Head Injury – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Injury in real life is something that all of us dread – we hate it, we are always scared of the pain, or that it can turn into something worse, etc.

Dreams that have the main motive for an injury are, truth to be told, unpleasant – and it is not very common for people to have a lot of such dreams. They come from time to time.

It is said that those who are seen as hypochondriacs (for example, those who become ill when they dream of blood, wounds, or burns) their subconscious mind manifests this idea in the form of their hypochondriac behavior.

But, this is not the only value of this dream – it is not reserved only for people with hypochondria.

All of us can experience such dreams, and they come in various forms, one of them being a dream about a head injury.

In any case, these examples of dreams about wounds will give you an idea of how to interpret your dreams.

Try to remember all the details and thoughts, even if you think they might not be important. Here are some dream examples of wounds and injuries, depending on the context of the dream itself.

Meaning and Symbolism

Right away, we must tell you that there is a major difference between where and what kind of injury was depicted in a dream.

For example, the head takes a major difference – unlike, for example, the meaning of a leg injury.

This would change the entire meaning of a dream about the injury.

There is major importance regarding the head – the fact that it is one out of two elements in a dream makes a whole difference; it pronounces the importance of a dream and the events that will follow.

And it is important was it your head or someone else’s that was injured

If in a dream your head was injured, such a dream is seen as a symbol that foretells hard work and exhausting duties in the coming future.

Most likely, these huge events would be related to your business or personal belongings and will require a huge amount of time and effort to finally end.

Don’t be fooled if your current condition is relaxed, because this dream means that everything could change faster than you think.

This kind of dream means that someone or something will disrupt your plans.

If someone else head was seen in a dream, and it was injured, in reality, this dream shows that there is probably someone in your life whose insecurities make you miss good opportunities.

And, because of that individual, you made some poor choices. You may leave college, turned down a job in another country, or given up buying an apartment or house. You have finally realized that this person is holding you back and unconsciously obstructing you, so you will try to talk openly about it.

It will not be easy for you to reach a compromise, but if you want a better future for yourself, an agreement is inevitable.

Now, if you are hitting someone in the head and causing a head injury, in that case, such a dream may suggest that you are desperately afraid of change. You rarely get out of your comfort zone; that’s why you’ve been “stuck” for so long in the same job that doesn’t make you happy.

This dream is a sign of fear that is constant in your life, and most notably, we are speaking offer related to failure.

This is seen as your main brake because you have missed many good opportunities so far when it comes to working and private life.

Decoding the Dream about Head Injury

The injury is an indication that something dramatic and dangerous has already happened.

This is not only proof of the event itself but also symbolizes the residual damage due to which the injury may have left you sensitive.

Although injuries on the body are physical, they can also symbolically represent emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds.

The most important thing about a dream about a head injury is the condition in which you left it.

The higher the risk, the greater the role of the life situation that the dream expresses – try to recall the injury itself, was it big, small, tiny, bloody, etc.

The meaning of a head injury dream is a warning to create ways and ideas because you are afraid of new responsibilities that come to you.

This dream is closely connected with the injuries from the past because of which you gave up a lot without being able to heal them.

Dreaming of any wounds or injuries represents hurt feelings. If the dreamer is the cause of the wound himself or injured himself in his sleep, then that is proof of his aggression and distrust towards his daily life.

And the advice regarding it is to truly deal with it in the best way possible, so it does not turn into something that is out of control.

The wound symbolizes an experience that could be unpleasant and should take into account and learn from.

We must add the type of head injury that makes a lot of difference when we are speaking of this type of dream.

For example, if the head injury is huge and with a lot of blood, such a dream is may indicate that you will be attacked in the lowest possible way.

If the head injury in a dream was small, such a dream comes as an indication that a precise attack on you.

It can be an attack directed at a specific point in your life, like someone you care for.

Larger head injuries in a dream are the symbol of violence and a lot of danger that may occur during the attack on you.

Such attacks could be directed at your reputation, self-esteem, or ego.

Also, we must add one more additional element in the dream about the head injury.

The presence of an infection can reveal that an old injury left unattended festers and causes you pain and discomfort.

All that results in blood loss is that passion and life force run out or dissipate.

Dreams of physical or emotional injuries signify your awareness of the aspect of yourself that needs attention, nurturing, and healing.

Consider the location of the being and realize that you cannot heal what you cannot feel.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

The description of the dream about the head injury mostly depends on the parts of the dream itself and the real position you are going within day by day.

For example, if in a dream you see an injury that has not been healed, that is completely open, it is an indication of some loss you have lately experienced, such as a damaged connection with someone you like very much, or it could be some kind of a heartfelt decline throughout an unforeseen circumstance.

Anything that is still causing you problems that your head hurts.

The problem with dreams that include wounds and injuries occurs when your dream occurs naturally and spontaneously, without considering the previously listed aspects.

In some cases, the dream about the head injury is, in fact, seen as a sharp conflict and personal struggle before making an important decision – it is not so bad when you think about it.

As you can see, it is necessary to know the circumstances of the dream and the basic features that influence your life – think of all decisions you have been making or you should make at a certain point in life.

Of course, in some cases, these dreams can speak of an attack and depending on its appearance in a dream, it can speak of what kind of attack you can expect.

It can be a dream about the vicious attack, not on you in a physical way, but seen as an attack on your life, your dearest, and above your reputation.

But, according to another interpretation, dreams about the head injury can be related to some kind of loss, particularly seen in interpersonal relations. It can speak of some kind of emotional loss, etc.

The fact that the dream is associated with the head shows that it is very important and must be related to something that you hold as very important.