IQ 151 – Score Meaning

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People have noticed long time ago that some people are smarter than other. They noticed that they learn faster, do things faster, solve problems faster, have creative ideas how to deal with things, etc.

The idea of measuring intelligence was created much earlier before the first intelligence test was created.

First IQ test was made in France, by the French psychologist Alfred Binet at the beginning of the 20th century. The IQ test was created as an attempt to find a way to determine children with normal mental capacity from those who had limited mental ability.

Because it is such a complex concept and a trait which consists of many different traits, intelligence is hard to define. That fact is what created the idea of variety of types of intelligence instead of one, called general intelligence, which was up till recently a commonly accepted view.

People have special abilities and talents in different areas and it is correct to put these abilities into different types of intelligence.

Most intelligence tests today test the person’s general intelligence. This type of intelligence is made of different cognitive abilities, like the ability to gather information, to learn, especially from experience, to think critically, be creative, to solve problems, reason, etc.

IQ tests have evolved in time and many new ones were created. Still the most common ones are the ones which aim to measure the person’s general intelligence. These tests have different cognitive tasks which can be verbal, quantitative, perceptual, or conceptual in nature.

Intelligence tests are still mostly use as a means to measure the mental abilities of children comparing them to the average mental ability of children of the same age.

IQ tests are also used in recruitment processes by psychologists who need to determine whether certain candidates are adequate for the position they are applying.

These tests have scales to help determine the test results. It is fair to say that IQ test results are often inaccurate due to various reasons.

If the person is unable to concentrate and focus on doing the test with all their abilities it is certain that the test results won’t be accurate. That is why these tests usually have a tolerance of scores for up to 20 points.

There are several IQ scales but the values are similar. According to the currently used Wechsler IQ scale, average intelligence falls between IQ 90 and 109. This is the category where most of the population belongs to (around 50%).

According to the Wechsler IQ classification:

  • IQ 130 and above 130 belongs to the Very Superior intelligence category;
  • IQ between 120 and 129 belongs to the Superior intelligence category;
  • IQ between 109 and 119 belongs to the High Average intelligence category;
  • IQ between 90 and 109 belongs to the Average intelligence category;
  • IQ between 80 and 90 belongs to the Low Average intelligence category;
  • IQ between 70 and 79 belongs to the Borderline intelligence category;
  • IQ 69 and below 69 belongs to the Extremely Low intelligence category;

Regardless of the results scored on the IQ test, it is important to know that intelligence can be changed and raised.

That is a comforting information for people who are not satisfied with their IQ score.

If possible causes for a bad IQ score cannot be ruled out by some circumstances beyond the tested person’s control, there are some activities that someone who wants to increase the level of their intelligence can do.

Such activities are reading and education in the first place, but also eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, resting, exercising, doing brain stimulating activities, etc. 

Types of intelligence

As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of intelligence because of the complexity of the intelligence concept which makes it hard to define it through only one type.

Emotional intelligence is a described as a person’s ability to be understanding and sympathetic to other people’s emotions, motivations, and desires. This type of intelligence is necessary for successful social interactions with other people.

General intelligence is a type we have already mentioned. It represents the person’s cognitive abilities and skills, their ability to learn and gain knowledge, learn from experience, adapt to circumstances, reason, etc. Most IQ tests are created to test this type of intelligence.

Practical intelligence is a type of intelligence similar to the previous one. It represents the practical skills of the person and their ability to solve problems in a practical way.

Creative intelligence is a kind which represents the person’s creative abilities and ability of finding creative ways to deal with problems.

Multiple or specific intelligences are different types of intelligences which describe people’s special talents and abilities in different areas. A person can possess:

  • Verbal – linguistic intelligence or be word smart
  • Logical – mathematical intelligence or be number/reasoning smart
  • Intrapersonal intelligence or be self-smart
  • Interpersonal intelligence or be people smart
  • Visual-spatial intelligence or be picture smart
  • Musical intelligence or be music smart
  • Naturalist intelligence or be nature smart
  • Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence or be bodily smart

Fluid intelligence is a kind of intelligence which represents the person’s ability to discover new means to handle things and everyday issues. This type of intelligence usually decreases with age.

Crystalized intelligence is a kind of intelligence created during the person’s lifetime and their experiences. This type of intelligence tends to increase as the person ages. 

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

Intelligence quotient is a measure for the level of the person’s intelligence. The IQ as it is shortly called is calculated through IQ tests.

Intelligence or IQ tests are created for different age groups because intelligence is different between individuals of different age.

IQ is calculated by using the following formula: mental age ÷ chronological age x 100 = IQ score.

When the mental age level is higher than the chronological age of a person that means that they have a higher intelligence. If the mental age is lower than the chronological age the person’s intelligence is lower than average.

Genetic has a very important role in the forming of the person’s intelligence. It is a known fact that intelligence is inherited from our parents and ancestors. Parents and children often have similar IQ like their parents.

Besides genetics, another important factor influencing the development of intelligence is the person’s environment and living conditions.

It is known that children who raised in poverty, neglected, and poorly educated have lower intelligence than those children who are raised in decent conditions, nurtured, educated, and well taken care of.

Children who are neglected and lack education can even experience decreasing of their intelligence.

Fortunately, if these conditions change for the better, their intelligence can develop. It is sad that most of them don’t ever get the chance to develop their full potential.

Possible causes of a bad IQ score

We mentioned that scores on IQ tests aren’t always accurate. The reasons are usually some circumstances present during the solving of the test.

If the person is disturbed for some reason they cannot properly concentrate and focus on solving the test. There are many reasons that can cause the scores to be inadequate.

For example, the person could be tired, or anxious, stressed, fearful of the results, or experience some other mental or physical disturbance.

Also, these tests are performed in a limited time frame and that can be a pressure for someone to perform their best and focus on the test.

The person, who has some learning disability, like dyslexia for example, can also score badly on the test. Because of the unpredictability of the conditions during the test, intelligence tests usually have tolerance of scores for up to 10 and 20 points.

Before people get disappointed because of their bad IQ scores, these are all things they need to rule out.

Also, a bad IQ score is not a reason for a major disappointment, because intelligence can be raised and that only requires effort and patience. 

IQ 151 score meaning

The Wechsler IQ scale puts the IQ 151 in the category of Very Superior intelligence. This means that you are a highly talented and intelligent person. This score puts you into the category of 2% of human population with IQ score above 130.

The gift you have been blessed with is a great honor, but also a great responsibility. You should try to make the most of it and use it wisely. Try to appreciate the gift you have and not take it for granted.

Also, the fact that you are different doesn’t give you the right to think that you are in some way better than others who are less intelligent than you. You should treat everyone with respect they deserve.

Having this special gift puts you in a position to do many things because you have the abilities.

Don’t be lazy and don’t allow lack of motivation and ambition deprive you of the benefits you could have and provide for others.

You should discover the best ways your intelligence can serve you and the people around you. You should be focused on finding a way to help those less fortunate.

It would be a waste and selfish to use your talents and abilities just for your needs.

You were blessed with them to serve humanity in some way as well as to improve it. Try to justify the trust given to you by the Universe.