Libra Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When we want to discover some facts about the person we are interested in dating, we are ready to do many things. We go daily through their social profiles, sometimes hourly because we want to figure out more about them, their current life circumstances, what they like and don’t like, etc.

Another thing we might use to find out more about the people who interest us is to make an astrology analysis between our natal charts (that is called a synastry analysis).

By comparing the planetary placements of each individual and determining the aspects the planets make, as well as the meaning of these aspects, we can discover a lot about the nature of our relationship with that person, and whether it has the potential to be a harmonious and lasting one or not.

To do a natal chart we need the person’s birth data (an accurate hour of birth, date and place of birth). Not many of us are fortunate to have such information because questions about them could be considered very inappropriate after just meeting someone.

Information which is easier to obtain is their horoscope sign.

Horoscope signs have some general traits shared by the individuals of the same sign. The horoscope sign can tell us a great deal about someone’s personality, and also by comparing these traits we can determine whether we are compatible with another person or not.

In the text below, we will compare the characteristics of a Libra man and a Taurus woman and determine the potential for a relationship between them. 

Libra Man

Libra man is a good and kind person. People love him because of his openness, his charm, his beautiful smile, and kindness of nature. He is very social and easily establishes relationships with people. He has a wide range of friends and acquaintances and people enjoy being in his company.

His natural charm and warmth inspires people to help him and do all kinds of favors for him.

These men are also good looking and enjoy beauty in all forms. The reason is their ruler, Venus, a planet which rules beauty and art.

He is also very helpful and thoughtful. He can’t stand injustice and he often defends the rights of people he considers somehow threatened. One of the reasons for such an attitude is his inborn sense of justice and equality. For this man (as for all Libra people) it is not imaginable to hurt someone’s feelings or to cause someone any kind of damage.

These people would rather put themselves into an unpleasant situation, than cause someone some awkwardness.

They are very charming and women are attracted to them. These men usually look very good and they have many options for dating. When they are younger this abundance of opportunities might make them promiscuous and prone to change partners or even have multiple partners at the same time, but as they grow older they realize that they are not that kind of person.

These men desire a committed relationship and they want to devote themselves to one woman.

The problem arises when they have to make a decision about committing to one person. The most difficult part for these men is deciding if the person they are considering committing to is the right one for them, and if that is the right thing they should be doing. These situations happen to these men often.

They have similar dilemmas making choices about less important matters in their lives. It is just how they are (Libra women as well).

No matter what choice they make, the question “did I make the right choice?” will keep lingering in their minds, and they will often realize that they made a mistake and try to change and repair something. These traits complicate their lives unnecessary, but it takes a lot of personal work they need to do on themselves to try change these parts of their personality.

Their character often prevents them from achieving their fullest potential. These men are very talented and creative and have many other abilities. The problem is that they are not very ambitious and on top of that, they don’t have great confidence in their abilities.

They often lack faith in the success of their actions, and they don’t even begin putting in action to achieve something they want because they doubt the possibility of succeeding.

Libra men often rely on others to boost their self-confidence and encourage them to take action towards achieving their goals. They often turn to others asking them about their opinion about some matters because they have a need to view everything from different angles and perspectives.

Oftentimes these opinions only make the situation worse because they add to this man’s confusion when it comes to making decisions.

One of the main reasons Libra men (and Libra women in general) do such things is their subconscious need to transfer the responsibility for failure on other people, so they wouldn’t be the one to carry the burden of making a decision and being wrong.

They need to work on building their self-esteem and releasing the fears of the consequences of bad decision making.

These men subconsciously seek women who have powerful personalities and are not afraid to take on the burden of decision making. They also need a woman who can support him in his endeavors and encourage him to pursue his dreams and use his potential.

These men can achieve great success in life, but they often give up before the final step; that is why they need a person who believes in them, and is able to neutralize their fears and insecurities, pushing them towards accomplishment.

They have a reconcilable nature and get along well with most people. They avoid conflicts and arguments at any cost because these situations threaten their stability.

Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is a down to earth woman with a powerful personality. These women are very confident and know exactly what they want. They are not hesitant to speak their mind and they are often very direct. Taurus women are true ladies and are not aggressive and loud as some other women signs.

Venus rules the sign of Taurus, and gives these women their personal beauty as well as a love of beauty in all forms. Taurus woman is a very creative being and uses her creativity to arrange her surroundings so that she could enjoy it.

Taurus women are very attached to their homes, and enjoy decorating them in their taste.

These women love spending their free time in their houses or apartments, and they enjoy inviting their friends and loved ones over as well. They are wonderful hosts and know how to make their guests feel pleasant and at home.

These women usually have a great personal style and they are always well-groomed. They always look expensive and nurtured. These women enjoy pampering themselves and they devote some of their time to nurture their needs. They don’t allow the hectic life we all lead deprive them of their time for themselves.

If they have to, they take that time from their everyday duties.

They are hard to be influenced into doing things they don’t want. They value their time and they highly value themselves, and people respect them for that.

These women usually prefer stronger men who have as powerful personalities as they do.

They also have a very passionate nature and enjoy physical pleasure, and they need a man who can have an adequate answer to their needs. These women are subtle and sensual beings, and they don’t possess raw sexuality like some other women. They are seductive and know how to attract a man using their female charms.

The Taurus woman loves to be comfortable, and expects her man to provide her with such a lifestyle. She wants to be able to afford the things she enjoys, and usually chooses a man who is successful and well-off financially. Taurus women are not gold-diggers. These women are also successful and capable of providing themselves with everything they desire.

Their capability is one of the main reasons they expect their man to be as equally capable and successful.

They are very tactile and enjoy the closeness of their loved one. These women combine their passion with love. These women usually need to be emotionally attached to a man to be able to be intimate with him. Typical Taurus women are not a one-night stand type of women because they value themselves too much.

These women love good food. They love eating as well as preparing it. They don’t have a problem cooking for themselves because they enjoy pleasing themselves and food is one of their great pleasures in life. They often have weight issues because of overindulging in food, but sometimes they simply have a massive built; that is one of the traits they share with Taurus men.

Taurus women are usually very good cooks and they enjoy cooking for their friends and the people they love. Their home is a welcoming place for the ones she cares about.

This woman takes time to gain trust in people, and men especially. They are not very open, and they need time to get to know a person before they begin a relationship with him. These women are very emotional and are ready to do anything for the man they love. They expect their man to respect and appreciate them, and to openly demonstrate their love for them, as they do.

They are often jealous and it is not wise to provoke their jealousy. They consider their man almost as their property and women who try to take their man away should better watch out.

They are loving wives and caring mothers who make sure their children are provided with all the care and tenderness they need.

Love Compatibility

Although it might seem strange at first, Libra man and a Taurus woman could make a good couple. These two signs share the same ruler, Venus.

They both are good looking and they both appreciate beauty. They often share the same interests and do things together without having to compromise. They inspire each other and both grow in the direction they desire.

The Taurus woman usually is the stronger of the two, but she doesn’t have a problem encouraging her man and pushing him towards success.

She sees his potential and she recognizes what jewel he is, and she uses her determination to boost his confidence and inspire him to take action towards his goals. He will be very appreciative to have this beautiful woman with such a strong personality by his side.

They have a chance of maintaining a lasting relationship which could easily turn into a marriage.

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage between a Libra man and a Taurus woman is not a rare occurrence. These two share the same planetary ruler, Venus, and both have similar views on many things.

They share a love for arts and beauty and enjoy their activities together.

The Taurus woman will most likely be the leading force around the house, which is a role that suits her perfectly.

The Libra man will be the executor of her desires and plans, and he will enjoy it. She will be his support in accomplishing his desires and he will be grateful for her patience with his dark moments and indecisiveness. 


As friends, Libra man and Taurus woman also get along fine. They have many mutual activities they both enjoy.

These two love art and beauty and they often visit art galleries and exhibitions and enjoy talking about art as well.

They are usually very creative and often have some joint creative endeavors. 

Cool Facts

The planet Venus rules both the Libra man and the Taurus woman. This planet has a slightly different effect on these two.

To the Libra man, Venus gives the talent of sweet talk and an incredible charm which attracts people towards him.

To the Taurus woman, Venus gives the gift of seeking pleasure and enjoying the good things in life.


As a summary, the Libra man and a Taurus woman have many similarities and that are the bonding parts which bring them closer together as well as keep them together.

They have complementing personalities, and each of them contributes to the benefit of the other.