Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Scouring for information about the person we like can often be exhausting and disappointing.

We usually do it by going through their social profiles, looking at various pictures and making our own (often wrong) conclusions.

One more way to find out more about a person is through making an astrological analysis of the person.

You can also analyze your relationship with this person and find out how compatible you two are.

There are different variants of these analyses, but one that gives precise results is the comparison of your natal planetary positions and determining the aspects between the planets.

Predominately negative aspects between the planets indicate a relationship which is full of conflicts and unlikely to be stable and lasting.

Predominately positive aspects between the planets are a good sign, and indicate the potential of the relationship to be a harmonious and lasting one.

To make such analysis, you need to have the exact birth data for both yourself and the person that interests you.

If you don’t have it, you can also make another astrology analysis by comparing the traits of your horoscope signs, and determine whether you are predominately compatible or not.

Their horoscope sign can also tell you a lot about their personality.

In this article, we will make a comparison between the traits of a Sagittarius man and a Virgo woman, to conclude whether these two are compatible or not.

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is often a boy in a grown man’s body. These men often keep their boyish attitude and style even in their old age. They try to be up to date with the latest trends and often hang around with younger people when they are older.

These men are everything but serious. It is their image.

They are optimists who refuse to think about bad outcomes and fear the future. They can be prone to taking risks and putting themselves and their security into jeopardy, but they somehow manage to pull through.

These men are blessed with good fortune. They often rely on their good luck in some of their risky endeavors and that, combined with their blind fate in success, often makes them become winners in almost impossible circumstances.

Sometimes, unfortunately, they are forced to knock their head against the wall, and suffer damage caused by their actions. Some of them learn the lesson and become more cautious, but many of them never learn that lesson, and remain airheaded and frivolous all their lives.

Sagittarius men are smiling almost all the time. That is one of their most prominent features, which not many people are aware of, and even they aren’t often aware of that. They don’t allow anything to spoil their mood, regardless of the circumstances.

This attitude is a sort of a defense mechanism, and it helps them get back on the top. These men don’t accept defeat. They are fiery personalities and they fight until the end.

These men are often very funny and have an excellent sense of humor. They are also very interesting and fun to be around. They are full of stories from their experiences and travels.

These men enjoy traveling, and they often travel to distant places. Their ruler, Jupiter, rules distant travel, and that often provides them with opportunities in far-away places, especially if Jupiter is making some good aspects in their natal chart.

A typical Sagittarius man is adventurous and fearless. These men experience things many other people could not imagine or won’t ever experience in their lives. That way of living excites them and inspires them. These men are great visionaries and often very creative.

They are also in a constant quest for knowledge and growth. Jupiter, their ruler, is also the planet of wisdom, and higher knowledge, and that makes these men naturally wise and able to give some great advice to others.

These men are very communicative and sociable. They love going out, traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new things, discovering new cultures, and visiting interesting places, etc. They are open-minded and consider all people equal.

These men don’t judge anyone and they also don’t like to be judged by others. They are easy-going and don’t have a problem approaching people. They are constantly meeting new people, and their social circle is very broad.

They also don’t have an issue with approaching women, and they often do it from a friendly standpoint. That enables them to decide whether they want to pursue a girl or not, as well as gives time to the girl to relax and become open towards this guy.

Sagittarius men are usually very charming and sweet. They instill a feeling of trust in people, and they gain their confidence easily. They are usually good looking, sports type of guys and women find them very attractive. These men are passionate and love passionate women.

They also love women who are intelligent, interesting and easy-going, as well as women who are ready for action. These men are outdoor types and cannot get along well with a woman who prefers to stay at home.

They are always in some kind of action, and cannot stand still. And they often exaggerate in everything they do. Their planet Jupiter is also a planet of excess and exaggeration. That drives them to exaggerate in many areas of their life, as well in some activities.

They can sometimes exaggerate with drinking, and some of them have issues with excessive eating, which often causes them to be obese.

Sagittarius men often have luck with their finances, and they usually manage to earn more than they can spend, despite their risky endeavors and actions.

The most important things for these men are their freedom and independence. They don’t allow anyone to jeopardize them. That is the main reason why these men often fight and fear commitment.

They commit only to a woman who is worth that sacrifice according to their estimate.

They need to be deeply in love to make such a move. In other cases, these men try to avoid committing to a girl, or they do it because they want to establish their family, but they often continue with their old way of living.

These men often have a lot of options, and many of them are promiscuous and change a lot of women. Many of them don’t change that habit even when they are married.

Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman usually looks reserved and distant. A typical woman born under this sign needs time to get to know someone, to be able to relax and show her true colors. If she doesn’t like someone, after meeting them, she will maintain her reserved approach. These women are open only with their closest friends and family members.

The others are treated with respect but at a distance.

If they are a typical Virgo, they are not prone to adventures. They might appear almost boring, obsessed with details and organization. There are, of course, exclusions to the rule, and some Virgo women are not at all organized and are quite sloppy, but in general, these women are very precise, detailed, organized, and neat.

They are often prone to criticizing others and not being able to accept being criticized by others. They almost never admit their guilt or being wrong, and find it hard to apologize.

They often have an opinion about themselves of being unmistakable, and that is why it is hard for them to admit and accept that they were wrong about something.

Many of these women never realize these negative traits of their rigidity, and remain like that for the rest of their lives. Many of them fortunately realize that they need to change their attitude, and become open to realizing their mistakes, accepting that they were wrong, apologizing, and less criticizing.

These women have issues with relaxing and showing their emotions. The crucial moment is gaining trust in a person, especially if it is a man, and releasing their restrictions and boundaries.

These women are usually emotional, but often appear cold and distant. These women are rational and often don’t allow their heart to dictate their actions (unless they have a prominent water signs influence in their natal chart).

Many Virgo women have a set of self-imposed boundaries, which are keeping them from relaxing and enjoying the moment. They have a difficulty letting go of their restrictions and the destructive behavioral patterns they have been holding on for years. Many of them never abandon these restrictions.

These women are loyal and devoted to their loved ones and their friends. They are communicative but often reserved and not easily approachable. They choose their friends based on their value system and their circle of friends is often much smaller than their circle of acquaintances.

They are very intelligent and often very educated. Mercury, their ruling planet is responsible for that. This planet also gives them the eye for details and organization. They are perfect at finding weak spots, and finding solutions to problems.

These traits often make them very controlling towards people and situations.

That often bothers themselves as the people involved because it keeps them under a constant state of stress and anxiety.

They should learn to let go of things and people, and let things unfold naturally. They need to let others have their own opinion and their own way of doing things, instead of following their rules and visions.

Virgo women might be difficult to deal with, but they have good and kind souls, and are willing to help others. These women are not passionate and prefer men who are sensitive and tender rather than very passionate. They enjoy taking care of their loved ones, and their man has a special place.

These women are independent, but they desire a family of their own, with a man by their side. They manage to keep all their duties, both private and professional under control with not much effort.

Love Compatibility

Sagittarius man and a Virgo woman need some other planetary bonds to make a stable and lasting relationship.

They have different personalities and different interests in life. He could easily consider her boring, and she could find him reckless. It takes a lot of compromises and giving up dreams for these two to be together.

Often this relationship doesn’t have the fuel to continue its existence.

The Sagittarius man is open-minded and easy-going, while she has a restricted and closed-off personality.

He might find it interesting to break her boundaries, but he usually gets bored before succeeding.

She might get intimidated by his thoughtless actions and behavior, and avoid all contacts with him.

If it starts, this relationship needs more support than their sun signs to stand the test of time. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between these two is not impossible; it just requires more bonding planetary elements than their sun signs.

The difference between their characters often causes conflicts and disagreements between them.

The Sagittarius man is usually the first one to leave, although they might both agree that ending the marriage is the best thing. 


The friendship between a Sagittarius man and a Virgo woman is possibly the best relationship between these two.

They are both intellectual types and good at communicating, and they could both be interested in what each other has to say. 

Cool Facts

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and the sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Both are planets which rule intellect, with one difference: Jupiter rules higher knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom, while Mercury rules practical intelligence and knowledge for everyday practical use.

While the Sagittarians could be turned to discovering the secrets of the Universe and gaining knowledge on that subject, the Virgo people are more focused on everyday matters and gaining knowledge for everyday use.


If we consider all these facts written above, the general conclusion is that the relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Virgo woman is possible if there are some other bonding elements in their natal charts.

Otherwise, these two have way too many differences of character and different views on life, for their relationship to be a lasting and harmonious one.

Even if it begins, the relationship between these two needs a lot of compromise on both sides.