Dreaming About a Girl – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about a girl refer to dreams about a female child. To see a little girl in your dreams could have many meanings, mostly related to meanings of dreams about children.

With the feminine attribute in this case, such a dream gets another dimension.

The dream about a girl could also refer to dreams about a young woman, a young female, a schoolgirl or so.

All these dreams are symbolically connected, but the exact meaning varies depending on the context in the dream and the context in the waking life of a dreamer.

You could dream about seeing a little girl or a baby girl. You could also dream about having a female child. You could dream about your daughter, a younger sister or a friend and so on.

It also happens that a woman dreams about being a girl or that a feminine adult figure from a dreamer’s life was a girl. All of these dreams have specific meanings.

Let us try to discover hidden messages behind dreams that feature a motif of a girl.

First, we are going to focus on the idea of a girl motif as that of a female child.

Dreams about children

Child is a very common motif in dreams, regardless of having kids of your own or not.

Most of the dreams about children are of positive meanings, if the very connotation of such dreams is positive, meaning, if nothing bad was happening to the children in particular dreams.

In order to find out the exact meaning of dreams featuring children, you should recall as much details as you could.

It is also very important to think about your emotional reactions related to the dream about children. If we think about the motif of children in dreams in general, it does not matter much if the child was a girl or a boy.

However, in people who have specific desires about planning to have children, it could be of more importance.

Generally speaking, children in dreams commonly represent our unfulfilled desires, our nostalgia for times that have passed, the unwillingness to let the past behind, the non-readiness for an ‘adult’ life, our refusal to grow up and take responsibility, cause it is hard, indeed.

Children in dreams represent purity, innocence, carelessness, happiness, simple joys, ability to enjoy life simply as it is and because it is.

Of course, meanings vary depending on what was happening in a dream. One could dream about only seeing children or a little boy or a girl.

There are dreams about being a child once again or acting as a child, being an adult.

There are dreams related to childhood in general, such as being taken care of by your parents, going to kindergarten or school, being young and worry-less in general.

Dreams about a little girl

What if you dream about a female child, a little girl? Well, meanings behind dreams about girls are similar to dreams about children in general, but with the attribute of femininity and all that goes along.

Girls are traditionally seen as lovely, cute, fragile, gentle and beautiful.

It is not the same as with boys, although all children in dreams and in waking life are considered pure, adorable and innocent. Girls are usually seen more fragile, but it is also their strength.

We speak about the most common interpretations, mostly find in Western world concepts.

The cultural role of female and male children (and adults) differs depending on a tradition.

Let us talk more about dreams in which a motif of a little girls or a baby girl occurs.

Dreams about a baby girl

If you dream about a baby girl, it is the most positive dream. A baby girl represents the same as all babies represent in dreams.

A female baby only makes the meaning ‘softer’, if we could even say so.

A baby girl in dreams represents something innocent, pure, cute, lovely, helpless and fragile. A baby always represents a need for protection, but also pureness that only a child’s soul could know.

If you see a baby girl in a dream, it means good news, positive vibrations and general relief, peace and harmony. This motif proves that there are things so pure and beautiful, unstained by any sin in this world. It represents hope for better tomorrow.

A baby girl especially represents the very birth itself as well as the motherhood, the feminine principle in general.

Dreaming about holding a baby girl means you have a strong desire to take care about something so vulnerable and adorable, as babies all are. If a baby girl smiles to you, it definitely means you are good in any role you are doing in your waking life at the time.

Maybe you are a good parent, but maybe you carefully nurture an idea or it is about something else.

Dreams about a daughter

Dreams about your own daughter are common in parents who worry too much about their children, which is usually more associated with worrying about female children.

The dream reflects your fear for your daughter’s safety, especially if the girl is still underage or a very little one. You are being an overprotective parent, perhaps.

If a daughter argues with you in a dream, but not in reality, maybe she actually feels under pressure and is afraid to speak up to you.

On the other hand, such a dream could simply reflect all the love you have for your lovely princess. If a daughter is grown up and lies apart from you, it is very common often to dream about her.

Things get really strange when a person who does not have a daughter or children at all, dreams about having one. The meaning greatly depends on the context.

If a dreamer is a female, the daughter in a dream could actually be herself. The dream suggests you should take care of yourself and pamper yourself just as if you would take care about a daughter.

Maybe you were too strict and too hard on yourself in waking life or your parents were. The daughter in a dream is like an alter ego of a dreamer.

If you fight with her and somehow the situation is complicated, it only means you struggle within, you have a conflict with yourself. It may indicate a problem of accepting your feminine side; this could happen both in female and male dreamers.

Such a dream usually has a complex and deep meaning, so it could be carefully interpreted, with all details taken into account.

Alternatively, the dream about having a daughter, although having none in waking life, occurs in people who dream about having children, but experience difficulties in the process.

It does not even matter if they wish to have a boy or a girl. In fact, dreams about a daughter only emphasize their desire to have a little one to take care for, to nurture and pamper.

Dreams about cuddling a little girl

If you dream about looking after a little girl that is not your own daughter or a sibling means you feel the strong need to protect those who are helpless and vulnerable.

This dream could simply be a reflection of your personality and character. Maybe you feel you have still not done enough for others.

Even if you do your best, you feel as if there is more and the dream should only inspire you to continue your good work.

This dream also tells about your inability to express emotions related to love and care in waking life. You find t very difficult to show gentleness towards people you actually deeply care for and it makes you feel sad.

The dream is a channel to your emotions and guidance. It tells you that sometimes it is the best thing you can do only to hug someone and show them you are by their side.

This dream reflects your gentle side and teaches you that there is a lot of love within your soul.

The desire to cuddle, comfort and look after a little girl that is unrelated to you suggests you have a good heart.

The dream should encourage you and make you realize you indeed are a good person, even if sometimes you fail to show it the best way. Be natural and listen to your caring heart.

Dreams about being a little girl

Dreams about being a little girl are weird, considering you are an adult woman. It is incredibly rare that a man has such a dream.

However, the dream usually tells about a Peter Pan syndrome and one’s unwillingness to grow up.

Being a little girl typically means others take care of you, your parents dress you up, feed you, cuddle you, take you to the playground and so on.

You have your dolls and fluffy toys, similar age friends and all the adults make decisions in your place. Many times a grown up dreams about being a child again, a boy or a girl. To be back in the time when everything was so simple is a common daydream of all us.

If you dream you are a little girl, it reflects your desire to put all your troubles aside and simply to enjoy life.

You may be tired of responsibilities in your life and you need a break, both physical and mental.

On the other hand, this dream could reflect deeply suppressed emotions related to being neglected as a child or at your current age. You lacked parental love or you now lack a warm hand and support of loved ones.

This emptiness reflects in your dream of being a little girl that is taken care for by others.

Dreams about a girl crying

If you see a crying girl in your dreams, it indicates you have hurt someone’s feelings, usually feelings of a person who did not deserve it. You probably did that with no intention to harm the person.

The dream suggests you should be more observant and careful when expressing your thoughts and feelings to others.

Some people in your environment may be more vulnerable and sensitive than you are. You should be gentler towards them.

If you manage to comfort a crying girl and make her stop feeling so, the dream means you will be able to fix things you have done yourself or help someone overcome consequences of something bad that has happened to that person. Either way, the outcome should be good.

A girl that does not stop crying no matter what you do mean you will not be able to handle the situation.

If you know that you have caused her cry, then the dream means you have to take consequences and accept the negative outcome. Perhaps you have hurt someone so badly that he or she does not want to have anything with you again.

On the other hand, if you were not the cause of crying, the dream means you should stop trying to correct everything. You have done your best; let others do the rest.

Dreams about a girl dancing

A dancing girl, a little one or an older one always represent a positive thing. Both a girl and dancing symbolize joy, happiness, beauty and life. This dream should relax you and make you feel good.

The girl dancing could be you, as well. It represents your desire to let go all the fears and surrender to the melody of life. Perhaps you should do so, just as a dancing girl in your dream.

This interpretation is greatly dependant on a girl’s age and that of a dreamer.

For example, if a young woman dreams about a girl of a similar age dancing, it means the woman becomes aware of her own femininity and graciousness.

If a girl is very young, the dream symbolizes pure happiness and joy of life.