Mars in Virgo

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Horoscopes answer many questions, if properly analyzed and interpreted by an astrologer with a lot of expertise and practice in this extraordinary pseudo scientific discipline.

Astrology is not considered an official science, in modern day, although it features all the constitutive elements a science needs. It has its principles, methods and rules that are all to be well studied and applied in practicing astrology.

There are many divided opinions amongst common people, regarding Western modern astrology. Perhaps all the media attention it gets and all the corruption and trickery it is susceptible too (just as any other science, in fact), make astrology appear as an amusement or even a manipulative trick that serves only to material profit of a person practicing astrology.

Well, it is not all like that. Astrology deserves admiration and respect, being a very old path of observing and understanding the world. The power of cosmic forces should never be underestimated and some other, official disciplines definitely prove so. Astrology is closely related to astronomy and these were equally praised in old times. Actually, they were the same thing.

Many astronomers of the past were astrologers, as well. Just as notable scientists, researchers, mathematicians, geographers and explores and many more were also astrologers.

Astrology is very old; some thousands of years ago lie its roots. Western astrology, which is the one we talk about here, originates millennia ago. It comes from old Persia.

Over some other periods of humankind history, astrology was forbidden, denied and placed amongst witchery, sorcery and all sorts of esoteric and obscure works. Today, it is popular; however, since we live in the age of reason, but also the age of materialism and omnipresence, feelings towards astrology are ambivalent. Some people trust astrology, others would never take it seriously.

People have always been wanting instant solutions and straightforward answers, which is, perhaps, even more characteristic to contemporary folks. You may ask if astrology could answer any of the questions you might ask. Well, that question has a dual answer. If we think in terms of possibilities of astrology itself, in total, then the answer is yes.

However, if we think in terms of possibilities, skills and potentials of an astrologers, as a practitioner of astrology, then the answer would most certainly be no. It is not that an astrologer just wants to trick you, but no human being can comprehend all the answers astrology holds.

Moreover, if you are interested in concrete answers, you will most definitely be disappointed.

Astrology offers something more valuable than straightforward answers. Here, we talk about personalized, natal astrology, which is related to questions and answers about life of an individual human being. It tells about potentials and capacities of you as an individual and tells about possibilities characteristic for your lifeline. All these information are inscribed into your birth chart.

Mars and Horoscope

What this mysterious birth chart actually represents? It freezes an image of the sky, at particular moment of time. If we talk about birth charts, it is the time someone was born.

According to astrology, this sky image that features zodiac signs, houses, planets and else is like a fingerprint. It is unique and it holds secrets of your destiny. One might imagine how skilled you have to be in order to interpret such a diagram.

This diagram constitutes of many several important elements, of which planets are extremely valuable. The positions of planets, of course, change over time. Some planets move faster than the others do and they are called ‘personal planets’. They are related to individual personal traits.

Others are slower, and they affect whole generations, while also affecting individual lives. Planets are essential part of complexity of a birth chart.

Take Mars, for example. Mars is one of those ‘personal planets’. Others are the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Mercury. Do not be confused by the Sun and the Moon; in astrological analyzes they are taken as planets.

Mars is the planet that determines your active energy. Its place is of a major importance, because it channels your energy into one particular filed of life or personal characteristic.

Mars represents fighting spirit, competitiveness, rivalry, courage, conflict, constructiveness and destructiveness, ambition, motivation and force. This planet possesses fiery and aggressive energy, so it is very important to know where it is in your natal chart. It would help you channel it properly.

Mars is associated with bravery, taking initiative, spontaneous spirit, impetuous character and restlessness.

This is the planet of activity, authoritative attitude and dominance. It can be as blissful as it could be dangerous. Mars, in negative correspondence with other aspect in a birth chart could make one aggressive, cruel, insensitive and merciless. It could become destructive and thoughtless.

On the other hand, it could give you strength to pursue your goals with a noble heart; it brings success and victory.

Mars in Virgo – General Info

Mars in Virgo gives an incredible sense fort details and perfection, accompanied by energy needed to get the closest to perfection it is possible. Mars in Virgo in a birth chart suggests you have to be an analytical, careful, organized person, persistent in your ideals and plans.

Mars in Virgo suggest that a person would strive for perfection in any case, regardless of life constantly proving no one and nothing is perfect.

Mars in Virgo never lose their ideals and their perfectionism rarely fades away; if other aspects are strong and contrasting enough, they could lower their expectations. Mars Virgo would always do their best, in order to achieve the best results.

They are extremely well organized, analytical, systematical and tactful. They are true to their ideals and causes.

There are several principles of essential importance to any Mars Virgo and these are honesty, honor and dignity. Here, Mars is cold, determined, firm and self-critical. It is not impulsive, impatient and foolish as it can be in some other signs. Mars in Virgo is proud, full of focused energy.

All of the energy is oriented towards achieving perfection. Mars Virgo would never accept victory at the cost of others; only one they achieved solely by themselves.

Mars Virgo are usually not too cold and reserved but emotional. On the other hand, they are true masters of controlling their emotions, without suppressing it.

They are perfectly capable of emotional regeneration and they do not need much help from others. They are very self-reliant and independent. They actually believe they could be perfect and they do tend putting themselves above others.

However, this has not much to do with aggressive, imposing and loud Mars’ authoritative attitude. Mars Virgo are proud and quiet; their authority is felt, not heard and seen.

They leave an impression of people who know what they want in life and who are ready to work systematically and with patience and dedication. They extremely rarely ask others for help because they would feel weak and imperfect.

That is, perhaps, their best and their worst trait, this need for perfection. It leads to self-criticism, disappointment and, if these last for too long, eventually, to despair.

Although they are mentally and emotionally strong, they could break under pressure they put onto themselves. A Mars Virgo would hardly ever blame another for their troubles.

These people are focused on success and are very rational. Everything they do is analyzed to the last detail and efficiently realized.

They always make plans, systemize and organize things. They want certainty and their Virgo does not let restless Mars go wild and force them make some rather foolish and thoughtless decisions.

No, everything in a Mars Virgo life is well organized and situated.

They are rarely fully satisfied with what they have achieved and they always want more.

However, their more is kind of a higher more. They are not interested in, say, bathing in luxury and piling up material possessions, but they want to excel in something they find interesting. They could be amazing at some common occupations, just as they could be amazing and notable figures.

The point is, make everything perfect. If Mars Virgo works as a, say, customer support agent on the phone and online, he or she would see to have all the data carefully sorted, organized, summed up, all tasks for the day fulfilled, all the emails answered.

If a Mars Virgo is in charge of some great business, he or she would see everything be as in a beehive. If they are artists, their art has to be a masterpiece and so on.

Good Traits

Good traits of having Mars in Virgo are many, but they should be supported by other good aspects in order to function. Mars in Virgo creates an analytical and organized mind. There is no place for rush and hasty decisions, so Mars Virgo rarely make mistakes.

They are disciplined, focused and conscientious. They are honest, just and moral.

Mars in Virgo cares for details and would always trust his or her reason. They are generally quiet and do not like to make mess about small inconveniences. They are independent, self-reliant and proud. Dignity and honor are their virtues.

What is also important, Mars Virgo always takes good care about their physical and mental health.

They are capable of having harmony and balance in life, even if they always feel as if there must be something more. If aspects are good, it is a very healthy and generally optimistic approach to life.

It makes them never get bored and always wanting to perfect their skills and knowledge.

Although not extremely compassionate and sensitive, Mars Virgo does not lack emotions. They would always be there to offer a reasonable advice and support.

Bad Traits

Their need for perfection turns them bad as well. Mars Virgo could become obsessed with their need to be perfect, so they become artificial and robotic.

They focus on one thing in life and lead it the closest to perfection that is possible, while forgetting the world around. They would never neglect their health or so, but could become closed for the world.

They are also too self-critical. They sometimes fail to realize where their limits are and it makes them utterly broken once they realize they cannot achieve every single thing they had on their mind.

The realization of imperfection breaks these strong characters, even if, deep down inside, they know no human is perfect.

Apart from being self-critical, this trait could turn into being generally criticizing and judging.

Everything that is not to their taste is considered lower and a subject of criticizing. They could become unbearable to stand, once they lose sense of what is appropriate and what is not. People could feel very bad and unimportant in their presence.

Mars in Virgo Man

Mars in Virgo man is not aggressive, but focused, determined and decisive.

He is interested into having a splendid career, but not in the public area. He wants to look good and feel healthy and he would invest much into all sorts of physical activities, nutrition and healthcare. He cares the same for few people he holds dear. He does not command, but advises.

Mars Virgo man is attentive and gallant. He is classy and good mannered, well educated, intellectual and intelligent. He competes only with himself and rarely has any conflict with other people. He could be an excellent team worker, but also a strict, but righteous boss.

Everything he does is done with devotion and attention. In love, he is the same. He is attracted to women who are intelligent and who shine naturally.

Mars Virgo prefers simple and classy style in every area of his life. He is honest, stable and inclined towards certainty and ordered stability.

Mars in Virgo Woman

Mars Virgo women are intellectual and ambitious in terms of their personal development.

They have exceptional organizational skills and tact. Mars Virgo woman would never make drama over any problem, but she would see to handle it on her own. She is understanding, sociable, but not very loud.

Mars Virgo woman loves good quality talk. She is interested into philosophical subject and scientific matters. Mars Virgo woman is open to learn and to perfect her talents. She is an incredible aesthete. She is stylish and looks amazing even in the simplest outfit.

For Mars Virgo, stability in life is important. She is inclined towards finding the partner for life. He has to be smart, self-confident and situated.

Mars Virgo woman is an optimist and, although all Virgo Mars people are analytical perfectionists, surprisingly, she would not bother trying to find flaws in the partner. Her perfectionism usually stays in area of personal development.


Mars Virgo people are stable characters, not prone to any kind of drama and scandal. The good thing is that Mars here is not impetuous and restless, but measured and controlled.

They bad thing is that Mars Virgo tend to idealize their own capabilities and believe they could control everything and be brilliant on all fields.

However, if aspects are good, they could find balance between the two and have a harmonious life.