Dreams About Surgery – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about surgery in general could be very disturbing, especially if you dream about having a surgery yourself or that someone close to you is undergoing a surgery.

If the process is risky and the overall scenario seems dangerous and life threatening, the experience is even more uncomfortable.

It often happens that dreams about surgery are those ones after which you wake up drowning in your own sweat, freaked out, but relieved and happy.

It often happens that a person only dreams about the process of surgery, without any outcome, because the dream is frightening, so a dreamer wakes up before it ends.

There are many variations of this dream and most of them are definitely not enjoyable.

However, the meaning of the dream depends on many factors. It is important to remember the situation the best you can.

Dreams about surgery

Dreams about surgery are dramatic and they usually reflect some greater issues we have in real life, from any area of our life.

Most commonly, such dreams mean that there is something in our life we have to get rid of, be it something in our behavior and routine or something about our social, professional, family life and so on.

The thing usually is that there is something that has a really bad effect on our overall well-being.

Such dreams suggest we are having hard times dealing with certain things in our life, even if we still do not realize we are having any problem in waking life. Maybe there are things that do not affect our life so negatively, but are no longer needed.

Many of us become slaves of our own habits, which, in a long run, could prevent us from progress and moving forward.

Many times, dreams about surgery symbolize something that has to do with things that are important to us, but are gone. Dealing with past is always hard for people; letting go of people, things and ideas could be really tough.

Dreams about surgery sometimes try directly to tell us it is time to move on with our lives. Something eats you up from the inside and it should be removed.

Dreams about surgery are often in strong connection with your emotional status. It could represent your need to let out certain emotions that trouble you, negative ones, such as anger and sadness.

Dreams about surgery suggest you are getting overwhelmed by negative emotions and that these are particularly intense.

Dreams about undergoing a surgery

If you dream that you are being on an operating table and that doctors are preparing to perform a surgery, it means there is probably something in your life that you should change.

Usually, it means the time has come to change your routine from roots; to abandon old habits and leave certain things behind.

This type of dreams means you are continuing with doing things that are no longer of use.

If you dream that they are actually operating you and that you are awake or if you even dream about seeing yourself undergoing a surgery, it means things have gone a little further; there is definitely something bad you should change and life will make sure you realize that.

It is batter to change something, before it causes damage to you or your close ones.

This dream could also reflect your unwillingness to accept certain changes that have already taken place. You still fight it and waste your energy, while life goes on anyway.

Not all changes are pleasant and enjoyable, but sometimes we have to accept things we cannot affect, because no one can affect and control literally everything in life.

Dreams about a heart surgery

Dreaming about having a heart surgery means you are struggling with your emotional self.

This dream could suggest you are having hard times and serve as a channel somehow to ease the actual emotional pain.

This dream can also reflect your deeply suppressed desire to abandon an actual desire for something or, more likely, someone that is out of your reach.

Dreams about a heart surgery commonly reflect a great emotional pain, but not necessarily.

This dream could also reflect a change in your emotions, which could be good. It means you are getting to know yourself better and now you know whom do you want to open up your heart.

This dream could also suggest you will become emotionally more stable.

It could also mean the opposite. It could reflect your weakness, your emotional instability and inability to resist to negative feelings. It suggests your heart, metaphorically, needs repairing and recovery time.

Go for it and let yourself enough time to deal with things that bother you, because you have to accept them, in order to overcome them.

Dreams about plastic surgery

Dreams about having a plastic surgery could be really strange. If you have never thought about having such a procedure in reality, this dream reflects your deeply hidden need to change something about yourself dramatically.

You are actually unsatisfied with what you have become, with who you are at the moment.

It could be a reflection of your dissatisfaction with the way you look physically. However, more often it means you are unsatisfied with your inner self.

You think you appear weak in other people’s eyes and that make you even more insecure.

You would like to leave a different impression, so you know that you have to change something. This dream suggests you should change something in your attitude.

Of course, as we have mention, this dream could reflect your desire to look differently, to be prettier (to look as if you imagine).

Maybe you could change something minor, like your style or something like that. If you dream about a disastrous plastic surgery, it means that you should actually be happy with who you are and to appreciate and love yourself way more than you do.

Dreams about someone else is undergoing a surgery

Dreaming about someone you know is having a surgery could be really scary, especially if it is a risky, dangerous one.

The dream reflects your concern for someone very close to you; maybe you are worried for that person’s health or their emotional state, their material resources or whatsoever.

The truth is that you are very worried, but you do not know how to help that person. If the operation has gone wrong, but you did not learn the outcome while dreaming, it means you should act and you should step in, even if the person is not asking for your help.

You should try to approach that person and see if there is anything you can do.

Even if they refuse your help, keep being there. If the operation went well, it means things will be fine, with your help. A person you are concerned for will be grateful for you staying by their side, even if they rejected your help or even been angry with you.

The dream is positive; it means also that someone you love has gone through a tough time successfully.

Dreams about performing a surgery

Dreaming about being the one who is operating is so strange experience and it is a rare type of dream, except if you are surgeon. This dream could suggest many things, depending on a particular scenario.

The rarest form of this dream is to dream that you are doing a procedure to yourself, seeing yourself lying on a table and doing a surgery.

This odd and rare dream means you should really make some bold decisions and change things in life from the deepest roots.

If you dream about operating someone you know, it means you have many doubts and concerns about your relationship with that person.

It means you would like that person to change, but you do not know how to put things in reality.

You are afraid that the person will get angry if you suggest he or she could change something.

If you dream about operating a complete stranger, it means you are about to experience strange, new things that could be eye opening.

You will face a challenge that will put all of your skills and values to a test.