Shopping – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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If you think that shopping is a simple act based on basic human needs, you are sorely mistaken – this is the action that we perform daily, sometimes we do not pay a lot of attention to it, sometimes we make the most important event out of it (like buying a house).

What kind of a shopper are you? Are you a good, incredibly efficient, and insensitive shopper?

For the majority of us, shopping is much more than just exchanging goods and money, serving them as therapy, entertainment, sports, drugs, and sometimes torture.

What happens when the main dream motive is precisely shopping?

Besides dreams that have as a main motive some person, animal, also certain events can be, as well as some operations and actions that we do daily.

We can dream about eating, sleeping, talking, driving, and also shopping.

Shopping is not such an uncommon motive in a dream.

It is not a motive uncommon in men’s dreams, and both sexes equally have such dreams.

Some say that the dream about shopping is the symbol of happy events and success coming your way.

But, depending on other circumstances in a dream, it can have a less happy meaning.

Meaning and Symbolism

So, it is clear right at the beginning that the dream about shopping is very wide, there are numerous versions of such a dream, and each of them has a different meaning.

If you are shopping for some items in a dream and do not have money to do it, such a dream shows that the person who has such a dream loves control.

An alternate version of such a dream shows that you would like to get rid of a certain person’s influence.

If you are shopping in a big store, a hypermarket, it means your life is successful, and you thrive in every possible direction.

If the store you are shopping in a small store – such a dream warns that a reduction in profits awaits you – this dream shows the opposite of the previous version of a dream.

It shows that you will endure various losses, but do not panic. There is still time to move in a better direction and learn a few things.

If you are just preparing to go shopping, in that case, such a dream predicts gossip about you or if you are buying something on the street – the meaning is watching out for scammers. They can be all around you, hidden, unnoticed, but they are ready to scam you.

If you shop for something that you do not like and if that purchase has disappointed you, in that case, such a dream shows the upcoming of sadness.

If the store you are shopping is full of goods, then success and prosperity await you. If the store that shows up in a dream about the shopping turns out to be empty, then your efforts to achieve something will be unsuccessful, and quarrels await you.

If you have seen in a dream that you are doing shopping is caught on fire, you will start a business with doubled energy, and in addition, something pleasant awaits you.

If you are shopping for everyday things in a dream, such an image is a sign of insecurity and instability. If you are shopping for something luxurious and very expensive – a dream speaks of a desire to gain authority or achieve something in life.

It does not have to mean that you are craving for luxury in life, rather that you want to achieve something bigger, something where you will be the top authority.

If you are shopping, but you know that you do not have any money whatsoever, such a dream can indicate that you are in a financial crisis.

If your wallet in a dream about shopping is huge, such a dream means that you plan to achieve your goal, regardless of any difficulties and obstacles along the way. And there can be many of them.

Shopping for jewelry in a dream only confirms your assumption: it is a harbinger of a romantic relationship.

In the case that the jewelry is gold in a dream, then it is the indication of prosperity. True, provided they do not turn out to be false – in this case, beware of strangers and dubious deals.

If you are in shopping with someone, not alone, these are dreams that mean a happy encounter with a life partner that is suitable; you will work hard for each other and finally make your destiny smile.

If you are shopping in some open space – then such a dream symbolizes the need for speed, freedom of movement.

Such a dream can reflect your desire to get close to your goal quickly without being held back by commitments.

Bright and comfortable bags in a dream about shopping says that you need something to cheer you up in life.

Decoding the Dream about Shopping

As you could have seen, dreams about shopping are so interesting, depending on what you are buying in it.

Such a dream can suggest that you are not confident in yourself and that you can achieve material well-being.

In the case that you are buying jewelry, a dream that promises advancement, prosperity, and success, and the same meaning is when you have a dream about shopping for a car, your dreams promise favorable developments.

Some say that dreams about shopping for luxury are a sign of trouble, but that also shopping for clothing shopping announces changes in life.

It is interesting to look at the dreams about shopping, especially if the item that you are buying is something that you wanted to have for a long time – joyful events are waiting for you.

If you are shopping for a pet – such a dream means actually living a quiet and peaceful family life, and shopping for medicines can contain information about an impending illness that is coming into your life. It can be just a small unwanted state, but it is a good sign to check out your health status.

Oftentimes, the dream about shopping is associated with some kind of pleasure, or the expectance of some profit, accompanied by good events.

If you are returning the purchased item in some store, in that case, such a dream may indicate that you will face huge losses.

A similar meaning is associated when it comes to the dream about shopping for candies – the message from this dream is to keep things you love safe and healthy.

Certain dream symbolism books suggest that the dream about shopping can be the symbol that your actions could turn out to have a devastating effect.

Therefore, dreams about shopping are considered as a confirmation of self-worth or as a precaution.

When you had such dreams, always look at what and why you buy, how you pay for the goods – by card or cash, or you take the thing on credit.

If you dream of shopping for goods in one of the department stores, it means that your business will grow thanks to your energy and the support of friends quickly.

If you dream of shopping for something old, dirty, used item, such a dream means that your attitude towards some people will lead you to a dead end.

An alternate version of such a dream is the one where you show your intentions of well-established and full comfort. Or it could mean that you will actually receive an extremely important message for yourself.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Shopping in a dream speaks a lot of a person who has this dream – and it brings advice to show more tact and restraint in real communication: there is a high probability of misunderstanding and conflict. Dreams about shopping show that success and prosperity await your personal life.

Such a dream may also show your expectations that are overly high and are related to your surroundings, which can be annoying.

In some cases, a dream about shopping means that success and prosperity await you. In other cases, if you are shopping for something in an empty store, a dream shows poverty; when it is full of goods – new opportunities are arising in front of you, so it is recommended to use it in the best way you can, it shows a sudden income.

It means that different sources of income can bring you a lot of pleasure – in various stages and areas of your life, work, love, finances.

Some say that the dream about shopping may indicate a quick meeting with a new fan who has been your secret fan for a long time. But if you feel bad about this dream, it means that your efforts to achieve something will be unsuccessful, and quarrels await you.

In some versions, this dream is an encouragement to start a business with doubled energy, and in addition, something pleasant is waiting for you. It can be the part of your life that you are less successful than you think you should be – things are about to change.

Sometimes if you are in unsuccessful shopping, or you do not have enough money to do it, it can be a warning that you are about to offer something, but that your offer will be rejected, and that you will feel bad about it.

Shopping for shoes is also an interesting motive in a dream symbolizes that your friendship with a loved one will deteriorate, but that you will have a new life, your life situation will improve.

If you still can’t find the product you needed – that means changes in your financial situation are related to its deterioration. You may soon be offered to take part in a great adventure, and a person unfamiliar with such matters will make a long decision before making a positive decision.

Be positive if you had such a dream. It can be a good sign: you will show energy and ingenuity tomorrow to you have achieved success, and in some cases, this dream shows that you will master “something” and achieve a high authority in that area.