Aquarius in 11th House – Meaning and Info

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Aquarius is a sociable and communicative sign that loves to interact with others. Your mind is full of ideas that you cannot always communicate easily.

People born under the sign of Aquarius always seek freedom and respect it above all else. They have great social conscience and they care about the state of the world. They are altruistic and supportive.

Aquarius – Meaning and Info

Aquarius pursues knowledge and analyzes everything when he is on his way and finds it interesting. He has an original, curious and nonconformist mentality capable of adapting to any circumstance.

In his continuous search for knowledge, he ends up forming very complex opinions of his own that can be extravagant to others.

The natural residence of Aquarius is the future, from where he brings innovative and original ideas that he transmits to those who listen to him. His mind is extraordinarily open to all kinds of ideas and he is very understanding.

The water carrier wanders with his jug collecting the waters of knowledge to pour them as he passes, sharing them with all those interested.

It symbolizes intellectual development and communication. He brings to Aquarians fraternal and humanitarian values, a communicative character and an innovative and open mind.

Uranus is the planet of change and revolution, it is also known as “the rebellious planet” and gives Aquarius a radical, sudden and unpredictable energy that leans towards change, adventure and freedom.

Aquarians love individualism and independence, but they also have a revolutionary character that believes in social change.

The element of Aquarius is Air. It gives you a superior intuition focused on understanding great universal principles and a strong sense of group and community. He has great social gifts, a great curiosity and good feelings for others.

11th House – Meaning and Info

The 11th House is linked to the social environment, the development of people in large groups, societies and many other symbolic aspects in life, which can be influenced by different energies by the Planets of the Solar System and other stars.

Friends live in this house and we are not talking about a tangible structure where everyone can get together, but the eleventh house symbolizes friendly relationships, it is that group of people with whom we decide to spend our best and worst moments.

The ones who they take care when you have a broken heart or those who provide you support in the most difficult moments of your life, those people who are chosen to love for who they are and all the valuable qualities they bring to your life.

On the other hand, it also represents teamwork and the way to deal with spaces that are overloaded with people, since the handling of these situations and the way we function in a considerable group of people is very different for all people. And the different types of character that we all have.

The eleventh astral house also links the different societies in which we are involved, whether corporate, artistic and charitable.

In the same way, it involves our mentors, counselors and role models, those people on whom we put all our understanding to work and from whom we want to absorb as much information as possible.

Last but not least, the 11th house is also linked to hope and illusions.

It is linked to Aquarius (ruling sign of the eleventh house astral), Gemini and Libra.

It is communication, the most influential element when it comes to being able to transmit oneself, through words and being able to grant enough understanding so that the ideals and the message in general can be transmitted, in the most favorable way for those involved.

They are dreamy people, determined in their projects and the realization of them, firm when it comes to raising their thoughts and ideas, analytical at all times and occasions, they are always considering the possible factors and variants with each step they take, because they do not have time or desire to leave everything to chance.

Its most obvious relationship to the 11th house is versatility when it comes to socializing, the constant movement of ideas and good planning of approaches and goals to be executed.

It is the planet of transformations, alteration and the unpredictable, when people are in a stage of their lives in which there are very drastic and constant changes, possibly all the events that occurred had the influence of this star, being able to affect so much positive and negative.

Corresponds to people born from January 20 to February 29. With this sign, knowledge expands, more towards the altruistic and humanitarian side, they are very empathetic people and independence is a primary step in their lives, activities to keep the body, soul and spirit healthy, must be part of the habit to be able to feel comfortable.

Very determined in their ideals and they can always respect the thoughts of others, as they are open to opinions different from their own, but their convictions are firm and very well raised.

Poorly channeled energies can turn them into impulsive, exaggerated, little patient and unfriendly people.

The influence of the celestial bodies and all the energies that they transmit towards the Zodiac Constellations and all the Astrological Houses, are very strong but vary according to the location of the planet, its compatibility with the ruling sign and the other influences that it has. Individual.

The planet Venus influences an excellent environment to form strong and lasting bonds, especially romantic relationships that can end in friendships or, on the contrary, childhood friends could become the true love of your life.

The work environment will also be easier, getting a job with a good income and being successful in the dream career will be one more step in life.

Working alone is not an option, they function better in groups or working with more people, respect and fidelity are the basis of their relationships that will always bring joy, peace and harmony to their lives, they are leaders by nature and these qualities will always stand out in their social groups, but without becoming disrespectful or borderline.

With the Moon as an influential star, the bonds are always based on love and mutual respect, they are very sensitive relationships and open to great changes, the relationship could be involved in different situations and conflicts, but when the bonds of union are strong, the relationship will remain regardless of the difficulties.

Aquarius in 11th House – Meaning and Info

People, born when they are 11 at home in Aquarius, are very windy and rarely have long-term friendly relations.

The smallest change in their lives can make them wrestle with a person who was considered quite close yesterday.

For this reason, it is easier for them to communicate with people who are younger than them.

House 11 in Aquarius is a character of a man. They also prefer to work with young people. They have experience and skills in dealing with her, and they understand how to manage such a group of people.

Along with this, they observe a disregard for the authors.

For example, such a person will only want to work with young people. Yes, this is interesting, because new ideas reign here and such people, with one foot, are always close to the future. One of the older generation is able to share free experience and remember about past achievements.

The most sensible option is to find the golden middle and get rid of the shifting to one side.

Many ideas of people who were born when 11 Home in Aquarius immediately appeal to the mind, completely without touching the sphere of the senses.

Due to this, they perfectly cope with solving logical problems, and are also productive when it is necessary to achieve certain goals.

However, this interferes with understanding how hard and in what way the result will affect humanity.

If the leadership is only a strict logic, then you can easily enter the service of evil and do not even notice it.

Moreover, his ideas will seem insane, and the members of the group will refuse to take part in their implementation.

In the result, the person will appear to be a rejected collective, although he will preserve a sense of self-righteousness.


Such people have many friends.

However, he can easily break with someone, if you require from some excessive attention or emotional alertness.

In friendliness for them, the most important thing is the ability to go to help, as well as the ability to implement some ideas in general. They have a brightly expressed talent for dramaturgy and have the ability to train. They know about it, and therefore often choose the appropriate profession.