Dreams About Sleeping – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about sleeping could be pretty interesting. The very fact that you sleep and then you dream that you are sleeping is a bit strange and could also be confusing.

It also happens that people dream about being asleep and dreaming during their sleep in a dream. Truly a puzzling experience, you have to agree.

It could even happen that these dreams inside dreams multiply and then you are in a really mysterious scenario.

Sleeping is an essential activity for all living beings; all living life has to sleep in order to recover from all sorts of daily stresses, which include basic metabolic actions our bodies work on to all of we put ourselves to do.

Even plants go dormant over periods.

We may think of sleeping as something opposite of activity, but, in truth, it is only a form of recovering and much needed activity of our systems.

When you feel tired or weak, the very first advice anyone would give you is to go to sleep and have some rest.

If you are worried, concerned, troubled by something or if you have many doubts about how to proceed, how to behave or what decision to make, everyone would suggest to you to oversleep it.

Sleeping is a precious activity and even a more precious rest. In addition, the activity of sleeping (or inactivity, someone would say), has always been intriguing humankind.

Ok, we have always known we all need to sleep and rest, but what is actually happening during a sleep, was something that people have been asking themselves since far past.

Science of sleep has some answers, of course, but sleeping, combined with dreaming, is still partially a mystery, especially if there are phenomena such as dreams in dreams, sleepwalking, talking in sleep and so on.

Dreams about sleeping

Dreams about sleeping could reflect and suggest many situations and things. These dreams are greatly connected with our sub consciousness and all of sensations and emotions we are usually unaware in reality.

Some of sleeping related dreams could be guiding or warning signs, it always depends on particular dream. What could possibly a dream about sleeping mean?

It depends on where you sleep, are you alone, are you calm or not, in the first place. Does this dream make you feel content and fine or it disturbs you and makes you feel uneasy?

What were the conditions in which you were sleeping? Was it too hot, too cold or fine? Were you in pajamas or fully dressed, outside or inside? Were you in your own bed or were you in a bed at all?

There are many questions you could ask yourself in order to determine basic form of your dream. It is essential thing to do, because dreams about sleeping are delicate to interpret.

Sleeping is something that is very intimate, for a great part. It is a state in which we should be relaxed, in which we should feel safe and secure. While we are asleep, we do not know what is happening around us.

Therefore, in order to sleep, we have to be relaxed and to feel safe and peaceful. This is the very basic interpretation of dreams about sleeping.

It stands for peace, tranquility, harmony and silence. Dreams about sleeping symbolize inner balance, content, calmness and sedation. Such a dream suggests you feel fine with yourself and that you feel free to relax and rest.

However, that is only a rough interpretation of basic sleeping dream.

Dreams about sleeping in your bed

If you dream that you are sleeping in your own bed, it is ultimately a positive dream. If you just see yourself asleep, without walking up and a lot of movement, in a cozy room, cuddled in your sheets and blankets, it reflects your content and satisfaction with your life in general.

You feel calm and free to relax and simply enjoy your life. There is a time for action, but there is also a time for resting and you feel it.

You do not feel under pressure in reality and you are able to relax; you do not care much about what others think and you have decided not to preoccupy yourself with worries and troubles of everyday life.

Your body and mind need some rest and that reflects in your dream. If you are stressed in reality, this is an obvious dream sign that says you should take a break.

If you generally feel fine, just go for it and enjoy good, calm days. However, if your sleep is restless, your bed untidy or so, it means the opposite.

This dream then reflects suppressed feeling of discontent and discomfort about your most intimate life.

You feel as if your skin, your home and your life are somewhat too tight. You have to change something big, in order to feel satisfied with your life in general.

Dreams about sleeping outside

If you dream about sleeping outdoors, it could mean a whole lot of things. If you dream about sleeping in the wild, camping or anything like that, it means you need to take a break from everyday life.

You want to change something in your routine and you would like to run away from all the worries and difficulties that are present in reality.

Maybe you should do so; you should take a short trip or else, only to reset yourself and recharge your batteries.

An awkward scenario that occurs in some dreamers is dreaming about sleeping in front of their own home, on the porch, in a hall, in a garden or so.

This dream means you feel uneasy at your home; maybe you have disagreement with your closest ones. It bothers you a lot and you constantly feel annoyed and irritated. You would like to distance yourself from these common problems.

Think about why it is so and what annoys you about your family or your home.

Dreams about sleeping with someone

Dreams about sleeping with someone have a great variety of meanings, depending on particular scenario.

Many people dream about sleeping with their partners, if they are separated by distance or so; others commonly dream about sleeping with people they are in love with, but their romantic fantasies have not yet come to life.

These dreams are only reflections of deep desires, passion, love, longing and sexual attraction and they have no other hidden meanings.

However, if you dream about sleeping with someone else, especially with a person you have a disagreement in reality, the dream should make you wonder about the true nature of the relation you have with that person.

Is it really rivalry, hate or anything else that puts you two on opposite sides? Are you certain you are not actually attracted by that person? Is it someone you consider out of your reach, somebody already taken?

Think about your true feelings towards that person and be honest to yourself.

Dreams about sleeping with someone of your loved ones, such as your family or friends mean you feel lonely and in a need for help in reality. It also means you have people who love you and deeply care about you and that their feelings are honest.

You have great support in your closest ones, but you have to let them know you need them close and helping.

Dreams about sleepwalking

Dreams about sleepwalking could be confusing and pretty odd, because it could even happen that, upon waking up, you are not certain if you really did that or dreamed about it.

Sleepwalking, as a motif in a dream, suggests you are in need for spiritual guidance and spiritual awakening.

You are about to go deeper down into your own mind and soul and discover your true desires.

This dream suggests you are a person with a great imagination, someone who cannot be satisfied with mere reality; you need more. You are in search of a channel to express your rich imagination and your creative talents.

This dream is rare and occurs only in some individuals, only once in a while. This is interpreted as guiding dream.

It is essential to remember what were you doing while sleepwalking. Did you put yourself into danger or did something of things you regularly do while awake?

If you recall it, you could get really a valuable guiding signs on what you should focus in reality.

The same applies to dreams in which you see yourself talking in sleep.