Flickering Lights – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

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There are many things and phenomena our logic, reason and science cannot explain. We often call such phenomena paranormal, divine or else.

All of them could be seen as mysterious signs that come from dimensions that are beyond our logic and our comprehension.

According to spiritual and religious beliefs, there are indeed forces that we cannot completely understand but that still play an important role in our lives.

One of widely distributed interpretations of phenomena such as occurrence of unexplained scents, repetitive numbers seen everywhere, unusual activities such as flickering lights, moving objects, noises, scents and else is that these are all signs that come from some other level of existence.

Guardian angels might send us such messages in order to show us they are around and that we were not alone.

The other popular opinion present in numerous belief systems is that of spirits of the dead trying to talk to us. In the most cases, this belief applies to souls of deceased loved ones.

The cult of the ancestors is one of the strongest ones and widespread across the globe.

This is why people commonly associate strange phenomena as flickering lights with our ancestors watching over us and talking to us.

The most likely cause of the occurrence of strange phenomena of the sort mentioned is the connection between our world and that of spiritual existence.

Spirits and guardian angels often talk to us, although we rarely notice those signs if they are not very obvious and strong enough to draw our attention.

We should try to nourish our ability to recognize angelic and spirits’ signs and not to run away from it in panic.

There is nothing that could harm us; exactly the opposite.

Spiritual flickering lights

Flickering lights are one of the most common scary movie scenarios.

You know, people move into a new house and then they start experiencing all sorts of paranormal activities, such as strange noises in the night, cupboards opening out of their own ‘will’, windows shutting loudly without any wind or draft, glass objects breaking, lights flickering and so on.

All of these strange phenomena happen in real time, though. There are many real life accounts of such unusual things taking place.

People have claimed such strange phenomena happened to them in their own homes, so it is not only disturbing spirits that haunt another place.

Flickering lights are only one of the signs of spirits visiting you. It could be a spirit of a deceased person or some mysterious sign from forces that are beyond our comprehension.

If it happens that you experience seeing flickering lights, stay calm and do not panic. There are several explanations to it.

Flickering lights causes

Let us first keep to our rational mind and thinking, logical nature. If it happens your lights suddenly start flickering, check them out.

Yes, it might appear strange that lights start flickering all over the house late at night, but try to keep your head cool. Maybe it is only an electricity problem.

Check out electricity in your house or apartment; see if everything is fine with wires or else, depending on the system you get the electricity from.

If everything is fine, call electricity service to see if there was a problem on a bigger plan. It could happen your lights start flickering and the whole electricity shuts down, which might appear scary.

Check everything out before you start worrying about paranormal activities. It might be very strange if only your place loses electricity and it could be indeed a sign of something else affecting it.

However, make sure all logical reasons are excluded, before you start thinking about other causes.

Other causes are commonly associated with some spiritual presence at your place.

It is very likely that the spirit of someone deceased wants to draw your attention and communicate with you.

Although it might sound a bit unpleasant, regardless of the possible person in question, you should not be afraid.

A message from the other side

Flickering lights are sometimes more than broken or inadequate light bulbs or poor electricity system. They could be a message from spirits that dwell in between the worlds.

It should not scare you; in most of the cases, it happens that flickering lights are messages from deceased loved ones or even some kind of reflection of your grief over loss, put on an entirely new energetic level.

It literally means your own energy could produce flickering lights, as an intuitive way of dealing with loss.

It means you do not want to let someone go; you try to find proofs they are still around you, so your own energy produces such an effect and even affects your electricity, so you get your lights behave awkwardly.

However, it is more likely that a spirit wants to get in touch with you, for any reason.

For example it could happen that the spirit of someone deceased whom you loved very much wants to protect you from danger.

The spirit is capable of recognizing the signs of danger more than you are in your real time, because you are focused on any other things, while the spirit watches over you.

If you notice flickering lights of any sort, think about your current situation in life. Think about people who are gone and who probably wish you well; maybe they are trying to warn you.

Appreciate their care, because you are blessed to have it. Do not ever be afraid of it, but try to think about the possible warning. Sometimes it is very frank.

For example, lights start flickering in your kitchen, if you are able to see it, at least in the corner of your eye.

You enter the kitchen only to realize that you left your oven or a burner on!

That must be no coincidence; usually it happens flickering lights magically stop. This is an example o direct guarding intervention of a noble caring spirit from the other side.

Angelic guidance and protection

Flickering lights are one of the most common ways of angels trying to reach you. Each person has guardian angels and they care about us.

Guardian angels have only love for you and they want you feel good. They do not want to scare you by sending you strange messages.

The thing is, angels do not communicate with people in regular ways, because of their angelic, immaterial nature, so they fin different channels.

Flickering lights as angelic messages could also be signs of warning and indicating potential threat. Angels are protective and they want to see you safe.

Of course, you cannot avoid all harm. There are challenges on purpose.

Flickering lights might also point out you are about to face a challenge that would test your strength and faith.

By sending messages such as flickering lights, your guardian angels want to tell you to remain strong.

Spiritual electronics

We would also like to remind you that there are other phenomena of flickering lights, besides the first that usually come to peoples’ minds that is flickering light bulbs in your rooms.

All of them could be a sign of angelic interference or a spirit wanting to communicate with you.

Awkward electrical phenomena are common ways of mysterious forces trying to talk to us.

We are surrounded by electronics, so we easily notice any odd changes in their functions.

It could happen lights on your phone start acting weird, turning on without the phone ringing or else.

Well, the phone is an obvious symbol of communication, so it is very likely a spirit tries to contact you.

Do not be scared if you pick up the phone and there is not normal signal. Try to think about people who are not there anymore, but whom you were bound with.

It is a bound that survives even their passing away. You are still connected. Try to think if there is any unsettled argument with the person, anything they want to redeem for or so.

Maybe they seek forgiveness, maybe they feel unable to pass into the afterlife, because they did not get the opportunity to tell you certain things once they were alive.

There are many possible reasons, so give your best in trying to figure it out.

It could also happen that lights in your car start acting strangely, out of nowhere. Maybe there is something seriously wrong with your car that you are unaware of.

You should have them checked; it might save you from great risk and danger.

Those flickering car lights were probably a sign of warning either from a guarding spirit of a dear person or from your guardian angel.