Dreams About Hair – Meaning and Interpretation

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Hairstyling is a practice with a long time history. Hair and a hairstyle is probably one of the first things you would notice on another person; our hairstyle tells the other person who we are, in a way.

Hair is not only our regular, biological feature, but also an important part of our aesthetics.

Moreover, hairstyle is not only about our fancy looks; it is an important cultural element.

The way a person does his or hers hair tells the world where they are from, what is their attitude, what culture or subculture they belong to and gives many more information.

Since very old ages, hairstyles have been one of the most important and prominent indicator of a person’s social status, a profession, a class, a rank and so on.

Perhaps the importance of hairstyling seen strictly as a part of cultural and social matters have faded away with time and the very act of doing your hair is more open for experiment and play, but it is still an incredibly important part of our social lives.

Hair is, at the same time, something deeply intimate to us and incredibly visible to the world.

Hair symbolism and significance are still very important.

The way our hair looks like is a mirror of our inside; it reflects our genetics, our health, our way of life, our preferences, our professions, our interests and so on.

Long, silky and shiny women’s hair has been ultimate symbol of beauty, tenderness, elegance and self-care since ancient times. Well-cut and stylized men’s hair is an indicator of true gentlemen.

Every single subculture has its own manner of stylizing hair, every tradition and culture on our planet have numerous ways of grooming, stylizing and decorating a person’s hair.

Moreover, hair, as a more intimate and deeply personal feature of a person tells about their sexuality, their emotional state and else. Culturally, various customs and rituals are closely related to people’s hair.

Dreams about hair

When it comes to dreams about hair, the symbolism of hair is particularly strong and it is deeply personal. It is a powerful mixture of a dreamer’s self-image, cultural conceptions of hair and its spiritual importance in general.

If you had a haircut recently, well, it is not unusual to dream about your hair or a hair salon.

The same applies if you are planning to stylize your hair in particular way (e.g. to visit a professional hairstylist, to get a new haircut and so on). However, sometimes dreams about hair come uninvited.

Dreams featuring hair as a major motif tell a lot about your emotions and your current mental state.

Such dreams are powerful metaphorical channels to exercise your feelings, to know yourself better and to understand certain confusing thoughts and emotions that have been bothering you lately.

Since hair is, at the same time, an intimate part of yourself and a physical feature visible to the world, its symbolic meanings in dreams are extremely powerful.

Dreams about hair are complex and not always so easy to interpret. It is important to note the details, such as was it your hair you had a dream about, was it in good condition, was it artificial or natural, fallen off, cut off, short, long or something else.

Generally, hair in dreams reflects someone’s femininity or masculinity, depending on a sex of a dreamer. Its basic symbolism is closely related to a dreamer’s sexuality and self-image.

Since dreams about hair are many, we will try to summarize the most common hair related dreams and help you understand secret messages behind such dreams.

In addition to symbolical and spiritual interpretations of hair related dreams, personal experience of a dreamer is what matters the most.

It is of essential importance when interpreting dreams, especially those that feature very personal motifs, such as your hair.

Dreams about long hair

Dreams about long hair could really have hundreds of meanings. If you are the one with the long hair in a dream and you are a male, the dream suggests you have many concerns and worries in your life.

You have deeply personal problems you do not know what to do with; they have become an inevitable part of your life, because you let them grow and develop.

The dream could also mean you lack your self-esteem as a man; you are worried about your masculinity, in a way.

If you are a woman, dreaming about having long hair, the dream could also suggest you have many worries that keep troubling you; problems you have learnt to live with, instead of solving them.

On the other hand, especially if you feel great about having long hair in a dream, the dream is a positive one. It means you are self-confident about your looks and your femininity.

Alternatively, if you see a person with incredibly long hair, the dream reflects your confusion about someone in your life who seems fine, but actually needs help. You are indecisive about helping them or not.

If their hair is long, but fine and clean, perhaps you should wait to see if the situation would resolve without your interference. If their hair is long, unclean and neglected, then you should not hesitate to offer advice, support and help.

Dreams about short hair

Dreams about having short hair are also associated with a dreamer’s sexuality, self-esteem and attitude. In general, short hair symbolizes determination, executive, focus, hard work and ambition.

If you are the one with short hair and you feel good about it, the dream reflects all the positive traits you have in terms of fulfilling your ambitions. It means you are determined to see things done and there is no one and nothing to stop you.

This interpretation is applicable in both male and female dreamers.

If a woman dreams about having short hair, the dream reflects her masculine side. It is a good sign, meaning that under your wonderful femininity hides a heart of a lion. Not that strength is only identified with men, but the dream reminds you you are a very strong person.

Alternatively, it could mean that you should not let your masculine side prevail and that you should balance your energy.

In general, having short hair reflects a dreamer’s courage, strong will and determination. It is overall a good and a positive dream. I

t is the same if you dream about other person is having short hair, especially if that is someone important to you. It means that person will be successful and feel good about themselves.

Dreams about cutting your hair

Dreams about cutting your own hair are always associated with facing certain facts and dealing with them.

For example, cutting off hair symbolically represents grief and sorrow. It means you have hard times dealing with loss in reality, but in dreams, your sub conscience is trying to make it easier to you.

It is a metaphor for letting things go. The dream should be taken as a supportive sign and seen positively, even if it is a bit unpleasant.

This dream could also reflect deep frustration with yourself. You are unsatisfied with the way you look, act or feel or everything together.

The dream could be both relieving and frustrating. In the latter situation, it only reflects your unwillingness to accept yourself the way you are and in the former one, it is a positive thing; it means you are ready to make important changes in your life, especially changes about your personal behavior, changes in the attitude or so.

It symbolizes fresh start and new beginnings.

Dreams about losing hair

Dreams about losing hair are probably the most scary hair related dreams. These dreams are often associated with inability to change bad things in reality. It means worries are so many that we cannot deal with them, that we do not know how to act and what to do.

We simply watch how things are falling apart, without any control over the situation.

On the other hand, the dream may suggest a dreamer is ill or is deeply worried about his or hers health.

Dreams about your hair falling off also mean you are concerned about your sexuality and your appearance. You are afraid that you are not being attractive anymore and that other people see you negatively.

You are very insecure about yourself. The dream is a warning sign and it say you should get yourself back together. You should believe in yourself and embrace yourself the way you are; of course, you have flaws and you are not perfect.

Dreams about dramatic changes on hair

If you dream about making dramatic changes on your hair, such as dying hair in a dramatically different color from your natural, getting an extravagant or totally different haircut, shaving your hair off or anything that is easily noticeable and even shocking to others, it means you have become sick with your current situation and you really feel that you have to change something.

Moreover, you know major changes should be made.

You are about to make a difference, because you have become bored with your life and you have eagerness and will to explore new ideas.

It could be a risky move, but, in general, this dream has positive energy. It represents changes and a dreamer’s capability of making ones, without any pressure from the outside.

It reflects someone’s courage, determination and will, but also eccentric personality, creativity, imagination and boldness.

Dreams about artificial hair

Dreams about wearing a wig or having artificial hair clips or anything like that means you hide your real self very well. You love to play games and to pretend; as long as you do not harm others, it is okay.

As long as you do not get yourself lost in the game, it is okay, as well.

This dream could suggest you have great imagination and big dreams; you love to fantasize about things and that is good.

On the other hand, it could mean you pretend for a great deal of time and it is exhausting.

Dreams about having artificial hair suggest you should find the balance in life, balance between your reality, your fantasies and image you show to the world. Maybe you actually feel insecure and you do not want to let others realize that.

You should relax and let people get closer to you. You are probably afraid of being hurt, but try to overcome that fear, in order to have really fulfilling and amazing experiences with other people.