Gemini Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Heavens hide many secrets. Since the dawn of time as we know it, people have been turning to skies, in search for answers about our purpose, about the true meaning of our existence.

Each individual asks him or herself the same questions, at times.

So far, we do not know the answer. However, many people believe stars and planets could possibly offer some.

Astrology is in ancient path of understanding our purpose in the world. Moreover, it deals not only with the collective, but also with individual human lives.

The branch called natal astrology is related to individual people’s destines, as written in the stars.

Let us dive into its mysteries and specific logic, as well.

Although one might say that there is not much logic in something as abstract as astrology is, but be reminded of a very long history of use of astrology.

Moreover, this pseudo science, as it is labeled in modern day, features all the elements of any acknowledged scientific approach.

Therefore, astrology offers both certain logic and quite intriguing information.

Natal astrology is about birth charts; charts that represent planetary position at the time someone was born.

As far as we know, planets definitely affect life on Earth, so there is a great possibility they have impact upon each one of us individual destiny.

Let us discuss some of the most important birth chart elements, before we move on to specific combo of elements in question.

Sun Sign

The Sun is the first of five ‘personal planets’; besides the Sun, there are the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are technically not planets, but astrology simply counts all Solar system heavenly bodies as planets. Each one of them is important in a natal chart.

The Sun is the core. It represents the essence of your personality.

It stands for your Ego, the will for living, personal energy and strength. The Sun sign that is the sign the Sun stands in your birth chart determines the way your true self is going to show up in the world.

The Sun is what you want to be and how you present yourself, amongst other things. It is your shiny armor and your attitude.

The Sun gives you energy to live and to create. It is a fiery, creative, powerful principle. The Sun is of masculine principle, stable, warm and associated with brightness and gold. It rules over the sign of glorious mighty Leo.

In natal horoscopes, the Sun also represents the figure of a father, the fatherly principle.

The Sun sign is essence of one’s personality. This is your native sign. That is the reason why people usually identify themselves with their Sun sign.

If one asks you about your horoscope, you will say you are a Gemini, for instance, if the Sun matches the sign of Gemini in your birth chart. However, there are other elements to discuss.

Sun in Gemini

The Sun in Gemini makes you a Gemini person. Gemini people are outgoing, quick-witted, smart and playful. The ruler of Gemini is mercury, the planet of communication, trade and travel.

Gemini people are restless, adventurous, communicative and talkative.

They openly express their thoughts by using words with an impressive skill. They are flexible, changeable and curious people.

Gemini individuals have a great desire to know all sorts of things and to experience them.

Everything strange and exotic from their point of view attracts them. You can easily challenge them to do all sorts of things, because they would do it for fun and to test their own limits.

They are daring and edgy. They are very resourceful and spontaneous.

These people solve problems with ease, usually by their intelligence.

They have sharp minds and can get out of trouble through verbalization. They are always on the run and they have countless acquaintances, but very few true friends.

Many would call them shallow and irresponsible.

They are versatile, friendly and sociable. Gemini people are perhaps the most extroverted ones.

Moon Sign

The Moon is about your ‘other’ half, your deep, emotional and hidden self. It is not about your expression, but about impression. They Moon helps you feel things and react to them. It is associated with connections with people and the world on a deeper, emotional level.

The Moon is also about the past and memories. It inspires nostalgic and melancholic feelings, amongst else.

The Moon rules over dreams, imagination and fantasy. It is closely related to intuitive thinking. It is your inner voice and you should listen to it. Sometimes our inner voice is more reasonable than our rational self is.

Intuition many times prevails over conscious decisions. The key is to keep the two parts of yourself in balance and trust both your intuition and your logic.

This dreamy planet is associated with the element of Water and it rules the sign of Cancer.

The Moon is of mutable nature and it directly affects our mood. It changes positions quickly and affects the course of our mood development.

What is it like to have the Moon in a sign that is of nature very different to that of the Moon, such as Aries?

Moon in Aries

Aries is a Fire element sign, while the Moon is the Water. The Moon in Aries reveals a personality that is temperamental and fierce, very open and direct in expressing emotions.

The energy of Aries commonly takes over the smooth, dreamy energy of the Moon, when in this position. The moon in Aries makes one simply expressive, sharp and even aggressive.

These people are temperamental and they never try to hide their feelings. They say everything aloud and they prefer to keep it clear and simple. They are more doers, rather than thinkers.

Aries Moon never wastes time on mourning and complaining about troubles. They are strong; they gather themselves up quickly and move ahead.

They are easily provoked, because their nature is impulsive.

On the other hand, they are easily motivated and they have strong will to achieve something in life.

They focus on their goals with the whole of their being, including the emotional part. They are enthusiastic about taking action, anxious, and nervous if they have nothing to do. They need physical motion and activity.

Gemini Sun Aries Moon Personality

Gemini Sun Aries Moon perfectly combines gifts of both signs. They are executive and determined as Aries and communicative and witty as Gemini.

This is a promising combination, because they are capable to keep focus and develop intellectually.

They use their wits to achieve their well-set goals. They are capable of focusing attention on one thing and persistent in their action.

They do not lose interests quickly, which is a typical Gemini trait, but stay focused. They use words to express their feelings and thoughts, rather than immediately taking a physical action, which is common for Aries.

With good aspects, they maintain balance between the two, keeping their incredible energy flowing. They are very outgoing and have brilliant ideas.

Moreover, they are determined to bring these ideas into realization. They show originality in ideas and they share it with the world. They are insightful and problem solvers.

These people are never discouraged by failure; they take everything as an experience that could make the, learn something and become more resistant in the future.

Good Traits

Gemini Sun Aries Moon are open minded, extroverted individuals. They are open for new experiences, ideas and challenges.

They are daring and they speak their mind aloud. More importantly, their words are measured and in place. They could outsmart anyone in a verbal argument.

The make excellent spokesperson, entertainers, but also ingenious inventors or scientists. They are enthusiastic about living the life.

Their attitude towards life is genuinely positive. These people really have a drive for life. They rarely lose hope or get fearful. They easily come up with another plan, if things go wrong.

The good part of their impulsive nature is spontaneity, combined with extremely clever mind. It helps them come up to effective and practical solutions quickly.

Bad Traits

Once these two enthusiastic and active sides go out of balance, they are at risk of losing focus.

Once they lose it, they become forgetful and reckless.

They find it hard to find it again and they become chaotic. They could also be very impulsive and too edgy for other people.

Many times, they would do or say shocking things, because they commonly lack the sane of what is appropriate. They allow themselves too much, at times.

Gemini Sun Aries Moon in Love and Marriage

Gemini Sun Aries Moon people have Aries need to find center and stability and Gemini drive to explore the world.

If these two are in balance, everything comes so natural to these people.

They do not obsess themselves with the idea of settling down, but it simply sneaks into their life gradually. Once they get tired of their wanderings, they start feeling the time is to settle down.

They are honest and loyal in love. Even their adventurous Gemini gets more grounded with Aries Moon. They are loving, sharing and kind. They cheer their loved one up and offer great support.

They share everything with their partner. There are no secrets in a relationship or a marriage. Generally, they get married later in life.

Best Match for Gemini Sun Aries Moon

The best match for these energetic and communicative people is someone who is open and direct. It is someone ready to share everything with them.

Smart, cheery and versatile people attract Gemini Sun Aries Moon.

They need someone to soften their impulses, but never to restrict their need to explore the world.


Gemini Sun Aries Moon people are honest, positive and dynamic.

They know when to act and how to use words in any situation. They are intelligent, executive and daring, with brilliant minds and enough of needed focus. They may be a bit too impulsive and enthusiastic over things.

Overall, they are admirable and enjoyable to have around.