IQ 134 – Score Meaning

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What does it mean to have a high IQ score? Does it affect individual’s personalities and life as a whole? In order to answer such questions, we have to understand what our intelligence represents and how could it ever be measured.

Human intelligence is what makes us different from other living beings in our world. One could dare to say our intelligence comes in place of instincts, as seen in the animals’ kingdom.

Indeed, our intelligence, at least for one part, serves a purpose of instincts, in terms of survival. One of the most famous scientists of our day, himself a genius with a highly IQ score, has suggested one simple and appealing idea on intelligence. It is.

As he has claimed, our ability to adjust to certain changes and conditions. It is our mental ability to fit into the frame of changes. However, not only it helps us reason and learn from mistakes and then adapt.

Our mental capacities also have an incredible potential. That is creativity. About century to two centuries ago, human imagination was considered the most powerful force we have been ordained.

It is our creative mind that is capable of doing amazing things. Pure reason is a base, perhaps, but imagination is something higher. It is indeed, one of our special gifts, to say.

Thus, not only we are capable of reasoning, learning and using knowledge in order to adapt, but also we use our imagination and creativity to make new changes. Our intelligence does not serve mere survival; it satisfies our other needs, those intellectual and even emotional. It is interesting to mention here the factor of emotional intelligence.

According to some authors, emotional intelligence is even more important than intelligence quotient, IQ, if we take IQ as a predictor of life success. Emotional intelligence would play a great part in actual manifestation of our IQ score.

To be highly intelligent certainly opens up new opportunities in terms of life success, as we have constituted the idea of success, but emotional intelligence would definitely play a part.

A person could be very intelligent, but shy and non-ambitious, while an average intelligent person could be determined, self-confident and ambitious.

There are of course variations of both; it is but a plastic example, given in order to show how intelligence level alone does not determine one’s success in life. It also depends on individual sensibilities, desires, overall attitude and many more.

Superiority of Human Intelligence

We usually take our intelligence as something that makes us superior over other living beings. Well, not everyone would agree on that, but this is not a point here. Could there be some other forms of life intelligent at least as we are’ So far, our space programs have not discovered any. However, it could be that our own intelligence level prevents us from it.

One interesting and a bit science fiction theory suggest that there have to be other intelligent ‘species’ in the outer space. In fact, they could be so intelligent that we cannot perceive them.

Such exceptionally intelligent forms of life or, rather, existence would not need to materialize, even, futurists argue. This daring idea rather proposes the existence of some abstract, higher forces. We could even associate it with ideas on deities, spirits and more.

It is the point where science and myth meet. Well, although it may sound difficult to understand, since such abstract ideas are, indeed, hard to comprehend, given our perception as a whole, they do not seem entirely impossible.

In modern day, scientists work on all sorts of digitalization programs. We try to create artificial intelligence, for example. How successful those projects are, is a question for experts.

It seems that the intelligence could be transferred into something out of human physical body. A daring and intriguing idea!

One day perhaps we would reach those high levels of intellectual existence that would allow us perceive much more of the universe and maybe even recognize those high forms of intellectual existence.

However, we still have to do with intelligence we have at this point. How does it manifest in reality? What constitutes our intelligence? IQ test take but few parameters. Are they reliable, in terms of measuring human intelligence?

Some argue IQ test are insufficient to determine one’s full intellectual capacities, while IQ test adherents claim they represent and fairly evaluate general intelligence.

Intelligence and All Its Sides

While IQ test certainly respectively look on several parameters of our intellectual being, it is good to mention other ideas on the intelligence.

According to theorists who support the idea of multiple intelligences, IQ tests are narrow and they could not represent a value of the intelligence. On the other side, the theory of multiple intelligences is, indeed, very flexible and, perhaps, too wide.

It suggests there were many types of intelligences, amongst which elements and aspects one would never associate with human intellect.

Physical, musical, artistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal skills and talents, even moral and spiritual aspect of an individual are enlisted amongst intelligences, according to the theory. All these have in common what we could call general intelligence.

The point of this approach is to show that other potentials of an individual could be of great significance, if we are to talk about the potentials for success. IQ tests speak about success in terms of education and career.

However, some of the talents and skills presented in the theory of multiple intelligences could greatly contribute to one’s success in life.

For example, a person who is talented in arts or masters certain sport could be exceptionally successful in life, without scoring high on an IQ test. It depends on individual case and of course, IQ test related intelligence would definitely play a role.

Those ideas, although they seem opposed (having one intelligence or multiple ones), together explain the complexity of human intelligence as a whole.

High IQ Scores

Since the score we are about to talk is exceptional, let us dedicate few passages to high scores and their implications in life. While a high score does not guarantee life success, as we have seen, it definitely opens up great opportunities.

If you are interested into widening your knowledge and you have academic type of goals, high score definitely makes it all much easier. In fact, it is unimaginable that a high scorer would not be interested in such things.

People ask if a high score affects one’s personality. It does, as personality in turn affects the application of a high score in real life. They are intertwined and interconnected.

Let us talk about characteristics of high score individuals, as there were some we could easily distinguish. A high scorer is typically a curious person. People with high intelligence ask questions.

They have an inborn lust for knowledge, to call it so. Their intelligence requires constant intellectual stimulation, which is the reason why they would engage with complicated theories, complex questions and why they ask so many.

People with exceptional scores not only ask questions and efficiently draw conclusions from given materials, but they come up with original answers and sometimes their own brilliant theories.

One of the common question regarding high scores is that about geniuses. What does a genius score mean? We will not talk about the score as a number.

One of the best examples is probably that of the famous Albert Einstein. Einstein had a score around 160, but it was not the only thing that made people think of him as a true genius. Einstein was very intelligent, but also extremely imaginative and intuitive individual.

IQ 134 Score Meaning

IQ score 134 is that of a ‘gifted’ individual, one of ‘very superior intelligence’. This is not a genius score, but it qualifies one for Mensa, according to most of the scales.

Considering the average range is somewhere around 90 and 109, one could easily see the score 134 is well above the average. In reality, such a high score corresponds with PhD degree and definitely opens doors to successful academic career.

People of such high score have very rich inner life and there are in need of more and more knowledge. They stand out and are commonly loners, though not alone. However, how one’s high sore would present in life depends on additional factors.

Many people argue IQ score alone does not tell much about them. Some even claim high scores brought them more negative than good things.

It probably depends on one’s attitude towards life, which cannot be fully determined by someone’s IQ score. It depends on factors of the environment, as well. While one may have exceptional score, factors such as living conditions, socio cultural setting and more would affect the way that individuals’ potentials are going to develop.

Being very intelligent and not using your intelligence does not mean your IQ would degrade, but it would very likely make one unsatisfied in life.

People with high scores ‘feel’ they have to use their intelligence. They need to be intellectually stimulated. That is why academic path is the best choice for a high scorer; most of them feel as it was something they were destined to.

This may sound a bit romantic, but there is truth in it. The attitude towards life would play a role in how successful would you be in life and, perhaps more importantly, how satisfied.

For example, a person of score 134 could be an incredibly curious and optimistic one; that person would most likely come up to progressive, positive, curious discoveries that would benefit the person and possibly even the whole humanity.

On the other hand, you may have another 134 scorer who was pessimistic or whose life story is not all bright. That person, thanks to their incredibly piercing perception could see more disastrous things than an average person could.

People with high scores ask many questions; there is a very thin line between thinking and over-thinking. If you have a high score, such as 134, you should try to find a balance between the two.

People ask if IQ score 134 was ‘fine’, ‘good’ or so. While this is not exactly applicable question, since it is hard to decide on quality of IQ scores if there was not a category to do so, we daresay IQ 134 was good. It is good, since it definitely gives one amazing opportunities in life.

It is about not only success in terms of education and career, but about being capable of seeing into things others could never see into. It makes you a rich person.