King Cobra in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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To dream of a king cobra or any snake, in general, can have multiple meanings because the snake is such a powerful motive in a dream world.

Depending on the way you dreamed of it, the meanings can be varied – from a sexual connotation to the depiction of your own potential.

For example, if you dreamed of a particular type of snake, such as a green lizard, the snake’s color also plays a vital role in interpreting the snake’s color was dominant in the dream.

This would mean that you need to pay attention to some detail from your daily life that benefits you since you are overwhelmed with problems and can help you solve them.

You can always find the answers in a dream world – where we will take a look at what does it mean when you had a dream about no other than the King Cobra? Is it a good or a bad sign?

Meaning and Symbolism

What if you were dreaming of a King Cobra? Were you scared or pleased to see it in a dream?

The king cobra is different from other snakes because it is the only one that sometimes feeds on its species, so the dream of this snake itself can have a completely different connotation!

In dreams, snakes represent the enemy, danger … If you killed some snake in a dream, it means that you will defeat your enemies or you will fight your fears.

But if you dreamed that you killed a king cobra, it could mean that you are or will mistakenly sweep a friend with an enemy, that is. You will reject someone who wants to help you get through a difficult life situation, thinking that he wants to harm you.

Suppose a King Cobra is wrapped around your neck and strangles you so hard that you have no voice to call for help.

In that case, this dream may mean that your friends are bothering you with their advice on how to get out of some difficulty.

In this case, the recommendation is to listen to your inner voice and do as instinct commands you.

This snake wrapped around his leg indicates an imminent acquaintance with someone to whom you will be a tutor and show him which way to go.

This kind of dream most often refers to someone close to someone you value in your life, so you will be forced to help him unconditionally.

It also indicates that you will fall behind in completing your obligations and that you will have to invest extra time to achieve your goals.

If you dreamed that a king cobra bit you, it hints at the betrayal of a person very close to you, and you will be disappointed with someone’s action. Someone who introduces himself to you as a friend will show his real face when you least expect it.

One thing must be said, and that is that the King Cobra is a snake that feeds on smaller snakes; since it is the largest venomous snake in the world, its venom is not very strong.

But if we take into account the amount of venom she releases during her bite, it is enough to kill as many as twenty elephants!

So dreaming of a King Cobra bite means that the betrayal you will experience will affect not only you but also the people closest to you.

If in your dream you stepped on a King Cobra and felt it tear under your feet, the dream indicates that you pay attention to detail and do not miss the great business opportunity that will present itself to you, as it will be one of those that once gone, will not be new.

Killing this type of snake in a dream is a hint that you will defeat all your enemies and fears, but if it is a king cobra, as in your case, the meanings are a little different. You need to pay attention to whether you have chosen the right target.

It can very easily happen that you think of someone who is your friend and who wishes you only good, quite the opposite.

Decoding the King Cobra in Dream

Did you know that in reality, this specimen can grow up to five meters? It is one of the largest snakes on the planet that is almost disappearing from the planet.

In most cases, just like when you had a dream about any snake, this also is almost associated with the enemies that are somewhere close to you. In the case of King Cobra, they are even more dangerous.

To dream that a King cobra is speaking indicates that you will be taken aback by some news. You will probably find out that you are being gossiped about by someone from whom you least expected it

But this dream also indicates that you will find out in time and that you will be able to prevent that person from causing even more damage to your reputation, and this one, which has been done so far, you will easily correct.

If you dream of King cobra nesting in your yard, it is a sign that you will get new tenants with whom you will not find a common language.

In case you have seen her change her skin, it indicates that you are dealing with duplicitous people who can easily adapt to any new situation and that you must be careful not to be deceived at some point.

When you see in a dream that it feeds on its egg, it means that you take into account what you are talking about so that you do not go out and reveal a secret that this person could very easily use to your advantage and to your detriment.

It can also mean that you will have to give up something important to you so that you can commit to further progress in every sense.

If you have dreamed of watching a king cobra swallow its prey, it means that you will be witnessing someone’s quarrel soon. It would be best for you to stay away so as not to be collateral damage.

When you dream that a King cobra is lying on its eggs, it indicates special caution, especially if it has noticed you and attacked you. You will have to be very careful in the coming period. You will reach a new friendship or a new work environment where people are successful and know each other very well. They also do not allow themselves to be approached so easily.

The advice is to be wise and to get under their skin in time so that you can also prosper. This dream indicates a turning point in your life.

Either you will fit in, or you will stay to squat in place.

The message behind this Dream and Advice 

Everything that we have said here could scare the person who had the dream about King Cobra, but there are some other common versions of this dream.

For example, running away from King Cobra means running away from problems.

Then you will have to turn around and oppose them. You need to work harder to overcome the fears that have long prevented you from developing further as a person.

Chasing a King Cobra that is running away from you has a good meaning.

This indicates that you are on the right track or are already ready to discard all fears and continue your life without them.

See, there is one good meaning to this motive!

To dream of petting a King Cobra on the head means that someone from your work environment will court you and that you may enter into a relationship that can very easily be very toxic.

In the coming period, the advice is to raise your criteria and open your eyes well so as not to you would make the wrong move.

If you have beheaded a King cobra, it means that you will successfully overcome all the obstacles in front of you and that you will emerge victorious from everything you have started.

In the end, think of this dream as an opportunity to deal with the most potent fears that you have in life, with your enemies, and deal with them in the best way. In any case, face them bravely.