Libra Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Your destiny is written in the stars. By interpreting your personal horoscope, or a birth chart, an expert in astrology could tell you what is in store for you in the future. Many people think this is nonsense and that astrology is only a way for some people to make money.

However, we have to remember, astrologers were highly valued on royal courts and in general’s tents. In the past, astrology and astronomy were one and the same.

Astrology is definitely one of the most controversial ‘sciences’. Well, it is not actually a science; in contemporary urban world, it is considered a pseudoscience, meaning it is not officially used. It is not believed to be an accurate and reliable path of interpretation, because it greatly depends on speculative analyses and a lot of imagination.

Put that aside, we approach astrology with some seriousness and a reserve, of course.

It is you who decide whether it is worth of your time or not, just as with anything else. Daily horoscope predictions that pop up on the side of your screen are the most simplified version of horoscope. Of course, they are greatly relative and many of them are just random speculations.

However, horoscope could be a serious thing, if you have an expert astrologer who would analyze your personal horoscope.

Birth chart is about not only the zodiac signs you were born under, but it is a complex diagram that shows all zodiac signs, planets and specific areas called houses. Each house represents an important aspect of an individual’s life. Positions of planets, constellations of zodiac and their conjugations and else all determine the life of one person.

This diagram requires only the precise time and place of your birth to be created. An expert could analyze such a chart and give you fairly detailed information on your life. He or she could see your future in such a diagram.

How it actually works, we do not know. Here we offer some guidelines and basics, because we do not know your personal data. However, we know about zodiac signs.

Each one of them has its characteristics, if we talk about ideal representatives of each. Your personal horoscope determines the rest. These ‘portraits’ of typical zodiac personalities could be of much use in general.

Perhaps you would like to know if your current relationship is leading somewhere or if the person you find very attractive and interesting is actually good for you.

Basic interpretation of zodiac signs compatibility could give you a good insight. There are no completely incompatible zodiac signs, even if some of them are completely different. There are many factors to determine the type and the course of a relationship.

Libra Man

Are Libra man and Aquarius woman a good match? We will meet both of them and try to figure out what kind of relationship they could have. Should they only remain friends or they are so compatible that they could have a happy lifelong marriage?

Libra and Aquarius are both Air element signs, which mean they have many things in common. There are certain differences, of course. Let us begin with meeting our charming Libra man.

Libra man captivates other’s attention by his mesmerizing personality; he is charming, charismatic, lovable and friendly. Libra man is flexible and easygoing. He enjoys being in company and does not like to be alone, in general. However, he is independent and self-reliant and he does not need others to tell him what to do.

His personality is warm and loving and he enjoys sharing with others.

He works excellent in a collective, but tends to keep to his own work. For example, Libra man could be an amazing artist, a scientist, an architect, a diplomat. He is a part of the team, but no one actually messes with his work. He is open to hear advices and suggestions and he will carefully think before he gives one to another person.

He is a peacemaker and does not like to fight and argue.

Libra man is disgusted at how people could be unjust and cruel to one another. He does not see point to it and tries to improve things. Libra man is usually a mediator in an argument and he boldly protects those he believes have suffered some form of injustice. Libra man likes to help others and he always feel good about it.

He is selfless and does not cry for medals of honor nor is he interested in being put on a pedestal.

He is satisfied with doing small things that could change this world for better. Libra man is compassionate and kind towards everyone. However, you should not try to trick him. Libra man, just as Libra woman, is a very good intuition and he sees through people’s intentions.

He will not let you manipulate him and if you gambled away his trust, he will not forget it.

Libra man is not vengeful, but he would see not to have work with you again. He does not take everything personally, but he has a good sense of respect, honor and his tolerance, though abundant, has its limits. Libra man is open, positive and communicative personality.

He is liked by most of people and welcome in any society.

He is pleasant and enjoyable to have around. He is intelligent and easygoing. Libra man knows there are things that must be done, but he would delay it, unless the situation is critical. What is very important, in critical situations, he acts calmly and reasonably.

Libra man could be indecisive when it comes to entering a relationship, because of his flirty nature and his need to make sure if the person is right for him. Once he falls in love, he loves to the fullest and hardly falls out of it. That is why it is important to him to be certain.

However, it could be exhausting and annoying to the other side, because he would play games, change his mind and be inconsistent in his intentions.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are thought to have the softest soul of all zodiac ladies. Her soul is indeed light as a breeze, kind, loving and full of understanding and tolerance. At least, it appears so. In fact, Aquarius woman is very much intolerant of violence, injustice and captivity, in any sense possible.

She fights for the freedom and she is certain that there must be a higher purpose of everything happening in the world.

She is, perhaps, the least materialistic type of person, compared to other zodiac representatives. Her goals are rarely inclined towards financial success; ideals are what matters to any Aquarius. She is a dreamer, but the one that is aware of reality.

Aquarius woman is like a fresh wind, but the one you would definitely feel. She is an enchanting personality, usually hard to understand to the fullest.

Other people commonly do not understand what she is about. Her vision of a peaceful, beautiful world is out of their mind. Aquarius is focused on global well being, not that of an individual. That could make Aquarius woman distant from those close to her, because she thinks about how to improve everyone’s life.

Aquarius woman cares about those in need, those whose rights are violated; she also cares about nature and animals.

Her approach to life is pacifistic and humanitarian, and she could be really persuasive when such matters are about to be considered.

She is a visionary; she is intelligent and knows many things. She values liberty above everything else and does not let others control her. She does not like rules and obligations and hates the idea of fully organized world, where any mistake leads to a sanction.

She prefers working in an area of nongovernmental organizations, primarily humanitarian work. Aquarius woman is not particularly reliable companion, in terms of everyday deals and in organizing things. She is changeable, flexible and adaptive. On the other hand, she is not a friend who would turn her back on you, no way.

However, she could be exclusive when it comes to choosing friends, if others fail to understand her point of view and are of diametrically opposite opinion. She tries to apply a peaceful approach, whenever possible. Aquarius woman is usually quiet, reserved and maybe even shy, if not provoked.

She is talented for all kinds of art and usually is not interested in sports, unless it is something artistic, like a contemporary dance or so. Aquarius woman has incredible power of visualization and loves to create things by her own hands. She is imaginative and open-minded.

When it comes to love, Aquarius is a romantic soul. She enjoys games of seduction and love represents a funny game to her.

She would never let her partner to get bored. Aquarius is all about small signs of affection. She would more appreciate if a man make her a cake, even if it is imperfect, rather than buy her an expensive dress.

Some of the most famous Aquarius women are Zsa Zsa Gabor, Virginia Wolf and Oprah Winfrey.

Love Compatibility

This could be a very interesting combination. Both Libra man and Aquarius woman enjoy flirting, seduction and are quite indecisive when it comes to starting a relationship for serious. Libra hesitates, because he is unsure if the person is right for him.

Aquarius hesitates before she is sure she could trust a man. Aquarius does not fall in love easy, Libra is of amorous nature, but he would not rush.

Before they actually start dating, they simply enjoy all the flirting and see it as fun.

While Aquarius rationalizes her emotions, Libra surrenders to his. It is a good balance and it gives enough time for Aquarius to open up to caring Libra. He has enough patience to wait for her, if he is really that interested.

Both of them are generally calm, peaceful and subtle. Their relationship is usually like that.

This is a kind of relationship that is more mental than physical, if we could divide these strictly. Libra man and Aquarius woman have many of traits in common, which makes their relationship harmonious.

Neither of them is particularly fiery and passionate in sex; their sexual relationship is soft, subtle and pleasant, without too much fireworks and experiments. They are perfectly fine with that. Their pace in love and life is equable, balanced, similar. Their attitude towards daily stuff is pretty much the same.

There is no drama over dirty laundry or unprepared lunch; there is enough time for everything.

Usually, Aquarius woman is fierier about her goals. Since Libra man has diplomatic approach to things and tries to make no big deal of unserious matters, he understands her pacifistic ideals and supports her.

On the other hand, he is probably one of the rare people who can bring her down to earth, when she is all about changing the world. In fact, Libra man and Aquarius woman have similar ideals, but different approaches.

Marriage Compatibility

This could be a happy and harmonious marriage, by all means. A Libra man/Aquarius woman home would be open to all of their friends, at any time. They share many interests and they love to socialize together.

Both are generous and kind towards others. They love children and would commonly raise them in a very liberal way. It is very likely they would live in a house and have pets.

Both are humanitarian, modest, friendly and like to help others. It is not uncommon they work in the same field and that they have met through such an activity.

Neither of them is particularly handy with money and finances in general, so it would often happen they face crisis. However, they would never blame one another for being so.

They are ready to work together and to share everything.


Friendship between a Libra man and Aquarius woman is a sure thing. They commonly meet through shared activities and interests.

It often happens that their friendship becomes something more.

If they are only friends, it is a strong and usually lifelong friendship. They would never hurt one another. If it happens they get distant with time, they would remember their days together with smile.

Cool Facts

Here we have a typical example of a Libra man/Aquarius woman couple, perhaps one of the most famous couples in popular culture and modern history, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Their relationship is surely one of the most precious examples of this incredible combination.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher are another Libra man/Aquarius woman impressive match.


Connection between Libra man and Aquarius woman is subtle, smooth and very enjoyable.

These two people share interests, goals in life, values and are of similar sensibility.

They understand one another and there is rarely tension in their shared life, if they are together for long or married.

Both value peace and liberty, both are modest and not oriented towards material goals solely. Libra and Aquarius are highly compatible.