Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

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People in ancient times paid much more attention to their dreams then nowadays.

They considered them as good and bad omens and they even arranged their actions and important life decisions accordingly. They considered dreams as warnings about what they should or shouldn’t do.

The meaning and interpretation of dreams in ancient times differ from modern dream interpretations. The Biblical meaning and interpretation of dreams combine the biblical views of things and objects with modern dream interpretation.

In this text, you can read some facts about the Biblical interpretation of birds, as well as their meaning in our dreams, mostly in the Biblical sense.

Biblical Interpretation of Birds

Birds are mentioned many times in the Bible.

In Proverbs, the people who don’t spend much time at home and wander around are compared to birds without their nests.

In Leviticus, God names the birds that should not be eaten, such as eagles, vultures, kites, falcons, ravens, hawks, sea gulls, ostriches, little owls, etc.

In Genesis, Noah is described sending a raven outside of the ark, which flew back and forth waiting for the water to dry up from the earth. Then he sent a dove to check if the water has receded from the surface of the ground, but the dove returned, not being able to find a dry surface.

After seven days, Noah sent the dove again and the dove returned with freshly plucked olive leaves in its beak. That ensured him that the water had receded. After seven days he sent the dove out again, but this time it didn’t return to the ark.

In the Bible, the bird is often considered a messenger from God. It brings us comfort and encouragement from God that things will be well, and we have nothing to fear about.

It is a confirmation that we are guided and protected. This dream symbol from the Bible viewpoint symbolizes blessings we are awarded by the Universe.

Birds are mentioned many times in the Bible, but not all bird species have the same meaning.

For example, the white dove in the Bible is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The white dove is usually mentioned in the Bible when there is talk about something positive. Doves represent blessings from God.

A peacock symbolizes immortality and eternity, the eagle is a symbol of resurrection, blackbirds are a symbol of sin, darkness, and temptations from the Devil, the falcon symbolizes evil thoughts or if it is domesticized it represents conversion to Catholicism.

Woodpeckers are also a symbol of the Devil, as well as heresy. Geese in the Bible symbolize providence and vigilance, and the owl is a symbol of Satan.

The raven has a very dark symbolism and it symbolizes darkness and the Devil.

Swallows are considered a symbol of incarnation, and storks are a symbol of piety, chastity and vigilance, and they symbolize spring as well.

Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams

Dreaming about birds in general – If you saw birds in your dream, such dream is usually a symbolic presentation of your desires, hopes and goals in life. The feelings you had during the dream reveal your beliefs about the possibility of them coming to fruition.

Dreaming about flying birds – If you dreamed about birds flying, such dream is a good sign and symbolizes your feeling of freedom and liberation of some problems that have been bothering you for a long time. These might have been some significant issues, which were stopping your progress and now you can sigh a relief and move on with your life.

Such dream symbolizes harmony, balance, love and joy. It symbolizes positive outlook on life and the future.

Dreaming about dead birds – If you saw dead birds in your dream, such dream is not a good sign. It might indicate failure or disappointments you could experience soon. This dream is often a sign of problems you might encounter and the need to confront them and deal with them with determination and perseverance.

Sometimes this dream signifies destroying someone’s efforts or ideas.

This dream could also signify endless worrying about some problems you can’t seem to resolve.

Dreaming about feeding birds – If you were feeding birds in your dream, such dream is a good sign. It might indicate a project or some idea you believe it will be a huge success. It usually refers to something you have put in a lot of efforts and you expect many benefits from it.

Dreaming about caged birds – If you saw a bird or birds in a cage, your dream might be a sign of your desire to be free from restrictions of any kind. It might signify being limited by someone or something and you don’t know how to break away from these restrictions.

This dream might be a message to begin letting go of things that are limiting you.

Dreaming about baby birds – If you saw baby birds in your dream, such dream is a good sign, usually symbolizing freeing yourself from some restrictions. This dream is often a sign of the success of your endeavors and plans, but also a reminder that you need to focus on your goals and act if you want to accomplish them.

Dreaming about bird’s eggs – If you saw bird’s eggs in your dream, such dream symbolizes your aspirations and hopes for your future. This dream also describes your fears of failing to accomplish your goals and desires.

If the eggs you saw in your dream were broken, such dream is not a good sign and usually indicates the failure of your plans and goals. Such dream could also be a sign of money you will soon receive.

Dreaming about birds hatching – If you observed birds hatching in your dream, such dream might signify delay of some actions or the delay of the successful outcome of your endeavors.

Dreaming about cutting bird’s wings – If you dreamed you were cutting the wings of birds, such dream is a warning. You might be preventing someone’s success with your actions and behavior. This dream asks you to reconsider your attitude towards this person and discover the motives behind your behavior.

Dreaming about blue birds – If you saw a blue bird or birds in your dream, such dream is a good sign. It usually symbolizes releasing negativity from your life. That could mean that you have already released negative issues, people, situations and you feel liberated, or that you are preparing yourself for such actions.

This dream reminds you to clear yourself for new positive energy to enter your life.

Dreaming about black birds – If you dreamed about black birds, such dream usually reveals your negativity and bad mood. It might also be a sign of depression and feelings of isolation and emptiness.

In some cases, such dream announces the death of a close person or illness. This dream could also symbolize some unexpected but unfavorable changes happening soon in your life, making you feel disappointed and overwhelmed.

Dreaming about red birds – If you dreamed about a red bird, such dream is a good sign. It usually signifies freedom. This dream could also symbolize some danger you are in, but also being aware of that danger. It warns you to be cautious and present, so you avoid possible damage.

It could also indicate avoiding becoming a victim of bad intentions of the people from your close surroundings.

Dreaming about a white dove – If you saw a white dove in your dream, such dream is usually a good sign, and symbolizes purity, love, beauty, positive energy, spirituality and innocence. This dream might be warning you about something, so you should take all the details of the dream in consideration when trying to interpret it.

Dreaming about birds attacking – If you dreamed about birds attacking you or someone else, such dream might reveal being torn apart in many directions. It might symbolize not being certain which way you should direct your life and which path to follow.

Maybe you are not satisfied with your choices and decisions about important life matters and you are wondering how you can make some changes and improvements.

This dream might also indicate that other people are interfering with your life and important decisions and choices regarding your life path.

Dreaming about birds’ nests – If you saw birds’ nests in your dream, such dream is a good sign and symbolizes security, successful escape from danger or unpleasant situations. It might symbolize the need for some security and support in life.

This dream could also be a sign of the success of your endeavors, prosperity, new opportunities and fortunate outcomes of your actions.