Taurus Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Do you believe stars could tell you something about your love life? They certainly do. Since ancient history until modern day, people have been looking at stars, searching for answers.

Astrology specifically deals with our destinies, as they are written in the stars. Compatibility of zodiac signs is a special branch; it could help you discover more on relations between zodiac signs and, thus, unravel secrets of compatibility with other people.

When it comes to love compatibility, we must agree that astrology could offer you many answers, but it could not, of course, determine whether your relationship will be successful or not.

That depends on many factors, including personal experience and outer influences, of course.

However, it gives basic guidelines for understanding how well each zodiac sign fits with other signs.

From the aspect of astrology, there is no combination that has no chances to work out; there are, however, complicated and difficult connections and light and easy ones.

The thing is, not even one of zodiac combination is genuinely impossible, but there are some that are hardly imaginable. It depends on are partners flexible and ready to nurture their relationship and make it work or not.

Sometimes, they simply have not enough understanding for one another’s needs and cannot get along.

Other times, their goals or desires prevail in favor of their relationship and it blossoms.

In some other cases, the connection is achieved at the first sight!

Today we talk about compatibility of a Taurus man and a Pisces woman. A connection of an earth and a water sign is always promising.

Taurus Man

He is strong and stubborn under all that patience, tolerance and a benevolent look, hides an explosive temperament. He is passionate, so you do not try to provoke a steady and generally calm Taurus man.

He is usually conservative, traditional, straight to the point and well raised. He wants to have a stable, harmonious and safe life; that is why Taurus men are inclined towards professional success.

They are not career hunters, in terms of getting the highest rank, but yes in terms of getting a high salary.

A Taurus man is ready to work and to work really hard. If he sees an opportunity promising, he will not hesitate taking necessary steps. Before he starts a serious relationship or a family, he will definitely make sure he can afford it.

It may sound rough, but the essential meaning is positive and pretty clear. A Taurus wants the best for his loved ones.

He has high standards, but healthy values in life: a comfortable, cozy and good life. He does not want to bother about whether he and his family would have enough money to go for a vacation; he likes it everything already settled.

However, he is simple and old-fashioned, so he does not spend money in waste and on latest modern trinkets. He has an exquisite, good taste. He likes everything classy, art, places, food.

He enjoys going to places with well-established quality and of a sound name. A Taurus man does not want to be bothered by small talk and to be pressed to talk about something or to do something.

He likes to be left alone, but he is not unsociable or unfriendly. He simply has his pace and expects it to be respected. A Taurus man is capable of tolerating things for long; he has incredible patience and a lot of understanding. He does not put things under carpet; he simply does not let to be bothered by everything around.

Taurus men could be very stubborn. It is a wasting of time trying to persuade a Taurus to change his mind. Although he is generally a good listener, he is deaf to such intentions. A Taurus man does not change his mind easily, in any area of life. If he falls in love, he is determined to win over a woman he is attracted to.

He needs a woman who is steady and emotional, with whom he could spend a whole day in bed!

He could be extremely gentle and kind towards his lady. A Taurus man would always approach to a woman he likes like a true gentlemen. He is well mannered and he knows precisely what to say.

He flatters and shows affection through gestures, but not endlessly. He does not want to waste his time on shallow, loves me-loves me not relationships. If married, he is ready to be both a lover and a companion to his partner.

He will do everything to make things work out, even if times get really tough.

Pisces Woman

Pisces women are persistent in their desires, fantasies and goals, but capable of adapting to various situations. Pisces are like water; strong in specific way, but highly flexible and adaptable.

This is a sign of a dual energy, which makes a Pisces lady capable of transformation. She changes with the tides of her life. It is an amazing characteristic that makes a Pisces woman open to many opportunities.

A Pisces woman is successful; not overly ambitious, aggressive or intense, but she can always find a way. A Pisces woman could fail, but she will never let despair take her over. Her spirit is not unbreakable and she is not afraid of showing her weaknesses or expresses her emotions.

However, her inborn flexibility makes her easy to recover without much harm.

A Pisces woman would always come out with a spare plan or solution to a problem. She likes planning, but is not consistent in it. If she decides the situation requires change, she finds it easy to swap plans for different ones.

Pisces women are usually professionally successful and do not get easily frustrated by challenges at work or in everyday life.

They could be very productive and constructive, if they want to. A Pisces lady is an innovator, an imaginative and creative individual. They have a contemporary way of thinking and they are always open for new ideas.

A Pisces woman is a good listener; she is funny, curious and gentle towards people. A Pisces lady is spiritual; her intuition is what she trusts the most.

She is a woman who tries to find deeper meaning in everything. She literally absorbs everything happening around and so sees things others would not even notice. A Pisces woman sees into people and is capable of correctly determining their intentions towards her.

On the outside, she appears relaxed, quiet and soft. She possesses incredible power of imagination and insights combined.

A Pisces woman often expresses her feelings through art or motion. To name a few famous Pisces women: Elisabeth Tailor, Anais Nin and Lisa Minnelli. Pisces women are very talented in general.

They value freedom and do not see marriage or a relationship as something obliging or sacred. She needs her freedom over everything else.

If you try to tie down a Pisces woman, she would feel very very sad and you will shut down all of her creativity. In love, Pisces women expect to find mystery and magic.

She just enjoys being in love and it often happens that she does not enter a relationship for long, just because she is addicted to that amorousness feeling, which is different from a deep love. She does get amorous easily. She is neither the strongest nor the weakest character. She is benevolent, nice and friendly towards people.

A Pisces woman has incredibly power of regeneration. She does not avoid challenges, if she sees some higher purpose in it. However, she does not risk things out of pure excitement and amusement.

Her curiosity could make her mistake, failed, get hurt. However, as we have said, this is one of the most flexible and regenerative signs; she capable of a total and full recover in every sense possible.

Love Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces are a truly amazing match!

They fit almost perfectly in terms of sexuality and intimacy, in the first place. They well understand each other’s needs and, what is more important, are willing to fulfill each another’s needs. They are deeply emotional, passionate and pleasure seeking.

This is a magical connection. Mystery and flexibility of a Pisces woman awakens desire and emotions in gentle and sensual Taurus man.

Their connection s natural, deep, calm, pleasant and fulfilling in every sense. They could build up a relationship fully based on trust and understanding. They inspire the best in one another and encourage each other freely and openly to express all the deepest emotions. They feel comfortable and safe together.

The sense of mutual support and safety makes their connection warm, cozy, very pleasant and built upon firm foundation stones of mutual trust and respect.

However, there could be troubles, with Pisces woman being prone to sudden changes of mood or even interests; remember, she is like a deep ocean, calm on the outside, but unpredictable and mysterious on the inside.

If that happens, a loyal and devoted Taurus could lose his trust in his woman. It could happen that they break up because of this, but there is never likely to be big drama or a scandal. They simply go other directions, without turning back. Sad scenarios aside, a Taurus man and a Pisces woman could really enjoy much thing s doing together.

Both are calm and relaxed, so they will find it truly enjoyable to spend a Saturday night home, cuddled together, eating (a Taurus eating something salty and hearty, a Pisces enjoying some pudding or an ice cream) or playing games or just talking. They share many interests and could find a common subject instantly.

They rarely argue, especially not over everyday stuff. Both of them are patient and do not rush anywhere. If there were no obligations or appointments, they would gladly spend the whole morning in bed.

Their sex life is, as we have mentioned, amazing. It is deep, sensual, very physical and yet, very emotional. They fit almost one hundred percent!

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage of a Taurus man and a Pisces woman is a true match. They could be very happy together and would rarely have complaints about anything. The only problem is Pisces mutable nature.

But then, since everything else is harmonious, it is dangerous spice; it could bring some excitement in this calm and balanced relationship or make it break down.

However, if they are married, it means that Taurus man fully understands his lovely Pisces lady’s nature and decides to tolerate it.

On the other hand, a Pisces woman knows exactly what her Taurus wants, so she would try to control her nature. They could get along with this easily. They are compassionate and passionate, true lovers.

This relationship (and marriage) is primarily based on deep love they have for one another.


Taurus and Pisces could establish a good connection on any level. Just as they could become amazing lovers, fateful husband and wife, they could become true friends. Their mutual attraction is usually strong and there is commonly something more than just a friendship.

It often happens that they start dating after years of knowing each other. They could also remain only friends, and good ones.

They have a lot of thing to talk about and a lot of stiff to do together. Pisces’ occasional mood swings or boredom could annoy steady Taurus, but love they have for one another (including pure friendly love) will always prevail.

They believe true love does exist, meaning true romantic love, and, as friends, they would never let one another lose hope for finding the right person.

Who knows, maybe they are just sitting beside you.

Cool Facts

A connection of a Taurus man and a Pisces woman could best be illustrated through imagining them playing a Monopoly or some other long lasting board game.

It is very likely that at one point Pisces gets bored and simply walks away (note that she does not get angry if losing or else, she just had it enough).

A Taurus would get angry, because he always wants to finish what he has started and now he cannot. A Pisces would find it amusing.

Taurus will, however, quickly calm down and even finish the game on his own.


This combination of Earth and Water element is smooth, natural, like a stream running over forest ground.

A Taurus man and a Pisces woman share the most important thing in this world, the idea of love. They strongly feel it, both in their way.

They complement each other perfectly. A realistic Taurus connects dreamy and imaginative Pisces lady with the real world, while magical and spiritual Pisces inspires Taurus’ creativity and makes him more flexible.