Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign in our natal birth charts shows our outer personality, while the moon sign describes our inner being and subconscious content.

We don’t usually share our moon traits with many people, and some things we tend to keep to ourselves.

Our sun sign traits, on the other hand, are usually what people notice about us during their encounters with us.

People with sun in Scorpio and moon in Cancer have double water element influence in their characters. These people are very emotional, but they usually hide their emotions.

Their nature is reserved and they don’t show their true face to strangers.

They open up only in the presence of people they know well and trust. They often have fears of getting hurt, mostly as a result of some past emotional trauma they have experienced.

They often doubt people’s motives and it takes a lot to gain their trust. They are loyal and devoted friends and care much about the people they love.

They are protective and nurturing and make sure nothing bad happens to their loved ones.

Their emotional nature is often masked with a cold and detached appearance. These people are good connoisseurs of human psychology and able to sense other people’s thoughts and intentions.

They are in tune with their intuition and know how to read its signs. Many of them have some supernatural gifts, like the gift of seeing the future, or healing people, etc.

They are usually very spiritual beings, and are on the path of further spiritual evolvement aiming towards spiritual enlightenment.

They are usually interested in secret matters and the occult sciences, and often possess admirable knowledge in these areas. They are attracted by everything mysterious, and the mere talk about something secret and unknown excites them.

These people can be prone to frequent mood changes. They are usually triggered by lunar phases because they have Moon in Cancer which is the ruling sign of the Moon.

That is why these people are more prone to sense moon’s influence in their everyday lives.

Regardless of the moon’s influence, these people are often very self-centered and focused on themselves and their feelings. They can be considered selfish because they often don’t pay attention to other people’s feelings.

They can be very direct in telling their opinion to others, and yet, can be prone to getting angry and grumpy when someone criticizes them.

They are usually unaware of their behavior towards other people which can often be very demanding.

They are hard workers and responsible. They can become overwhelmed with emotions which can temporarily intervene with their work performance, but in general these people have a very organized and responsible approach towards their work duties.

They can be very ambitious and set themselves some high goals which they aim to achieve. They are determined to succeed and don’t allow obstacles to stop them from getting where they want to be.

These people can be very creative, and often have artistic talent, especially for painting. They can even choose some creative profession as their career.

These people need to feel financially secure and are focused on creating that security. They work hard and don’t spend money on useless items.

They invest their money smart, and prefer saving it, rather than spending it, so that they could invest it in something which could in turn increase their income.

They often invest it in real-estate which they later lease and collect the rent.

They are not very sociable and tend to stick to the circle of their close friends and family members.

These people are usually very attached to their families and enjoy spending their time with them. These people are also very protective of their family members and make sure they are well provided.

These people enjoy spending time in the comfort of their homes. Their homes are welcoming places where they enjoy entertaining their guests.

These people are often excellent cooks and enjoy preparing delicious food for their guests.

People who are lucky to be their friends or someone close to them, enjoy being their guests because these people give themselves completely to make their friends and loved ones happy.

They usually love cooking, but they also love good food and drinks. They often have weight issues because of that, and some even issues with drinking too much.

These people can be prone to exaggerating in the things they love doing, and they need to learn to master self-control because of their potentially self-destructive behavior which can harm them.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer:

– tender, romantic, emotional, protective, nurturing, financially secured, passionate, good cooks, intuitive, mind readers, spiritual, home types, family oriented, organized, reliable, ambitious, successful, good at entertaining, good parents, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer:

– fear of getting hurt, reserved, self-destructive, prone to exaggerating, prone to mood swings, etc. 

‘Scorpio’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Scorpio and moon in Cancer usually have a tender and caring nature.

They can be shy in their approach to the people they like, and they need time to get to know their potential partner before being able to relax and show their emotions.

These people are both emotional and passionate. They seek partners who can fulfill both these needs.

Their ideal relationship implies the merger of the souls and bodies of two people.

They are capable of deep emotional experiences and they seek a partner who will be able to adequately respond to their needs.

They have strong physical urges as well, but they don’t desire the fulfillment of their physical desire for pure pleasure. They experience a deep connection with their partner or spouse through their physical act.

That is why these people are usually not prone to seeking temporary physical pleasures and changing partners.

They could be doing that in the process of looking for the right one, and even then, they need to feel something about the person they are intimate with.

These people have nurturing and protective nature, and enjoy taking care of their partners and spouses. They are often excellent cooks and enjoy preparing food for their loved ones.

They are good around the house as well, and don’t have a problem organizing everyday living for their life as a couple. They are very responsible and don’t miss doing their duties.

They can be prone to mood switches which fortunately don’t last long, and that is something their partners need to get used to. They can become grumpy, silent, or distant for apparently no reason and without warning.

Their partners or spouses might wonder what happened, and before they know it, these people are back to their old selves.

Such behavior is a part of their nature and is influenced by their Moon in Cancer and the lunar phases.

These people are home types and desire partners and spouses who share that love with them.

They enjoy spending time in their houses with their partners and spouses and doing things together.

They are family types as well and often desire to have their family early in life. They are kind and tender parents who make sure their children have the best possible conditions.

They can be overprotective at times, but in general they give their children enough freedom to grow independently, while maintaining control over their behavior and actions.

Their children are usually well-mannered and independent, not relying on their parents for everything, but being able to handle most of their things on their own.

Their ideal partner should be reliable and able to participate in establishing and maintaining financial security for their family.

These people can relax only when they know they have enough money stashed somewhere, and a partner who doesn’t have proper respect towards money and is prone to spending recklessly isn’t a good match for them.

Best Match For ‘Scorpio’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon

People with sun in Scorpio and moon in Cancer need someone emotional, reliable and passionate above all.

They get along best with another water sign, preferably with some fire or earth element in their natal chart, for added stability of character.

Air signs are not a good match for them, unless they have a prominent water element in their charts.


People with sun in Scorpio and moon in Cancer are very emotional and energetic.

These people are both romantic and passionate and need time to relax in the company of their potential partners.

They are not very sociable and prefer spending their time with close friends and family members. They are much attached to their families and usually desire to have their own as soon as possible in life.

They are very protective and good providers. They desire financial stability and work diligently to provide it for themselves and their families.

These people enjoy pampering and nurturing their loved ones. They enjoy spending their time in their comfortable homes and entertaining their guests there.

They are usually excellent in the kitchen and people enjoy eating the delicious food they have prepared for them.

These people usually love good food and drinks, and can be prone to exaggerate in both. That is why they often have a problem with being overweight or alcoholism.

They can be prone to egotism and self-centeredness. Some of these people can be solely focused on themselves and their needs, without regarding how other people might feel.

These people are also prone to mood swings, which fortunately don’t last long. These people are very passionate and desire a partner who will be able to satisfy their strong physical needs.

They are usually loyal and devoted to one partner, and are not pleasure seekers.

Their ideal relationship is with a partner with whom they could establish a deep soul-body bond.

They are good parents who give a lot of freedom to their children but still managing to control their behavior.