Dreams About Gorillas – Meaning and Interpretation

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Gorillas are the largest of all apes living on our planet today. Thinking about gorillas cannot leave you light hearted, that is for sure.

There are many opposite opinions on gorillas; most of us think about these big black apes from the safe distance of our cozy homes. Gorillas are represented in various ways.

From an image of a dreadful, vicious and bloodthirsty monster, to a portrayal of a gently, protective and friendly beast.

Gorillas are rare animals and they inhabit only few places on earth. These strange and fascinating large animals live in sub-Saharan rainforests.

There exist two sub species of these mammals, Eastern and Western gorilla.

Gorillas fall under the classification category of hominids, but there are several interesting DNA facts that suggest gorillas are completely separate specie.

What is even more important is that gorillas’ genetic material appears to be similar to ours.

Gorillas have been fascinating people ever since, but we are also very afraid of these animals, because they are big, incredibly strong and really scary looking. These animals fascinate us by many amazing traits, besides their size and appearance.

For example, gorillas’ noses are the same as our fingerprints; scientists would use their nose prints in order to identify particular exemplar.

These strange giants are much more similar to us then we think; they have incredible human-like senses and inborn human-like motherly instinct, just as we do.

Gorilla mums produce special sounds in order to communicate with their little ones and they nurture and pamper them while they are young and vulnerable, the same way human mothers take care of their children.

Dreams about gorillas

Now when we have learned something more about these intimidating, but marvelous animals, let as travel with them into the realm of dreams.

Surely, it would not be unusual to dream about gorillas in case you saw them, because these gigantic apes definitely make an impression.

Even if you have read a book mentioning gorillas, saw a picture, or photograph depicting these animals, they could easily sneak into your dreams. However, many of our dreams come completely uninvited; without any conscious idea of ours.

Dreaming about gorillas is not a common phenomenon, having in mind gorillas are rare animals, nor common to be seen in the world. If you dream about them, such dreams have deeper meanings.

Since gorillas represent different things, including strength, masculine power, raw forces of nature, dominance and aggression, but also tenderness, motherhood, parenthood, community, tranquility and protection, you could imagine how many meanings your gorilla dream could have.

Recall all the details about gorillas or a gorilla from your dream. How did it appear to you? Was it aggressive and intimidating or you felt strangely peaceful seeing this giant animal? Were there more gorillas or just one; male or female?

Gorillas in dreams occur extremely rarely, so it is important carefully to analyze your dreams, up to the tiniest details.

Dreams about a calm and friendly gorilla

If you had a dream about a gorilla, try to remember how the animal acted towards you.

If the gorilla was calm and friendly, if it did not make you any harm and if it was actually kind and gentle towards you, it is an extremely positive dream.

If you have only seen the animal and it did not see you, it means you maintain stable, steady and positive relations with people in your life, but feel the best if everyone keeps their side.

If you interacted with the animal and it was gentle and friendly towards you and you were kind towards it as well, it means you have some really precious people in your life and those people care a lot about you.

They protect you and have your well-being in their mind, most of the time. You have earned great respect of someone who is above you in hierarchy and this person wants to guide you and help you advance, develop and progress.

This is a dream that reflect special kind of bonds between people who are not equal on a social and professional scale, but the respect and support they share is equal.

The dream means you are about to meet (or you already have met) a person who will greatly influence your life; the one who will offer you great support, but never try to manipulate or control you.

Dreams about an aggressive gorilla

The meaning of this dream is opposite to the previous one.

If you have seen an angry gorilla, but the animal did not see you or attack you, it means you still have chance to avoid someone who could bring you great harm or to quit an ongoing project which will not turn out neither good nor successful for you.

This dream means your social or professional position is being threatened by someone who is unscrupulous; someone who could not care less about your feelings.

If you dream about this angry gorilla is attacking you, it only means the damage has already taken place, even if in reality you still do not experience actual consequences.

Think about situations in your real life, in all of its areas. This dream could mean someone from your workplace wants to bring you down.

It could also mean that your life is being controlled by a powerful masculine figure; for example, you have very strict and hard-shell father.

Dreams about running away from a gorilla

This dream is similar to the one above; only in this case the real harm has definitely taken place. You feel suppressed, controlled and manipulated in reality, but, at the same time, weak, helpless and lacking self-esteem.

You are aware another person makes decisions in your place and yet you still fall under his or hers influence and always surrender your desires, wishes, plans etc. to their ideas. You feel angry, frustrated and very afraid.

You would rather escape the situation than face it.

This dream is a warning sign and a channel. If you are a bit surprised by emotions it provokes in you, it means there is still hope to avoid greater damage.

It means you are unaware of someone is controlling your life. It could be a good thing, because it means you still have time to realize who this person is and to gather your courage and stand up for your cause.

If you feel very bad about this dream, it does not mean you have no chance to get out, only you will have to invest more effort.

Dreams about angry, dangerous animals chasing you always reflect our desire to run away from problems, in hope they will resolve on their own, once we are far away.

The gorilla chasing you symbolizes a big threat, serious arguments and troubles that will not fade away without you taking action.

It could also represent your unwillingness to face seriously negative consequences of your own deeds.

Dreams about fighting a gorilla

If you dream you are facing this large and incredibly strong animal and you fight it, it means you are ready to stand up for your causes and finally face troubles you have and your inner demons.

You have become a very angry and irritable person, because you have let many troubles and problems pile up.

However, you feel angry enough to beat them. The gorilla is an embodiment of troubles you are experiencing in reality.

If you chased it away, it is a good sign and it means you will endure, overcome and be successful, even if the fight has been tough and it did not left you unharmed.

If the gorilla has beaten you and chased you away, it means you need more time to recover your strength.

Perhaps you have to be more patient and carefully to plan your strategy, because problems are many and they exceed your current capabilities of resolving them.

Dreams about a dead gorilla

Dreams about dying or a dead gorilla re sad, disturbing and are not good. These are dreams about loss, about losing someone important to you, your guardian and protector.

It does not necessarily have to mean the worst, but maybe a person whom you look up to and seek an advice from is moving far away or is making certain changes that mean they will stay out of your life from now on.

The dream is a sort of say-goodbye-channel; it should help you exercise your emotions towards the person and ease your fears and sadness.

Dreams about a dead gorilla could represent great losses and they help us deal with such tough situations.

Maybe you have separated from someone dear to you and you have lost a figure that has been guiding and protecting you for years and years.

However, if do not feel sad about this dream, it means a good thing; you will overcome great problems and finally feel strong enough to face those who try to manipulate you and control your decisions.