Jupiter in 7th House

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Many of us have wondered if stars could actually reveal our destiny or natal charts are just another fortuneteller’s trick.

Well, astrology is a very ancient science, practiced all around the world, from royal courts and palaces, over battlefields, to common folk.

Today, modernized astrology is very popular. Astrology is based upon the old hermetic postulate of ‘as above, so below’. What happens on a big plan, reflects in our unique lives.

Astrological charts are like identification cards. Each is as unique as a fingerprint, unfolding uniquely, over the course of one’s life.

It does not foretell all things to come, but gives one a precious insight into potentials. The rest depends on us. These charts are very complex and astrological houses are one of the constitutive element.

Houses represent fields of life. Planets found inside houses affect one’s experience related to a segment of life.

Seventh House in Astrology

The Seventh House is the house of partnerships and relations with other people, which could easily be understood if we remember that the seventh field was the opposite from the First House (being the house of Ego and the self).

The Seventh House is primarily linked to romantic relationships and all the terms, concepts and roles that have something to do with it.

Lovers, partners, spouses, romantic affairs, romantic relationships, breakups, marriage, divorce and else all have to do with this field.

This astrological house could be related to other types of connections and partnership, as well. For example, it could indicate a professional partnership, collaboration or the lack of it, deals, contracts, arrangements and all else could be seen in this field.

Public relations, public influence and activities are also matters of the Seventh House. This field is also about law and all the questions and processes that have something to do with it.

It is interesting to note that the Seventh House, following the Sixth, also has to do with opponents and rivalry, on public enemies and open enmity, which requires caution and attention.

However, we could say that this house is less ominous than the sixth field, though it always depends on planetary aspects. The Seventh House is very important in astrological readings.

It could tell much about the native’s love life and the future regarding romantic relationships. Planets and planetary aspects inside this house could tell if a relationship will end or pass to another level.

It could tell about the potential of a relationship to turn into a marriage, for example. It could also indicate a divorce, a breakup and such things. As we have mentioned, this is also the field of other connections.

In that sense, it is a good indicator of professional connections and it could help you realize if one such connection was promising or not.

This house does not literally tell what is going to happen, of course, but it gives you a better insight into the nature of those connections and relationships you find yourself into. It also tells about one’s attitude towards all these relationships.

The Seventh House is an angular house, analog with the diplomatic Libra, which tells much about its nature, as this was the house of relations. It is an Air element House and key words of Air houses are the social and the intellectual.

Sharing experiences and concepts is a ‘task’ of these houses. They tell about one’s experiences regarding this task, so to say. Planets found inside these houses tell about the native’s social life and his or hers verbal expressiveness.

This house is especially important when it comes to choosing partners; primarily, romantic ones, but also other people we connect with. It describes the type of relationships that suit us or that we search for.

It is interesting to notice that sometimes people who have an emphasized Seventh House seem to attract others without them being actually aware of it or even consciously willing to engage with them. The Seventh House is a magnetic field, in a way.

Jupiter in Mythology

Jupiter was a very ancient Italic god associated with time, sky and lightning and also the supreme god of Roman pantheon. The cult was of great political significance in Rome.

Throughout the whole Italy and in Rome, Jupiter was first worshipped on hilltops. Old shrines did not have a statue of the god, but a stone that was associated with Jupiter and considered a sacred object.

The oldest Roman shrines dedicated to Jupiter stood on Capitoline Hill, Esquiline Hill, Monte Cavo and Monti Cimini.

On these hills and mountains, Jupiter was worshipped under names of Iuppiter Feretrius, Iuppiter Fagutalis, Iuppiter Latiaris and Iuppiter Ciminius, respectively. Jupiter was also known as Fulgur, the thunder and lightning god. Jupiter was the master of weather and the rainmaker.

Common folk praised Jupiter, believing he would protect their lands and crops and grant than a fertile year. It was very common in Rome that gods were attributed functions related to agriculture, besides other functions.

The tradition says that Romulus had built a shrine on the Capitoline Hill, dedicated to Jupiter Feretrius; the place of worship had a sacred stone and not a statue, at first.

Emperor Augustus renewed this shrine. In any case, the abundance of names and shrines prove how widely and strongly Jupiter was worshipped.

In Greek mythology, his counterpart was the almighty Zeus. Jupiter was identified with justice, laws and order, righteousness and wisdom. He ruled both gods and men and gave laws to both.

Jupiter himself came to power after he brought down his cruel father Saturn, the myth says, which is also interesting from the astrological point of view and the perception of planets Saturn and Jupiter.

Upon overthrowing him, he became the ruler of the sky and the earth. His brothers Neptune and Pluto ruled the waters and the underworld.

We do not know Jupiter as a sacred stone, but an older, strong, handsome and fit bearded man. Jupiter and Zeus’ statues are always impressive.

Let us remind you that one of the seven wonders of the old world was a monolithic temple of Zeus in Olympia.

The master of gods, the fair judge and the god of prosperity, progress, wealth and victory, Jupiter god helps us understand the planet Jupiter in astrology.

Jupiter in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in astrology. This giant of the Solar system is one of the social planets, along with its neighboring celestial body, Saturn. Unlike Saturn, however, Jupiter is all made out of positive energy.

In Jupiter, the spiritual prevails over the material, although Jupiter is commonly associated with material success and wealth, being a planet of growth and fortune. While Saturn brings difficult lessons and misery, Jupiter brings optimism, hope and fortune.

This is the planet of wisdom, learning, philosophy, religion, faith, belief in humanity and goodness in this world.

Jupiter cannot be intimidated by the world’s misfortunes; it leads you to believe that there is always something good in this life and it drives you to develop, to grasp for more knowledge, to learn and expand your views. Primarily, Jupiter is the planet of expansion.

Jupiter has no jealousy or envy; it awakens the sense of morality, honesty, generosity, mercy and justice. One of the names under which the god Jupiter was worshipped was Optimus Maximus, ‘the best and the greatest’.

Planet Jupiter is, indeed, the best and the greatest from the astrological point. It is the planet of optimism and positive energy that could carry you to heights.

This is the planet of expanding views in different senses, but primarily through gaining knowledge. High education and positions of title and influence are associated with Jupiter.

People appearing to be very successful in life, but also very happy and relaxed without much effort, very likely have Jupiter emphasized in their natal charts.

Their success and joys come naturally. They do not step over other people and they are very generous, supportive and open to everybody, but also wise and observant at the same time.

They are truly great people rarely one could speak badly about. They are likeable and amazing interlocutors. They love to travel, especially to distant places and foreign countries.

It is common for a native with Jupiter emphasized to go abroad for study or work. Jupiter natives make fantastic collaborations with foreigners.

Jupiter’s energy is promising and very positive; it comes with a risk of over expansion, though. Jupiter’s energy is limitless, so one should be careful about it. Aspects should be taken into account when it comes to that, of course.

Jupiter in the Seventh House – Jupiter in 7th House

Natives with Jupiter in the Seventh House have a natural, inborn predisposition for becoming popular in wider society circles. The Seventh House, combined with Jupiter, is associated with personal publicity, with promotion, public presentation.

Public relations and commerce are associated with this combination. For example, a native with Jupiter in the Seventh House could become a very successful and influential PR.

Jupiter in the Seventh House could manifest its quality, regarding public reputation and popularity, in many ways.

People with Jupiter in the Seventh House could seem popular for no apparent reason, as if they have just been born to become stars, or they are known within the society for their numerous interests, great enthusiasm and charisma. They could be all of this, as well. It depends on the individual case.

These natives enjoy sharing their experiences and knowledge with others, but, what is more important and what makes them popular and loved is that they share their enthusiasm and positive vibrations.

People with Jupiter in the Seventh House have a great capacity for social education, meaning they learn from people and from circumstances they find themselves in. They widen their own horizons through advising and supporting other people.

They could be amazing lecturers, advisors, tutors, teachers and therapists, as they have an ear for subtle details and they genuinely enjoy sharing thoughts with other people. This way, they offer others their guidance and they let others guide them, even if those were unaware.

People with Jupiter in the Seventh House are excellent coworkers and they know how to fit in and work on a team.

They are diplomatic and ready to make compromises, where necessary. People with Jupiter in the Seventh House are eager to make professional deals and arrangements and they have a nose for it, so to say.

They are not naïve or gullible, but they strongly believe in goodness in people and this world. They are very moral, just and noble people. Usually, this positive energy they emit returns to them.

Jupiter in 7th House – Social Influence

We reap what we sow, the proverb says. In case of people with Jupiter in the Seventh House, the proverb manifests in its best version, because these people are noble and they deserve fair treatment.

It often happens they easily get support from rich benefactors, for their skills and talents, charms included. Much of their success and popularity comes easily. They typically do not have to work very hard, in order to build their name.

However, maybe it is simply the result of their incredible positivity, so everything they actually do and put effort into appears to be a piece of cake. Their attitude makes everything much easier.

They make great collaborations and business deals. They are usually interested into law studies and they like traveling and making connections around the world.

People with Jupiter in the Seventh House could become amazing mentors, guides, teachers and else mentioned. Whatever their call might be, it has to be something that has something to do with how society works.

Social sciences are one of their fields of interest. They have a potential to enter some really high social circles. They are predisposed to become influential.

These natives could possibly deal with religious questions, matters of law, cultural influences and interaction, cultural exchange and else. They are generous, benevolent, tolerant and supportive of others.

Since they have a predisposition to become influential figures within society, they also have an amazing potential to contribute to society and help people who need support.

Jupiter in the Seventh House – Irresistible Optimism

Social life of one Jupiter in the Seventh House Jupiter is rich and dynamic. These natives are optimistic and positively oriented.

Besides, these people have well-established principles and ethic. They also value their freedom above everything else. They especially need their freedom of expression.

Their manner of expression is grandiose, monolithic, impressive, which is expected, since we have already learned these were quite popular natives.

There is a downside of this characteristic and you have guessed right; these people are not likely to commit that easily. In relationships, they come and go, because they need their liberty, in order to grow.

It is not easy for them to grow with another individual by their side. They are more likely to feel comfortable with all the humanity, rather than with an individual.

However, once they have satisfied at least a part of their desires and dreams and once they find a partner they feel great around, they bring that person only joy and happiness.

In marriage, these natives are very optimistic and they tend to look at the situation as positively as it is possible.

This especially has to do with material well being and material situation in the married life.

They could make their partner feel as the richest person in the world, even if the reality is not that golden. In many cases, they even bring actual wealth into the marriage.

The thing is that they themselves feel successful and prosperous and thanks to their easygoing, benevolent attitude, it becomes positively contagious, so their loved one feels the same way.