them with your waking life. Try to find out how those dream images correspond with your current life situation.

Where did you see fish in your dream? Was it alive and swimming? Were there many fish or a single one? What color it was?

These questions are just some of many you could ask yourself, in order to interpret your fish related dream the best way possible.

Dreaming about a big fish

Dreams about big fish are related to big decisions you are about to make in your waking life.

In most of the cases, this dream is a reflection of your real life situation, in which certain choices are placed in front of you, but you are still unsure which one is the best for you. You are facing big changes, big questions and big decisions.

This dream could also be encouraging and help you decide. If you just see a big fish and it appears calm and your feelings are not negative about it, it means you should go for certain opportunity you now have.

On a negative side, if you feel particularly distressed about seeing a big fish in your dream and the very dream make you feel tired and drained, it means a fish represents not a big opportunity, but a big problem. You are facing something you find hard to handle on your own.

The problem you already have has grown bigger, due to your neglect. Maybe you thought it would go away on its own, but it has only returned bigger and more difficult to resolve.

Dream about big fish could also mean you feel as if your own authority is being questioned or your integrity threatened by someone else. This interpretation is closely related to the expression ‘big fish’ people use to describe influential personalities.

Therefore, this dream could be a reflection of your low self-esteem and your feeling of being suppressed, manipulated and controlled by someone who, in your own opinion, has far more power than you have, in any area of life.

Dreaming about a little fish

Dreams about seeing a little fish could be similar in nature to the last interpretation we have mentioned. This dream indicates your self-esteem is low; you are feeling small, unimportant and neglected, overseen.

You feel as if your opinion does not matter at all. You find it hard to channel your potential and develop your skills and talents in reality, for any reason. You feel as if people around you still have not seen what you are capable of. You wish you could show that to them, but you are still trying to find a way to do that.

On the other hand, little fish could mean small, but precious things in life. If this fish is of bright color, tranquil and appears to be in good condition, it means you should value every single moment of your life.

This tiny creature comes to your dreams to remind you life is made up of small, but very beautiful things.

This dream could also mean you will hear some good news or experience a pleasant time in your near future. It could also be a lucky sign and indicate you will get some money.

Dreams about fish in the water

Dreams about fish in the water could have thousands of meanings, depending on what were other details in a dream. If the fish in your dream was swimming alone, this dream reflects your current emotional state.

You are feeling lonely in your life, roaming the roads of your destiny alone. You search for someone or something to belong with and belong to.

However, if you are a solitary type of person, this dream could mean you are exploring new horizons. This dream symbolizes freedom in general, including physical, material, emotional and freedom of thoughts.

If the fish was swimming along with other fish or water animals, it means you have strong sense of belonging. You have many people around you and you feel safe and secure with them.

This dream could also reflect your fear of being abandoned, lost and alone.

Maybe the time has come in your waking life to separate from certain people you love, for any reason, so you are feeling anxious and unwilling to do so, even if it is for your own good.

Dreams about fish in clear or muddy water

The state of the water in which the fish was swimming also matters a lot. If you dream bout a fish swimming with ease in clear waters, it is a positive sign.

It means you are on your way and there is nothing to stop you. This dream is encouraging and it comes to remind you you are strong and determined in your life.

It could also be interpreted as a positive sign, meaning things in your life will clear up in your near future and you will have opportunities to explore new paths and grab new opportunities.

If waters were muddy and the fish had great difficulties swimming, it reflects your troubles in your waking life. This dream reflects all of your frustrations, sadness, hardship and all other negative emotions.

You feel as if you are stuck and you cannot move on with your life. There are things stopping you from going forward.

Try to think what it is. Are there toxic people who try to spoil your plans and ruin your dreams? Do you have unresolved conflicts with someone or with yourself?

This dream is a warning sign.

Dreams about fish out of water

Dreams about fish out of water literally mean you are feeling ‘like a fish out of the water’. You are vulnerable, fragile and anxious in reality.

If you are aware of such a situation, this dream comes as a reflection and a waking call for you to take some action, in order to change your odds. If you are currently feeling good, this dream could be a bad sign. It means there is a tough period ahead, so you should be ready to face it.

Common variation of a dream about fish out of water are dreams about grilled, fried and other way prepared and served fish for eating. If you dream about a fish in a plate or that you are eating cooked fish, it is a positive sign.

Dreams about served fish are always related to material success. These dreams indicate you will be lucky in matters of money and finances.

This dream is a fortunate omen for your material well.-being in general. Dreams about fish in a plate mean good health, good fortune, wealth and abundance.

Dreams about catching fish

Dreams about catching fish are very common. These dreams are usually negatively interpreted. Dreams about fishing and catching fish mean you will have problems and troubles in your near future; it means you are ‘catching’ problems, as if you are a magnet for negative energy.

It could possibly indicate an unpleasant situation you are about to face, the one that comes as a consequence of your own doing.

This dream could also mean something will happen and surprise you, but not in a positive way. If you have caught a big fish, then your troubles will be great and vice versa.

However, these dreams could have completely opposite meanings. For example, if you have caught a goldfish or any rare species of fish or any fish that is considered precious and a valuable catch.

It means fortune and success. Such dreams are associated with wealth and material stability, just as dreams about eating fish

. Try to remember what fish have you caught and how did you feel about the dream. If you felt good, as if you won something, then the dream definitely has a positive meaning for you.

Dreams about dead fish

Dreams about dead fish are negative. These dreams are associated with losses. In general, dreams about fish are linked to matters of materiality, so dreams about dead wish indicate material losses. In near future, you could experience professional failure and loss of a great deal of money.

Try to be careful about investing your money, for example. Do not waste money on unimportant things.

Try to be more careful about your financial status and your job status. It could even happen you lose your job or someone from your family experience something similar.

This dream could also mean there are things you cannot change, those you still reject to accept. This dream comes as a reminder that many things in life are not infinite and you should embrace that fact.

Do the best you can and try to live through your ups and downs. Do not give up your causes and dreams because of failures and loses. This dream comes to encourage you and help you overcome hard times.

It appears unpleasant, but it actually tries to help you understand the nature of the life itself.