Pisces in 1st House – Meaning and Info

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Light and timid specimens can be found among the fish, as well as large sharks that are fierce fighters. They are very friendly, so they are always surrounded by the company of different people.

Unselfish and always ready to help others, Pisces is the zodiac sign with the most empathy.

Emotions are experienced extremely, when they are happy, they are extremely happy, when they are sad they become extremely depressed.

Pisces – Meaning and Info

Pisces lacks self-discipline or self-confidence for leadership positions. Unfortunately they always choose the easier path and never realize the full potential they possess.

These are creative people, who have a need to do a job that is a pleasure for them and to which they can give themselves completely. They are very good artists and athletes.

They get along great in a team, imaginative and creative are always ready to help others.

The most sensitive horoscope sign characterized by hypersensitivity and strong emotions. These are incorrigible romantics who will always choose love between love and material wealth.

They persistently want to realize their deep ideals of selfless love and unity. They are harder and seek a deeper meaning of the relationship, which is why other characters consider them emotionally too demanding and unrealistic.

Pisces need a dominant partner who will lower them to the ground and keep them on the right path.

These incorrigible romantics cannot live without love. When they fall in love with an equal partner who will not take advantage of their goodwill, they can be the best partners. Pisces love to have family, children and animals.

The Pisces man is romantic and sensitive. He needs a woman to bring him down to earth, so he is attracted to sensitive and strong women.

It seeks a combination of friend, soul mate and love. If you want to win him over it is best to open up to him completely, be innovative, imaginative and different.

Quiet and modest, it causes a complete flood in the bedroom. She loves fantasies and role-playing. He is an extremely imaginative and generous lover.

Do not judge a man born in the sign of Pisces by a mild attitude, in bed he turns into a whirlpool of passion. He simply conquers with tenderness and charm.

Pisces women are interesting, charming and dedicated women who almost never express love in words.

If you want to win these women you have to be romantic, listen well and have a good sense of humor. With these Pisces you will never be bored in the bedroom.

Because of their sensuality, fragility and sensitivity, every man wants to protect them.

This is why they often engage in complicated relationships that they are unable to break, so they turn into the shadow of the man they depend on.

1st House – Meaning and Info

When worked out, this Ascendant gives true wisdom, understanding of life and adherence to the principle of non-resistance to evil at a high level, when a person accepts the world as it is, and leaves it to his egregor to fight, directing his efforts with his impartial attention.

At a low level, this person makes an amorphous impression; it seems that he is easy to control, subject to his will.

It is good for him to complain about his life and receive sympathy, regardless of the content of his story; he is unlikely to judge and almost certainly regret.

This position at home gives a great emotional sensitivity, sensitivity to other people’s experiences and pain.

Lies and self-deception serve as protection; for self-expression, emotional outbursts are typical, behind which it is very difficult to distinguish something true.

However, if there are no conflicting factors, this person is usually kind and kind-hearted, of course, within reasonable limits.

The perception is soft, enveloping; a person instinctively avoids sharp corners and tries not to notice them either in the external world or in himself.

Here you need to develop inner (and outer) honesty, focusing primarily on the moments emphasized by enemies, and try to imitate them in scrupulousness and accuracy, grounding your low emotional meditations, trying to replace both outer and inner life.

Gives a volatile, subtly changing character. The personality is soft, sentimental, intuitive, and sensitive to impressions, with unforeseen reactions to the environment. Many changes and adjustments are made to new cases.

Caution in choosing new cases. Strong sensitivity to external stimuli is characteristic. Difficult adaptation in an oppressive, stressful environment is possible.

Religious, mystical, mythological perception is well developed. Suggestibility, plasticity, flexibility to influence from the outside are possible.

Opponents are petty, insidious, slanderous, clinging to trifles. It is necessary to learn practicality, responsibility, a pragmatic approach to life.

The study follows the path of developing wisdom, internal honesty, and an objective assessment of the external world.

{An ascending sign, or first house, is a sector of space (sign) located directly above the eastern part of the horizon at the time of a person’s birth. An ascending sign gives us a lot of information about a person’s appearance and traits of his behavior.

In many ways, an ascending sign has a greater influence than those signs in which the Sun or Moon was at the time of a person’s birth.

Knowledge of the ascending sign gives a lot of preliminary information about the nature of the entire horoscope, about the general character of a person.

Pisces is a “water” sign ruled by Jupiter. Pisces are usually religious and emotional, serve well, and are interested in the knowledge of spiritual liberation. By nature, they are fearful or superstitious.

Stubborn, but pleasant and polite. They may suffer from their indecision and lack of self-confidence. Restless and romantic, they dream of faraway places and love to travel on water.

Pisces in 1st House – Meaning and Info

You act very sensitive, intuitive and emotional. Basically by nature you are a hypersensitive person, you have an extremely rich – potent imagination and strong instincts. You are characterized by great compassion – empathy for your surroundings, flexibility, adaptability, care and the need to act useful and for the common good.

Because of your expressive modality in both directions, you possess a dual ability to act or influence others, as well as a susceptibility to different impressions.

So, you are very receptive to different types of suggestive and suggestible action.

You possess a strong power of perception, which is mostly based on intuitive thinking, comprehension and expression.

You are fond of different types of artistic expression or creativity. The environment reproaches you for inconsistencies, pliability, fickleness, “weak character” and propensity for various vices. They also attribute impracticality, hypochondria, “overdoing it”, posing or uncontrolled imagination to the point of lying to you.

In a loving relationship, you act very devotedly both soul and body. You always dream of a more beautiful and comfortable way of life, and the “love fairy tale” is the crown of all your achievements.

You expect endless support and the strongest support in the broadest sense from your partner. You are very sensual, and you act very seductive and flirtatious on the opposite sex, but usually you do not have enough courage to realize all your love and sexual fantasies.

You express emotional insecurity, excessive subjectivity and a tendency towards jealousy, it is easy to seduce you and you lack a sense of self-confidence.

You are very happy, in a direct or indirect way, to leave your dominant role to your partner. Because of your emotionality, compassion, sociability and goodwill, you are very popular, but you often become an “easy victim”. You have many acquaintances and sincere friends to whom you are very loyal.

You are classified as a person of lower or medium height, smaller body structure, but over time there is a tendency towards obesity, especially in the area of ​​the abdomen and hips.

The shape of the head is round or elongated, the complexion is lighter, the cheeks are fuller and often in later years a double chin.

Hair wavy or thick, black or dark, eyes black, dark or unusually blue. Fuller, expressive or sensual lips.

You are characterized by a pleasant appearance, especially characteristic and expressive eyes, “glassy – watery” look.

Limbs shorter, small hands and feet, slightly sluggish, slow or unusual gait. You are predisposed to circulatory disorders, pronounced veins, rheumatism and various pains and injuries to the legs, especially the feet.


You are a great romantic and lover of love, gentle, sensual and often prone to great emotional ecstasy. You are most strongly influenced by feelings, emotional warmth and compliments, you are prone to frequent falling in love both on a platonic level and in your imagination, as well as on a specific level.

It is interesting that people who are under the strong influence of this sign follow some “fatal love romances” in their lives.