Mercury in Aries

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The best clock and timetable we have is our own beautiful planet, seen as a part of both known and unknown vast space we call universe.

Since old times, people have been studying the stars, in order somehow to unravel the mystery of our own existence.

Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence?

Ancient observers of the skies, the first astronomers and astrologers were assured stars and planets we see from Earth have great impact upon overall known existence.

If the whole planet we live on is exposed to immense influence of the cosmos and elements found there, including planets, stars and other heavenly bodies and forces of the universe, what happens with something as small as a human being?

Humankind has been trying to reveal this since the dawn of time . Despite all of our technological advancement, we still have so much to discover.

There are always mysteries all our scientific discoveries and inventions cannot interpret and explain. Here we come to more mystical or pseudo sciences, such as astrology. While back into past, astrology was identified with astronomy, today it is labeled as a ‘pseudo’ science.

Nevertheless, it offers precious information on subjects in which official sciences fail.

One of the most interesting branches of astrology (which is, indeed, a vast area of numerous approaches to understanding the world) is definitely natal astrology. You certainly know about, at least, some basics about what birth charts and horoscopes are.

In fact, these are the same; each individual could have their birth chart or personal horoscope delivered and interpreted by an astrology expert.

This chart shows everything that relates to a life of an individual, his or hers defining traits, qualities, flaws and many more. It shows favorable and unfavorable cosmic aspects in a person’s life.

A horoscope, contrary to popular belief, does not say this or that would happen in your future, but it helps you see opportunities and show potentials you have.

Mercury and Horoscope

Now, what all of this has to do with planets? Each planet possesses unique vibrations and energy. According to astrology, each planet in our solar system is related to specific aspects of one’s life.

They are shown in a birth chart and their positions in twelve astrological houses matter a lot. They define both your personality and destiny, if we are to rely on personal horoscopes.

Mercury is the planet of communication, logic, intellect and reason. These are very important elements of one’s personality and life, of course. Mercury is also related to youth, restlessness and curiosity.

The position of Mercury in a birth chart is of vital importance for development of each one of these concepts. The planet Mercury is symbolically represented as a circle, with a semi-circle above and a cross bellow it.

It is a stylized version of caduceus, the symbol of Hermes, the messenger god. Mercury is a very important element of each unique personal horoscope. It corresponds with zodiac signs in your birth chart.

An expert is needed carefully to interpret meanings in your natal chart. We offer basic interpretations on Mercury in zodiac sign Aries.

Mercury in Aries – General Info

What does it mean to have planet Mercury in zodiac sign Aries?

In order to understand this, let us, for a brief moment, turn to some general characteristics of Aries sign. Aries people are knows for their boldness, incredible, unstoppable energy and strong will and determination.

They are rational and practical people who do not like to lose.

Aries are not very flexible, but they are courageous and stubborn when they set their minds onto something. Aries is cardinal sign, identified with the beginning of spring season. Aries people prefer stability to risk.

They are, however, dynamic and very intelligent. Having this in mind, let us return to Mercury. Mercury in Aries enhances intellect and practicality of such an individual.

People with Mercury in Aries are capable of finding fitting, practical and efficient solutions.

They are quick-minded, decisive and tactful. They find very important for their opinion to be appreciated and admired. In communication with other people, they say things aloud, they hide nothing and are very open and direct in general.

Others know what they can expect from such self-confident, intelligent and stable personalities.

Mercury in Aries gives a person incredible sharpness of mind and excellent communication skills. It makes one a person of authoritative attitude, the one with a pronounced inclination towards imposing their own opinions over those of other people.

Mercury in Aries means you would defend your causes and points of view with intelligent and bold arguments and you will definitely stand your ground.

Mercury favors your inventiveness, practicality and ability to bring instant, efficient solutions and second plans. A person with Mercury in Aries would see to impose their influence, attitude and opinion, as well as their skills and talents, wherever possible, especially when it comes to professional area of life.

They are competitive and they would put their ideas in the first plan.

People with such planetary aspect are hardworking and everything they have achieved in life they have done by themselves.

They are admired and respected by others; if they are not received in a way they believe they deserve, Aries Mercury individuals could become really hard to deal with. They are proud and extremely authoritative. Their opinion has to be not only recognized, but also praised and respected.

Such an individual would reach his or her goals by excellent communication skills, intellect, but also with great self-confidence and stubborn, unbreakable will. This is a person you cannot easily say ‘no’. When it comes to expectations from love life, Aries Mercury are open, direct and bold.

They do not hesitate expressing their feelings openly, but these are not of compassion or tenderness.

Good Traits

Each of astrological aspects in our birth chart has their good and bad traits. Good traits of having Mercury in Aries are many. Mercury in Aries supports personal intellectual development, in the first place. It helps you develop and improve your communicative skills.

People with Mercury in Aries are usually excellent speakers and orators; they would commonly choose a profession that has something to do with it.

Mercury in Aries supports inborn determination and self-reliability of Aries in general. These people would see always to present themselves the best they can and they are honest in their intentions.

Mercury is the planet of reason and analytical thinking. People with Mercury in Aries are individuals of great charisma that is always supported by intellect.

Aries Mercury is especially a favorable aspect for those interested into marketing, trade, some big business in general.

They are capable of leadership and command and would always base all of their decisions and plans on pure reason. They are not dreamy and they do not make risky investments, although they are known to be hot headed. However, it manifests differently.

It also gives a person openness of mind and openness in communication with other people.

Mercury in Aries makes a person especially bold with words; however, they never use words to deceive others. There is no place for illusions, tricks and mysteries with Mercury in Aries.

However, it also has its bad sides. Let us find out what they are.

Bad Traits

Bad traits characteristic for Mercury in Aries are easily recognizable and are pretty common.

Since Aries is energetic, active, strong, stubborn and determined to reach goals, it is easy to assume how all the qualities of Mercury could turn bad. We have mentioned above Aries Mercury brings restlessness and hot headedness.

Well, these people are not known for making foolish decisions and risky investments, but they can lose tons of energy on investing themselves into everything they do.

Aries Mercury are not particularly emotional and compassionate people, but when it comes to work and achieving their well-determined goals or having their ideas recognized and accepted, they are really tough to have around.

Aries Mercury are kind of know-it-all-people and very, very stubborn. They are commanding, authoritative and hesitate not to say aloud everything they think and believe, which could be too sharp, aggressive and even harmful.

These people are so self-confident that it happens they take many things for granted, assuming they just know everything about anything.

They get very surprised and annoyed when someone else proves their opinion wrong or information they offered incomplete or, even worse, false. Their authoritative tone could be terrible to stand.

Mercury in Aries Man

Aries Mercury man is open, direct and ready to accept challenges, if they lead to what he aspires the most to – stability and security. Aries sign is known to be an energetic, very active person, who has clear goals and is ready to work hard to achieve them.

It could make one incredibly stubborn, so the strength Aries Mercury man generally posses could cloud his thinking.

Mercury in Aries gives him more analytical approach to handling things. Mercury maries man is bold with words. He never hesitates saying what is on his mind aloud. Mercury in Aries kind of widens his mind and helps him see other approaches.

Naturally bold, courageous and strong, he would efficiently apply new knowledge and reach his goals without wasting too much energy.

On the other hand, he is not the most tactful person. Aries Mercury man is very restless, because Mercury makes his mind is constantly on the run and he also has the energy of Aries. His sees to impose his opinions and his solutions wherever possible and he does not hesitate to grab the leading role, even if unasked.

Aries Mercury man is determined to bring his plans into realization, but is very impatient about it.

He is a person no one could easily reject or try to change his mind.

On the other hand, if other aspects are favorable, such a man could become a great, inspirational leader, one of a kind. He could be the one to inspire and motivate others to do things they could only imagine before. He is definitely an exceptionally good orator, with a strong, positive and very open aura.

Aries Mercury man is always direct in his intentions towards a lady. He is intellectually charming and extremely artful with words. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it. In addition, he is the one a woman can rely on.

Aries Mercury man would not even think of a relationship unless he has some clear ideas about his future with a woman.

Mercury in Aries Woman

Aries Mercury women are known to be a bit more balanced and more patient than their male counterparts are.

Mercury in Aries women could have very positive influence on these courageous ladies. Mercury Aries woman is primarily focused onto personal intellectual development.

Her goals are similar to that of Aries Mercury man; she wants stability and certainty in life.

Aries Mercury woman efficiently uses her logic and reason in all areas of life. She is less hot headed than her counterpart. However, their energies and aura are equally positive, open and inspiring.

Aries Mercury woman is more focused on personal success than on leading and motivating others, like incredibly influential Aries Mercury man.

She is definitely open to learn new things and improve her talents and skills. She is a lady known for her intelligence and her reasonable approach to things in life. She is not afraid of failure, because Mercury gives her enough of logic and reason actually to keep cool in stressful situation.

However, there are things she cannot easily get over.

Since ladies are generally known to be more talkative than men are, this is where Aries Mercury woman shows bad sides of Mercury influence. If she believes she knows something the best or that she does something the best, there is literally no way to make her change her mind.

She would offer an incredible palette of all sorts of spoken arguments to prove you are wrong and she is right.

Even if she realizes her opinions have no ground, she would not step back. Aries Mercury woman is, perhaps, the most dominating and stubborn kind of know-it-all people. However, there are many good traits in her.

In love, Aries Mercury woman knows what she wants and she amazes a man with her sharp mind, openness and firm attitude.


Mercury in Aries promotes some amazing Aries’ natural traits, such as their practicality, intelligence and determination.

It makes them a bit hard to deal with, because they would be even more stubborn in defending their causes and opinions, now that they have Mercury, which supports communication, logic and reason.

This aspect gives them more openness to embracing new knowledge and ideas, which is extremely good.

Aries Mercury people are very dedicated to improving skills they already have, but also to adopt some new.

It also shapes up their bold, open and loud verbal expression. They are authoritative, strong-willed, honest, righteous people you can definitely rely on.