Mars in Aries

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For millennia and centuries, we have known skies above affect lives of the people. In far past, before the age of fast-developing technologies and countless scientific discoveries, people have ascribed divine powers to stars above.

Our far ancestors had both logical and mystical explanations of the influence of the universe over life of the humankind and all other living things on earth.

There were times people thought the Earth was flat and that the Sun was a god or a goddess. There were times people believed natural phenomena were pure magic and that the whole cosmos was organized by divine entities solely.

Today, we have firm and logical answers to many of the mysteries. Nevertheless, even the latest scientific methods cannot unravel all secrets of the universe.

We are only a piece of sand in an endless cosmic space. Our ancients believed planets and stars affect our destinies; not only destinies of individual human beings, but also the future and faith of whole countries and empires. In fact, ancient astrology was not oriented towards personal horoscopes, which is our subject here, but that of a bigger plan or specific figures.

Great kings of the past had their personal astrologers. Royal astrologers were close advisors to emperors and leaders of the past. Astrology, back in the day, was considered an acknowledged discipline for interpreting stars and skies. People strongly believed they could tell us about future. Well, they actually can and it is a very complex system of analyses.

In modern time, astronomy, physics, mathematics and other official scientific disciplines can tell us about the destiny of our planet. However, none of these scientific disciplines tells about an individual’s life. A royal astrologer/astronomer would answer questions about a king’s future, but no one actually bothered about common people that much, to be honest.

Astrology is, in its nature, is a real science; its name means the ‘science of stars’. It has its methodology, branches, rules and everything that constitutes a science. In medieval times, it was forbidden and considered a kind of sorcery and witchcraft.

Today, it is given certain attention, but it falls under alternative, pseudo sciences.

There is no academy for astrologers, but there are people who have dedicated they time to understanding the mysterious ways of skies above. If you are interested in what the heavens above have in store for you, you can ask for a natal chart.

This is what most of us know as horoscope. There are, however, different types of horoscopes, just as there are different branches of astrology.

Mars and Horoscope

We are interested in natal astrology and personal horoscopes. Planets play major role in every personalized astrological chart. Since the earliest days of astrology, people ascribed special energies and powers to planets. Astrology has always counted the visible planets.

Today, these are all known planets of Solar system, including the Sun and the Moon.

Although these two are not actual planets, astrology counts them as ones; they play important roles in personalized natal charts. The zodiac sign in which the Sun is at the time you were born is actually your native sign.

If you have the Sun in, say, Aries, then you are Aries in horoscope.  Here, we talk about refined aspects of natal charts; planets in signs.

Regardless of one’s ruling sign, other signs of zodiac are important feature of their astrological destiny.  Astrological chart is divided into houses that represent areas of life.

There are also twelve zodiac signs and known planets. Planets, especially the five ‘personal planets’ are of the essential importance.  Mars, of which we will talk more, is one of them.

Personal planets move faster than others do and they enlist Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun and the Moon. They determine your personality traits, temperament and character. What does Mars represent?

Mars is identified with ancient deities of war, such as Greek Ares; astrologically, it rules signs Aries and Scorpio. Mars is powerful and energetic. It symbolizes discipline, strength, persistence and will.

Maris is a planet of aggressiveness, turbulent temperament and raw force; it possesses masculine energy. Mars in a horoscope represents an active strength, the way you go through life and the way you deal with obstacles.

It is the planet of fight, confrontation and competition. Mars is identified with bravery, courage, power and ambition.

Mars in Aries – General Info

Mars in Aries feels comfortable and unrestrained; it is the natural place for this powerful planet. If you think about basic characteristics of Aries, the influence of the militant Mars is obvious.

When Mars is in Aries, it makes you an energetic, enthusiastic person, the one who takes the initiative and commands others. Mars in Aries gives an authoritative, self-confident and strong-willed personality.

In Aries, Mars is on its throne, so its influence is overpowering. This position in a birth chart indicates a passionate personality, with strongly accentuated sensuality. Such a personality is usually super-proud and self-confident.

People with Mars ion Aries are owed, respected and admired by others. Many would see a strong protective figure in a Mars Aries and a role model.

It is of vital importance for all Mars Aries individuals, regardless of their ruling sign and other aspects, to learn how to handle, control and balance the incredible amount of energy Mars in Aries offers.

They tend to act impulsively and instinctive, before they even consult their reason. They are fierce and fiery people. Their temperament is explosive.

People with Mars in Aries are bold and competitive. They are not easily intimidated and the victory is often their ultimate goal. Sometimes they do not think about what it takes to reach a goal; they could be obsessed with success and pretty insensitive towards others.

However, when it comes to their closest and loved ones, Mars Aries are extremely protective and caring. They would do literally everything it takes to make their dear ones feel safe.

Mars Aries people are in need of action and they find it the most difficult to sit still and wait for something to happen. They do not wait for opportunities, but seize them. If Mars in Aries is particularly in good position related to other aspects in a personal horoscope, it indicates an optimistic, adventurous spirit, with a lot of energy for pursuing their dreams.

These people would readily invest their energy into something and you would never hear them complaining about hard times or difficult conditions.

These individuals do not tolerate being told what to do and they see always to put themselves in charge of something. They want to have control over everything and if they feel the power of control has been taken from them, they become furious. You really do not want to see their rage.

Needles to say, Mars Aries are not vengeful people; it is above their level. Once they close the doors, they never open it again.

Mars Aries people have great potentials to achieve great things in all areas of life. They are energetic and in need to take action, but their nature is not that of wanderers. A Mars Aries wants stability in life, not a life on the edge. They are determined to achieve great things in professional field and they feel at their best if they have influence over others.

They are extremely self-disciplined in all matters, except in controlling their explosive temperament. They could, however, learn how to channel their energy, but you should never ever tell them anything like: “It would be good for you to change your ways”, or something like that.

Be sure they would never ‘obey’, even if they see it as a reasonable advice. They are very stubborn.

Mars Aries feel at their best if they have some influence over others. It does not have to be genuine command or leadership, but also teaching. A Mars Aries could be an excellent tutor or a teacher; they like to pass on their knowledge to others.

That also make them amazing parents; a bit strict, but just, honest, protective and supporting.

These individuals are born to great things. We have mentioned they are ambitious and strong-willed, sometimes insensitive. However, they rarely have any ill intentions. They are competitive, but righteous. They do not play games and tricks.

Although they find it hard to accept defeat and they are prone to fight on, until they exhaust all the resources, they despise setbacks and deceit.

Good Traits

Mars in Aries could be a magnificent astrological aspect, just as it can be disastrous. Such a great energy surely has its amazing positive potentials. Indeed, it is so.

Mars in Aries gives you courage and strength many could only dream of. It inspires dreams and makes you believe nothing is impossible in this life. Mars in Aries people are energetic, people of action.

They may be explosive, but they are generally not irrational; they do not accept failure, which makes them a little bit hard to deal with, but also eager to find new ways.

They are fearless and persistent. It takes too many failures to discourage a Mars Aries person. They are very straightforward and in their dictionary, there is no place for neither white lies or dark ones.

Mars Aries people are usually full of positive energy, motivation and drive.

They are ambitious and persistent. Although not known for being patient and calm, Mars Aries individuals do not easily give up their goals once set. They are more temperamental in daily matters and small everyday goals.

Mars Aries are passionate and protective. They will stand by your side, if they care for you.  They do not burden themselves with troubles of others, which make them reserved and strict, but also saves them from despair over the misery of humankind.

Mars Aries believe in noble causes and they are driven by positive energy. Their attitude is optimistic.

Bad Traits

With an aspect which such a strong energy, it is logical to assume that there could be some seriously bad sides to it. Energy of Mars in Aries has to be controlled and carefully managed, which is not an easy task.

People with Mars in Aries are impulsive and it happens that they make decisions in haste, just because they are provoked or too enthusiastic about something.

They are inclined towards taking risks, which could be both good and bad. Mars in Aries could make one cold, insensitive, aggressive and dangerous. If badly related to other aspects, Mars in Aries could show its negative, destructive side to the fullest.

People with Mars in Aries could become merciless and cruel, more of dictators than leaders.

Mars in Aries Man

Men having Mars in Aries are bold, just, courageous and ready to fight for their causes.

They are competitive in all areas of life; they see everything as a battlefield. Since Mars gives ultimately masculine energy, these men possess raw many strength and attitude. They are open, straightforward, never controlled and never manipulated.

Mars Aries man is characterized by both physical and mental strength, although he is temperamental and easily challenged. However, the thing is he loves challenges; every opportunity to show off his strength, capabilities, skills and knowledge suits him.

Mars Aries man is a man of action, not of false promises, sweet talk and romance. He does not seduce, he wins.

Mars in Aries Woman

Women with Mars in Aries are also bold and proud. These ladies are fearless and determined in life.

They have well set goals and they work hard to achieve them. They are less impulsive compared to men with the same aspect, but that does not make them calm and unenthusiastic.

These women need to be on the run. They enjoy proving themselves in all areas of life.

To a Mars Aries lady, it is of vital importance to prove to herself that she is capable of something. She is self-confident and she needs no one to protect her or tell her what to do.

She is usually athletic and interested in sports. This ambitious woman likes to be surrounded by people who challenge her potentials.


In the world of most people with Mars Aries aspect, everything is a battlefield or a competition. They live through challenges and they enjoy it. Depending on other aspects, their Mars in Aries will show in its brightest and the most optimistic edition or the dark, merciless, cruel one.

Usually, these people show both of these sides and they have to learn how properly to channel this consuming energy of the militant Mars.

They are passionate and fearless. Mars Aries people can be amazing leaders and figures others can find support in. They deserve praise and respect for what they do, because in the most cases, their conscience is clean and they are righteous.

These people are direct, courageous and they readily pursue their goals. They are deeply into anything that occupies their mind.