Dreams About Tsunamis – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about dangerous and destructive natural phenomena, about all sorts of natural catastrophes, are a type of nightmares, in fact.

Those are dreams in which we have a feeling of not being capable of handling the situation; it is out of control and out of our power to manage it.

Such dreams usually imply problems in our life are induced by an outer factor or that we are, at least, convinced it is so.

Dreams about natural disasters are disturbing and scary, but could be enlightening and helpful to a dreamer. Such dreams are to be carefully examined and put into context of our waking life.

Sometimes, however, such dreams are not about your actual life and all that is going on, but they could be predictive, warning or guiding signs.

Dreamers that are more sensible are usually capable of realizing if a dream they had, especially a dream with so powerful motifs, such as tsunamis, tornadoes, wildfire, great floods or so, means something more and does not solely reflect their emotional state or their conscious and subconscious thoughts.

All dreams carry some messages, while certain percentage of dreams only reflects a dreamer’s real time situation. In most of the cases, it is a combination of both.

Although there are various generalized guidelines, in form of books, dictionaries and else, specialized for dream interpretations; you just search for a term and find a meaning, there are sub-specializations in terms of types of dreams.

There is a sub-type of dream interpretation guidelines, specialized only for understanding dreams about catastrophes: tsunamis, floods, wildfires and so on. In interpreting dreams about catastrophes, it is sometimes good to include the scientific factor.

Have you ever heard about oneirology? It is a scientific approach to understanding dreams; oneirology is a science of dreams. Its goal is to understand the process behind the dream, not the meaning itself. It is an important factor, which can help in deciding on when and why certain types of dreams occur.

Since dreams about catastrophes are associated with traumatic experiences and even with certain mental disorders, oneirology is a helpful approach to understanding these dreams.

Our real life, memories, structures and functions of our brain certainly play a role in the creation of dreams. However, dreams are still kind of a mystery to all of us.

Dreams about tsunamis

In following paragraphs, we do not offer scientific explanations of catastrophic dreams, but we will do the best we can to present various possibilities of interpreting such dreams; particularly dreams about tsunamis.

Tsunamis are extremely a devastating and scary phenomenon in reality, the one that can make whole cities almost vanish, in a single move. Such is the force of nature.

The fact tsunamis are extremely a dangerous and destructive natural phenomenon makes dreams about tsunamis sinister and ill omened.

However, not all dreams about tsunamis have a negative connotation and they could carry different messages, of which some are helpful and guiding, even promising and positive. Let us discover the mystery behind tsunamis in dreams.

Dreams about waves, about raging sea and phenomena such as tsunami are always associated with incredibly strong emotions of a person who is dreaming.

Since tsunamis and other similar phenomena are grandiose, even beautiful in a dark, scary and hardly describable way, they do not always necessarily represent only negative ideas, even if they are destructive.

In the first place, they all do symbolize ideas that are much larger of us, of our lives, those we cannot affect that much.

Many times, such dreams reflect intense emotions we feel in waking life; a tsunami could represent both extremely positive and extremely negative emotions, but the common thing is that extremity.

For example, a dreamer who is furious, very angry, deeply stressed would most likely dream about a destructive natural phenomenon, because it is an additional or only channel to vent out such emotions.

On the other hand, an extremely motivated, creative and ambitious dreamer could also have such a dream.

Even passion, extreme romantic feelings, obsessions and such could reflect in a dream in form of catastrophic natural phenomena, because such emotions and feelings are hard to control, difficult to restrain and handle.

Extreme emotions are commonly translated into extreme phenomena in our dreams; particularly, extreme natural phenomena, because they are the best metaphor for things out of our control.

Dreams about seeing a tsunami approaching

If you dream about a tsunami approaching, the meaning depends on where were you in relation to tsunami.

Were you inside a building, feeling safe or you were standing on the coast seeing the disaster coming? How did you feel about it? Were you scared or not?

Interestingly, there are dreams in which a person does not appear to be scared at all, seeing a catastrophe coming their way. While in dream, they do not know if they are dreaming, obviously.

This happens because your tsunami approaching dream actually represents your readiness finally to face things you have been avoiding for long.

You have gathered your courage and now you want to see things settled down. You have come to the end of a phase of your life and you want to see it finished. This dream, in that sense, is extremely a positive one.

It symbolizes courage, readiness, fearlessness and determination. It should be encouraging.

If the dream has made you dying out of fear and you woke up in sweat, thankful for it being only a dream, it means you should make some real reconsideration in reality.

This post-dream feeling makes you think you have been lucky to avoid real danger; thus, think about where the danger lies in reality.

Is it in your environment or it is you who make mistakes and constantly creates toxic conditions?

Dreams about seeing a distant tsunami

Dreams about seeing a tsunami in the distance, meaning you are actually safe from it, could have several possible meanings. This dream could suggest you will notice and recognize a threatening and negative situation in time and be able to prevent negative consequences, before bad events take place.

It could also mean that there is danger in your near surroundings, but also that you will luckily avoid it or it will just pass you by. This dream of seeing a distant tsunami could also mean bad events will hit people you know, but not yourself. However, most likely, it would be no one of your closest ones.

This dream could also reflect your inner need and desire to step back from turbulences of everyday life; you need time for yourself, but you are still a bit afraid of distancing yourself from other people. You are afraid of being forgotten and of missed opportunities.

However, this dream means it would be the right thing to do and that there is no reason to be afraid.

If you see things in your life as turbulent as a tsunami, you should definitely step back for a while and have a time of recharging your batteries.

Do not be afraid of things passing you by, for life goes on and always brings new ideas and new roads to thread on. Just listen to your intuition and do as you please.

Dreams about a threat of tsunami

If you dream about hearing news about a tsunami is coming your way, it means you are a very anxious person, prone to panic and overreacting.

This refers to a dream in which you have not seen a single sign of such a disaster approaching, but someone told it would happen. This dream reflects your constant worrying, tension and inability to relax.

You are susceptible to all people are saying and easily manipulated and seduced by false news.

The dream suggests the time has come to sit down, take a deep breath and think about how many real and big problems you actually have and what is only your imagination or your overreaction to things that may be unpleasant, but that are yet common and normal.

You should stop panicking over minor problems; what would you do if there were bigger ones? This dream also implies you are too naïve. Do not trust to everything you hear and turn on your rational thinking.

Think about what of you are feel is real and what is not, not what others tell you it is.

In addition, this will help you take full control over your life. This also applies to situations where your loved ones are over protective; they wish you all the best, but it actually makes you weak.

Think about whether you are finding yourself in such a situation or not.

Dreams about a tsunami disaster

Dreams about a tsunami destroying people’s homes and sweeping whole settlements away, leaving only ruins, death and silence behind, are perhaps one of the scariest forms of dreams about natural catastrophes.

Such dreams usually represent things that cannot be avoided, no matter how you wish for it or how much effort you invest into trying to avoid them.

Generally, it is related to negative events, failures, losses and such. In that sense, the dream means you will have to face a big failure or a great loss, which will definitely leave you hopeless, devastated emotionally, depressed and scared.

However, it also reminds you that there are things we simply cannot affect, cannot make them go away or prevent them from happening. The readier you are to accept that fact, the less harm would you feel upon such things happening.

On the other hand, this dream, no matter how scary it appears, does not necessarily be a bad omen.

It could reflect and unconscious need for big changes, for life changing steps that are required for progress.

It is normal to feel uneasy and uncomfortable when faced with dramatic options and decisions, because all of them bring some form of uncertainty. It is normal.

However, deep inside you feel you should do it.

Dreams about a passing tsunami

If you dream about a tsunami that is passing or that has already passed, it is a dream of relief. This dream suggests finally the time of peace and harmony will come your way.

However, it will also be the time of recovery, for you have gone through difficult times.

This dream means negative times are coming to an end and not without any damage and loss. This dream could be closely related to either outer factor that have had an influence over your life or changes that you have made yourself.

A passing tsunami represents that phase in between, a time of adjustments and adaptation to new circumstances.

No matter what the actual cause is, it is always a strange period in which you should do all the best to find a way to adapt. It could be stressful, but it could open your eyes and make you see other options.

Dreams about being hit by a tsunami

If you dream about being directly hit by a tsunami, not only that you find yourself in, for example a town destroyed by a tsunami, it means you will face some dramatic and totally unexpected things in your life that will shake you from your toes to your head.

You will feel unready for such things and, thus, scared, annoyed, irritated, even if those things are positive. You hate being pushed outside the limits of your own routine.

The dream suggests you should be more flexible in general, no matter if you are facing negative or positive things.

Each one of us has to find their own way to adapt to new circumstances; it is a natural, inborn survival mechanism of all living beings, including humans. Do not waste your energy on despair, regret and thinking about what you did not do right.

Take a deep breath and bravely step into a new chapter your destiny has created for you.

Dreams about tsunami victims

If you dream about people have disappeared when a terrifying tsunami hit the place, it means you are concerned for people close to you, even if you are unaware of that or you want to convince yourself that there is no reason to worry.

The dream does not necessarily mean that there is an actual reason to be seriously concerned for their well-being, but it would be nice to check it out. Maybe it means only that they feel neglected from your side, because you are preoccupied by other things.

You do not want to lose that people, you are afraid of them vanishing in tides of destiny.

Check them up, make a call and see them. They will surely be happy to hear from you. In addition, if there is a reason to be worried, you will be able to help them in time.