Jupiter in 6th House

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Jupiter in the Sixth House is an interesting natal chart combo, indicating a personality passionate about professional and intellectual growth.

Each house in natal charts represents a field of life and each planet is of specific energy and meaning.

Planets inside houses make a particular aspect of a native’s life manifests in a unique way.

Each chart is a one of a kind complex of such effects. Isolated planet-house relation does not reveal the complete astrological picture, but it could bring certain fine elements of your life and personality into light.

Understanding your houses leads to better comprehension of segments of your life.

Sixth House in Astrology

The Sixth House tells about the native’s health, habits and work. This house has to do with employment and employers. All people depending on you could be seen through this house, and more. Your pets are also linked to the sixth field.

This is the house of services; it relates to all the services you offer to other people. Routine activities, the clothing you usually wear, your style, hygiene, diet and health habits are all associated with this house.

This house has much to do with your overall health and everything you do or not do that could affect your health condition.

This is not a particularly pleasant house, as it indicates enemies, troubles, rivals, unfortunate circumstances, cruel deeds, alerts and dangers. This house is associated with worries and anxiety, suspicions, damage, separation and so on.

The Sixth House is associated with one’s analytical abilities and planning, which are much needed when you have in mind all the negativities associated with this field. The sixth field represents obstacles, struggling, difficult circumstances and troublesome conditions.

This house represents the working environment, tiredness, exhaustion and stress. From a social aspect, this house indicates actual enemies, people who do not wish you to succeed.

However, the Sixth House is also the house of professional path, professional success, but not without any temptations, challenges and obstacles. This is a tricky house, sometimes described even as the house of fraud and enmity. Skepticism plays great part within the sixth field.

Of course, we have to know which planet were inside the sixth field and what kind of aspects they form, in order fully to understand indications of this astrological field.

This field is identified with negative thoughts and emotions, fears and psychiatric problems. Mental disorders and illness are to be seen through this field. Wounds and injuries, fragility, contagion, sensitivity are terms that have to do with this house.

However, in astrology, things are never black and white. As long as there was trouble, there must be a cure. Therefore, the Sixth House is also the house of healing, in a wide sense.

The Sixth House represents health problems, but also the cure, in both physical and mental sense.

Self-development and overall well-being could be achieved through this house. It is associated with healthy eating habits, healthy daily patterns, physical activity, training, laboratories and else.

While all types of illness and diseases are associated with the sixth field, there is an emphasis on intestines, digestion, waist and lower back.

This house is a cadent one, ruled by the planet Mercury and analog with the sign of Virgo. Some call it the house of purpose, associating the concept of duty with it. It has to do with your daily responsibilities and obligations, towards other people, but also towards yourself.

This is house describes your ability to adapt to different circumstances; concepts of professional life and health are closely related in the sixth field. We shall see how the benefic Jupiter affects this tricky field.

Jupiter in Mythology

Jupiter Optimus Maximus, the greatest and the best of all, as his name says, was one of the names this glorious deity was worshipped under in the Ancient Rome. Jupiter was a very old Italic and Roman deity, praised by many people, including Etruscans, for instance.

At first, shrines dedicated to Jupiter did not have a statue of the god, but a sacred stone identified with this deity. When it comes to Roman tradition, Jupiter has played an important role throughout the history of Rome.

He was worshiped under many names that describe the god’s function. For example, there was Iuppiter Victor, Jupiter who brings victory to army, and Iuppiter Stator, the one who stops the enemies.

Various functions were attributed to this god. He was the god of thunder and lightning, the sky and the weather.

Even daily and nightly thunders were associated with different aspects of the deity. Jupiter Fulgur was the Jupiter who mastered thunders and lightning.

Jupiter’s counterpart is, of course, the mighty Zeus, in Greek mythology. According to myths, Jupiter came to power and became the supreme god after overthrowing his evil father Saturn, who devoured his children, in fear of being overthrown. Jupiter was saved by his mother and he managed to bring his father down.

After his victory, he took the reign over the sky and the earth, while his brothers, Neptune and Pluto, known as Poseidon and Hades in Greek, got waters and underworld.

Jupiter established new order and so he became the god of justice, power, order and law, wisdom and prosperity. People believed he had the power to claim kings of men and he gave laws to both gods and people of the earth.

Jupiter was loved and adored throughout Roman lands; Zeus was also greatly admired in Greece. Zeus’ temple in Olympia was one of the wonders of the old world, which speaks a lot about how highly praised was this deity.

Many celebrations are associated with this god. Jupiter was also the protector of people, their lands and crops. He was associated with fertile soil and abundance, as a god of weather and rain. He was also considered a rainmaking deity.

All these attributes and functions tell about the grandiose position of the deity within ancient systems of belief. Astrological planet Jupiter could be considered equally grandiose and beneficial.

Jupiter in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Astrological Jupiter is considered a beneficial planet; it is the most beneficial one, a lucky star. Jupiter is associated with wisdom and with time. This big planet is a beneficial master of the time.

Jupiter is associated with one’s religiousness, faith, beliefs and philosophy. It is the planet of prosperity, growth and expansion. This planet gives on the sense of justice, morality and righteousness.

Jupiter is the planet of great knowledge and high education. Being the planet of expansion, this usually means that high education would very likely lead to high position and great success.

Figures from higher society circles are under this planet’s domain. Ministers, judges and generally people with a title are associated with Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of positive circumstances and good fortune, so people who have it emphasized often appear as simply being lucky in life.

This planet is identified with strong and incredible optimism, so people ruled by Jupiter could not be easily discouraged. They believe in goodness and take up a very positive approach to life.

They are eager to learn and to expand their views. Therefore, Jupiter is also the planet of distant travels, studying and living abroad, collaborations with foreign people and countries and so on.

Jupiter is the planet that is strongly linked to the concept of faith. People with strong Jupiter have faith in humanity and they believe into their own value.

They are generous, open and friendly; people guided by Jupiter are rarely jealous or envious of others. It takes a very complicated aspect to make them so.

It might be interesting to mention that Jupiter corresponds to archangel Zadkiel, the angel of liberty, goodness and mercy.

Jupiter in the Sixth House – Jupiter in 6th House

Jupiter in the Sixth House makes one a great initiator and a person who really loves to work. Working is the way of life for this native, in a wide sense.

This native would very likely dedicate much time to self-development and improvement of their cognitive capacities and abilities, all in order first to get and learn and then to master various skills that could be of practical use. This native focuses on professional skills and professional goals.

Education is of a great importance to people with Jupiter in the Sixth House, as it is the first step towards their career goals, whatever they are.

They would invest much time and effort not only into formal education, but also into self-education. They learn through institutions, but also through their immediate experience, from people they encounter, books they read, hobbies they practice and so on.

Dream job is what they aspire for, so they would do whatever it takes, regardless of how long it takes, to get there.

Whatever it takes does not mean these natives would cheat or bring down others, in order to reach their goals; as you know, Jupiter is beneficial planet, and people ruled by this one are friendly, open minded, tolerant and generous.

Natives with Jupiter in the Sixth House are noble and they would find their own ways to succeed.

These natives are excellent team workers, as well. They would see to contribute the team with their original, clever and genius ideas. Their coworkers admire their dedication, their knowledge and efforts; generally, people like Sixth House Jupiter ones.

On the other side, the natives also respect people they work with and admire others’ professional attitude and else related.

With the Sixth House being the field of purpose, these natives have a strong sense of purpose they have to fulfill.

They feel as if they have to contribute to the collective and, even better, the whole society. They see to do that through their work, using all that knowledge they have gained. Jupiter always needs expansion. However, there could be too much of it.

Jupiter in 6th House – Workaholic Enthusiasts

While it is generally very positive to be focused on self-development, inner growth, education and professional goals, there is a downside to this approach to life.

Jupiter in the Sixth House individuals usually miss it out, until someone else starts complaining, most likely, some of their closest and dearest people. Being too dedicated to your career goals, even hobbies or something of the sort usually comes with a price.

Sixth House Jupiter natives tend to neglect their loved ones and family. It is true that these natives put their job, professional goals and career and interests before everything else.

Their partner or members of their family, best friend or anyone very close to them often complain about being overlooked, neglected, and even forgotten. Jupiter in the Sixth House make one take emotional relationships for granted, focusing on work.

While trying to contribute the whole society, they neglect those who care about them the most. They, of course, do not act so out of any bad intention. In fact, they seem to believe it was their call.

However, it ends with them focusing on something else and not on their relationships.

Another risk is working themselves to exhaustion. These natives could seriously damage their health by working too hard.

Depending on aspects, they could end up pushing themselves over their own limitations. Others seem to notice this, while they seem to miss it out and continue working too hard.

A piece of advice to all with Jupiter in the Sixth House: take a deep breath, think about your achievements and appreciate the moment.

True, there is always something more you can do, but maybe you need to recharge before continuing.

Jupiter in the Sixth House – Continuous Growth

Overall, with good aspects, these natives are likely to be very successful and efficient within their professional circle.

They are dedicated, diligent and perfectionists. They are usually well educated and they would seek for new opportunities to improve and build up their knowledge, which is amazing.

They do not like to complicate things, as they would approach their responsibilities and ideas with logic and reason.

They are excellent in organizing and planning things, especially when it comes to work.

People with Jupiter in the Sixth House have an eye for details, which is much appreciated by others, particularly, in their working environment. As all Jupiter influenced people, these natives are optimistic.

They are always enthusiastic about their job and projects! They bring in positive vibes and make the job easier and more enjoyable to everyone included.