Mars in 6th House

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People’s obsession with astrology dates way back in time. They were fascinated with the influence the planets had on their lives and the world that surrounded them. They studied this influence and from this studies and experience astrology was created.

Astrology was an important instrument for predicting the future and determining human character as well as getting answers to different every day questions.

In modern times, astrology is considered a fun topic for conversation, but it is way more than that.

Astrology can be very accurate when applied by skilled astrologers. It can give us answers to various questions, especially regarding human character and possible life events. It can determine someone’s appearance, interests, behavior, etc.

Astrology can also give insights about outcomes of relationships and different situations, as well as many other matters.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

Astrology analysis starts with creating a natal chart. This chart represents the chart of the planetary positions in some moment of time.

By analyzing this chart, the astrologer can get insight about someone’s personality, situation, relationship, or some other question. The chart consists of planets placed within 12 houses of the chart.

The sign on the beginning of the first house is the Ascendant. It is the sign rising on the eastern horizon in the moment when the chart is created. The Ascendant gives a lot of information about someone’s personality and personal appearance.

The houses where the planets are placed are considered very important, because they give insight about the areas where the most attention is focused and the majority of activities take place. The energy of the planets influences the areas ruled by the houses where the planets are.

Astrology is not only used to analyze people, but also to determine outcomes of situations. The technique in astrology, called synastry is used for these analyses.

Synastry can determine if two people are compatible or not and whether their relationship has a chance of being harmonious and lasting.

In synastry analysis, the astrologer compares the natal charts of the partners, determining the aspects between their planets, but also analyses the partner’s planets placed in the other partner’s natal chart.

This helps the astrologer determine how the relationship will impact the partners and in which areas of life.

Each house of the natal chart rules different areas of life.

Through analyzing the rulers of the houses, the planets placed inside, and other details of the chart, the astrologer can get insight about someone’s personality, their character traits, appearance, interests, attitude, beliefs, their goals, family, home, ancestors, parents, children, siblings, neighbors, friends, enemies, coworkers, their work, education, profession, career, health, physical condition, social life, travel, relationships, partners, etc.

Mars – Basic Qualities

Mars is a powerful planet. Its influence can sometimes have devastating effects when it is afflicted in the natal chart. This planet is sometimes called “red” because of the red iron dioxide which covers the surface of Mars.

It is somewhat similar to our planet, which is why some people believe that someday life will be possible on Mars. Some people believe that life already existed there in the very distant past.

The planet Mars shows the level of energy the person possesses. This planet is tiny, but has a scary reputation. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio where it is strongest.

People influenced by this planet often have personalities which scare other people. Their nature is dominant and they want to have things their way.

These people enjoy giving advice (often unwanted) to other people, even strangers, but they don’t allow anyone to interfere with their life and try giving them advice.

Mars people often have rebellious nature and can be very direct. They don’t pay much attention whether they might hurt someone with their direct and often brutal comments. They don’t tolerate weakness.

These people are tough and enduring. They are prepared to suffer and put in a lot of effort and work to achieve their goals. They are not discouraged by obstacles; in fact, they even make them stronger and inspire them to keep pushing towards their goals.

These people are usually admired and respected by the people in their surroundings. They usually have leadership and organizing skills which make them natural leaders. They possess charisma and people are drawn to them and their strength.

When Mars is well-aspected, it makes these people very generous and helpful. They have a kind heart and enjoy doing good things for others. They are leaders which people enjoy following.

All Mars people have strong desire to succeed. They are all very determined and persistent. They cannot accept defeat. They are usually very competitive and they want to win in every competition. Some of these people might transfer every situation into a competition.

Afflicted Mars can make these people violent and aggressive, brutal, destructive, impatient, inconsiderate, prone to conflicts or similar attitude. These people can be very criticizing and prone to control. They can possess a conflicting personality and be prone to arguments.

When Mars is afflicted in the person’s natal chart this could be the cause of accidents and other misfortunate events the person could experience in their life. Sometimes the consequences of its influence are irreparable.

Mars people can be very temperamental and are often perceived as aggressive. They can be prone to violent outbursts, anger, and aggression.

These people (especially Aries types) can be thoughtless and take action without thinking about the consequences. These people are brave and confront their difficulties without hesitation.

Mars people are very passionate and others are often magnetically attracted to them.

Sixth House Meaning

The 6th house is related to matters like routine, work, service, responsibilities, pets, hygiene, health, etc. This is the house of the sign Virgo and its planet ruler is Mercury. If there are planets in this house, they reveal our attitude towards the matters of the sixth house.

The sixth house reveals whether we take care of our hygiene and our health; it also reveals our sleeping habits, and how responsible we are. This house also shows whether we are patient or not.

If there are planets in the sixth house, they give additional information about the person’s health, and could possibly point to some health problems the person could encounter.

The planets in the sixth house also show someone’s attitude towards their work; they show whether the person is overly concerned with their work duties and spends most of their time at work, or they tend to procrastinate and not interested in their work.

The sixth house also reveals the person’s attitude towards food, and their diet. It also reveals our physical condition and whether we are prone to exercising to stay fit or we are not bothered with how we look.

The sixth house is also the house of routine jobs, and our work is one such job. This house can reveal our attitude towards the jobs we need to perform daily; it also shows the atmosphere at our work, the coworkers we work with and the relationship we have with them; it also shows our employees, voluntary work, the services we provide to others, etc.

Because the sixth is also considered the house of health and physical condition the planets inside and its ruler can reveal facts about these matters.

If there are malefic planets inside, especially in bad aspects to other planets, this often indicates bad physical condition, accidents, and health issues.

Malefic planets inside the sixth house can also indicate work problems, problems with coworkers and bad work atmosphere. Beneficial planets indicate the opposite.

This house is a reminder to pay attention to our wellbeing and take good care of ourselves.

People with a lot of planets in this house often have the need to serve others and help them in some way. Medical workers often have many planets in the 6th house.

Mars in Sixth House Meaning in Individual Charts

People with Mars in sixth house are hard-working and don’t stop until the work is done.

These people might get in conflict with their colleagues because of their need to criticize.

Mars in 6th house people can be the type who has the need to tell their colleagues how things should be done and argue with them if they refuse to follow their guidance and advice. They can be bossy and act as a boss to their colleagues even in cases when there’s no difference in position between them.

Mars in sixth house people might irritate their coworkers because they always have something to say about others’ way of doing things, acting as if they know everything.

People with Mars in 6th house need to learn to adapt to working in community, collaborating, and respecting their coworkers and their way of doing things.

While they have the right to criticize what others are doing, they get easily offended and even aggressive when someone tries to criticize them. The fact is that these people are better in individual work and as leaders than as being a part of a team.

With Mars in sixth house the person could experience coworkers who act in such a manner towards them and their other coworkers. These people could work in an atmosphere of conflict and arguments which has a negative impact on their health and wellbeing.

They might be under a constant stress regarding their work and becomes a focal point of their daily preoccupations and thoughts. The tension can cause anxiety and other issues with their health.

The placement of Mars in sixth house is a placement that has a beneficial influence on the person’s physical condition and wellbeing. They are robust and resilient.

These people are usually sports types and don’t miss their daily exercises. They promote healthy life-style and they try to have a healthy diet.

This placement of Mars usually makes the person focused on their work and in some cases can create workaholics, which tend to neglect everything and everyone because they need to work. They often put their work as their priority over everything else, which can be irritating to the people who are close to them.

Their sense of value and self-worth is closely related to the success they are able to achieve at their work. When they are satisfied with this area of their life, they feel confident and peaceful.

If, on the other hand, they are experiencing problems with their work, this causes them stress and irritation, and can cause health problems in the longer run.

When Mars is afflicted in the sixth house that can indicate health issues, related to Mars ruled areas as well as the areas ruled by the sign where Mars is placed. The person could also be prone to accidents, and life threatening situations.

These people often choose a career related to areas ruled by Mars; they can be successful doctors or perform other jobs in the health sector as nurses, chiropractors, etc.

They often perform work involving the use of machines and other tools. They often perform which requires a lot of physical strength and stamina.

Mars in Sixth House Meaning in Synastry

Mars in sixth house in synastry is often an indication of a work-related relationship.

The Mars person could inspire the sixth house person to put in more efforts into accomplishing their work goals and tasks, and depending on the aspects between their natal charts, the sixth house person could appreciate that influence or they can consider it irritating and a form of pressure.

The Mars person could put a lot of pressure onto the 6th house person, trying to make them work beyond their limits and strength which can cause conflicts and disagreements between these two.

Sometimes the Mars person influences the sixth house person in a way that they inspire them to begin taking more care of their physical wellbeing; under Mars’s influence, the sixth house person could begin new exercise routine or start a healthy diet.

This is often a combination seen between natal charts of doctors and their patients. 


Mars in 6th house is often a sign of a workaholic who considers their work as their top priority.

These people could be prone to overworking and exhausting themselves with their work. They are very ambitious and their sense of self-worth is closely related to their success at work. This is why is important for these people to be satisfied with the work area of their life.

If this area isn’t functioning properly, this could be a reason for stress and anxiety which can lead into health problems.

Their exhaustion with work can also lead them to health problems as well. They can be bossy towards their coworkers and prone to criticizing their work.

When Mars is in sixth house in synastry, this can indicate a relationship where the Mars person pressures the sixth house person to put in extra effort at work, which they can consider beneficial or irritating.